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Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Happy Day: Part Thirteen

I hope you guys enjoyed yesterday's post.  If you've missed out on any of the wedding recapping, you can catch up with the below links.  Just feel like I need to give you guys those in case you've missed any!

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Yesterday, I showed y'all all about our reception decor.  Hoping that you loved it as much as I did.  A very good friend of mine told me to not pick out any of the flowers and arrangements because I wouldn't see them anyway and they would just let me down if they weren't up to my expectations.  So I did very little to decide.  It was all a huge surprise when I got the photos back, because let's face it I didn't see any of the tables or decor until I got back from my honeymoon, I was blown away!  Actually, our plane landed in St. Lucia and the first thing I did was turn on my cell phone and see if anyone had posted photos.  Thanks to our friend Cari, I spent the majority of our time in customs and on the subway ride in the Atlanta airport scrolling through photos she had posted to Facebook.  And yes, I was freaking out because I loved it all so much!  It was beyond what I ever could have imagined.  My advice if you aren't married already is to hire a great florist that you trust and let him or her do what they are gifted at doing.  If your florist is anything like mine, you'll be blown away!

Now on to the grand entrance that our wedding party made.  Yep, it was grand all right. We asked our friend {and usher} Simon to emcee it for us.  We wanted to do they typical announcing of all of the wedding party.  So when the shuttle arrived from taking photos on the drill field, we were whisked away to enter the Palmeiro Center in style.

First up was my maid of honor, Bethany and my brother, Daniel.  The music began to play "Unforgettable" by Frank Sinatra as they slowly made their way into the banquet area.

And then, when everyone least expected it, they whipped around into a turn and flipped on sun glasses to begin their dancing grand entrance.  The music changed to a fun song, and we all entered dancing in!

While I don't have this recorded {I really should have recorded my TV playing our wedding video, but I didn't}, I do have the audio track so that you can listen along as you scroll through the photos and read about how it all went down. 

First of all, this idea began when I called Bethany who lived in Orlando to cry to her about how I wasn't sure there would be a place for her to dance at our wedding.  Remember I told you, that was the most important part to me since I was a freshmen in college?  I wanted her to dance, and at that point there was no stage that we thought was big enough.  Well, Bethany, in an effort to cheer me up, said "that's okay huney {yes she attempted her Southern accent}, we'll just dance down the aisles like they did in that YouTube video."  Well, we laughed!  Then she said, "I'm serious!  I'll choreograph it and then we'll teach it to everyone. "

Now what you don't know is that I threatened every boy involved in my ceremony that they better behave!  I told them I didn't care if they streaked at the reception {that might have been a tad bit exaggeration} as long as they gave me a reverent, God honoring ceremony.  Soooo, to Bethany's suggestion, I quickly said no.  However, I was also quick to add that I loved the idea for the reception!  So we began brainstorming.  And brainstorming.  We thought of songs.  We didn't want to be like the YouTube couple and just go with Chris Brown.  We needed to be different.  Since Bethany and I don't listen to a lot of rap, we were gung ho to choose "Say Hey, I Love You."  However, on my bachelorette party, our friend Anna presented us with this song.  She had no idea what we were planning, but Beth and I thought it was PERFECT!

So, I give you Jason DeRulo singing "Sky is the Limit."

Everyone had their own little section choreographed by Bethany.  First off were her and my brother. They really got into it, and had fun.

But the most fun was watching the guest's stunned reactions.  Of course, no one was expecting it!  So the expressions get better and better!

Next up were Anna and Katherine.  Since we choreographed some of this right before the bachelorette weekend, Anna and Kat chose to do the "All the Single Ladies" dance move.  Which is ironic because neither of them are single!

But they rocked it anyway, and Beyonce would have been proud! :)

And our guests are still trying to figure out what is going on.

Then came Laura and Michael who raised the roof the whole way down the dance floor.

 And no one knew what was about to happen, but these three girls did.  And they were excited about it!

The boys came out and stood there really cool like.  They almost looked like they didn't know what they were doing.  I'm going to be honest, I was nervous about a couple of these guys when we decided to do this.  I knew my girls would get into it, but the boys?  Could the boys really be expected to DANCE in, and make it good?  Well, sitting on my couch one night, Bethany and I came up with the best plan ever!

What could four MSU boys do that would make them feel super comfortable about dancing?  Why, of course!  The Dawg Pound Rock!  And so it began!

And when I tell you that the crowd went wild, they did!  Applause and laughter ensued!  All except from our Ole Miss friends.  I think they still thought it cute.

Ah Ah Ah Ah!

They all were MAJORLY into it!  I'm not sure we could have come up with something better for them to do if we tried!

I just feel like I should throw in a Hail State!  So HAIL STATE!

Thus completed the Dawg Pound Rock.  And we were off to Brittany and Megan.  I don't remember what they did.  I think it was from Thriller.  Bethany and I decided they had good dance moves to add!


I must point out that Brittany lost a strap.  No it didn't pop.  Those straps just snapped in, but her Mom was upset and I could have cared less! At least I knew she was majorly into the dancing! ;)

Next up was David's brother Jesse and my roommate Kate.  We picked out the Thriller dance for them.  Kate knew about the dance long before anyone else.  And she told me that she would only do it if she could dance with Jesse because he was the only groomsman she knew well.  So I agreed.  They were hilarious because they just played off of one another!


Oh Jesse!


And finally, it was time for Mr. John and Danielle.  Now, I've heard that people in Mr. John's Sunday School class would pay big bucks to own a copy of him dancing into the reception.  So, up for auction are two DVDs of our wedding and reception.  Included in it is this dance.  We'll start the bidding at $50.  Anyone?  That way, we can help pay for the wedding album I want to order!  Also up for auction, 5 pairs of these sunglasses like we wore.  One is used by the bride.  One used by the groom.  The others are unused.  We'll start those off at $5.  Kidding. Mostly.

Don't I have a beautiful sister in law?!

And Mr. John. 

It was almost time for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance.

But first the bridal party had to take you higher!  By the way, up to this point, I've neglected to point out the change in footwear for the bridesmaids.  I think now is a good time since you can see it in the photo above and below.  Yep, that's right, they all got matching flip flops from me.  I had two pairs of shoes, and I thought they should too.  Plus, they all would have changed to flip flops anyway!  At least this way, they matched!

You can see us peaking out from behind here.  We're about to enter as the first time as Mr. and Mrs. David Adams. 

And here we are!

I love that I have a husband who is willing to go along with my crazy ideas even if they are embarrassing to him. Even if I post photos for the entire world to see.  Even if I make him dance into his reception.  Thankfully, he loves me no matter what and appreciates all of my quirkiness.

I think our friends and family appreciated my quirkiness too!  If nothing more, they got good laughs out of the event

And I got super fun photos out of it!  And a ton of memories!

This would be one of my favorite wedding photos!  So. Much. Fun.

So thankful that all of our wedding party were such good sports as well!

After our crazy entrance, it was time for dancing together and with our Dad and Mom. Now, I did not want to do this.  I thought it would be awkward.  Three weeks before the wedding, the people in the photo below talked me into it.  I went along with it because they kept telling me I'd regret it if I didn't. 

So I picked out a song.  I don't remember what it was.  But I thought long and hard about it.  And then the band didn't get the memo that we were dancing.  So they didn't play the right song.  They had specific instructions not to drag it on and on and on.  Oh! I remember.  It was supposed to be "At Last."  I have no clue what I danced to, but it wasn't that.  So midway through, we went to find our parents so that we could just get it OVER with! 
I will say that even though I wanted it to be over because it was the neverending WRONG song, it was a sweet, sweet time with my husband!  We were able to slow down and look around the room at the people who were there and just be together amongst the craziness.  And some awesome photos resulted. 

Then we went to get our parents.  We were supposed to dance to "Just The Way You Look Tonight."  I really wish we had been able to dance to that song.  I really have dreamed about dancing with him to that song.  Instead, we had sweet conversation about who all was in the room.  He pointed people out as we twirled around.  So thankful for this moment with my Dad, even if it was the awkward wrong song.

David and his Mom joined us after we had danced for a little bit. 

And after all of the dancing, it was time for the party to start!  We had so many guests to see!  And cake to cut!  And a bouquet to toss!  And cake to eat!  And people to visit with!  All of that is coming in the next two posts!  So hang around!  They'll be up on Saturday and Sunday.  And DON'T forget to come check here.  Because I'm not going to be able to put them on Facebook more then likely!

So glad you guys joined us for the fun dance into the reception!  It was one of my favorite parts of the day!

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