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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Adams Tailgate

What color is the balloon behind our heads? Keep reading to find out! :)

I know...it's high time for this post. However, when you are 25 weeks pregnant, nothing happens in a hurry. Or everything happens in a whirlwind and therefore, posting a blog post isn't the top necessity.  If I'm being honest, I threw myself 100% into this party and the second we got in from Starkville, I started working on the nursery.  That meant moving everything out of our spare bedroom/craft room, finding a place for it, and then starting on a nursery.  Our house currently looks like a tornado/hurricane came through. And for once, I can say I'm thankful for a room that I've yet to get my hands on decorating so that it can store all of the extra "stuff" while David puts together countless pieces of furniture that will store said "stuff" and I spray paint the rest of the furniture to the color of my liking (while wearing a mask, of course).

Where do I begin?  From before I was pregnant, I started dreaming about the gender reveal party. It's pretty much one of the coolest ideas that I'm sure some female came up with a few years ago.  Have all of your friends over for the moment that they all find out what you're expecting! Boy or Girl? Blue or Pink? Cheerleader or Quarterback? Perhaps, I should start by telling you how we arrived at this theme.

I couldn't get excited about holding a Gender Reveal party in the heat of August in Memphis. Yes, we have plenty of friends in Memphis who might have been able to attend, but I knew that it would not be the sort of thing I envisioned if we did it at our home. There would be no way for relatives to travel (other than parents of course), and it seemed silly to ask my brother and sister in law to come home from Starkville for a few suspenseful minutes. As I expressed these thoughts to my husband, he suggested, "why not do it at the first home football game?"  GENIUS!  I'm almost positive that what he envisioned and what I envisioned at that point were two totally different things, but oh well.  

I began planning a Starkville Gender Reveal Tailgate. Invitations were sent out. Cute Etsy invitations that I helped design. Go here for designer if you're interested.

Buttons were ordered for guests to wear their guess: Here for Etsy Link.

And water bottle labels that didn't make it in the pictures were purchased from here (not sure why it looks so crimson on my screen. Promise it was true maroon. I sent all of my Etsy vendors to hailstate.com to look at maroon colors!:

I'll spare you the details on everything that I was planning that didn't work out. Or the 45 minute ultrasound with the tech trying to determine what the gender of Baby Adams was. In the end, it turned out amazing!  We were surrounded by about 70 friends and family, and we couldn't have asked for a more fun day.  The only thing that would have made it better was it to have been about 20 degrees cooler. Despite the weather, a great time was had by all (I think--at least).

Somewhere along the way, David decided that it would be fun to not find out the gender until we were at the tailgate...with everyone else.  This meant a VERY impatient wife had to wait a total of 12 days AFTER the ultrasound to find out.  We had the tech write down the baby's gender on 2 pieces of paper and then we sealed each envelope.  I signed my name over the envelope and gave them to David to keep secure.  He was guessing boy all the way, and after the 45 minute ultrasound, I was convinced it was a stubborn girl.

We chose to have the Lodge and Campus Bookmart wrap either a Jersey or a Cheerleader outfit and a maroon or white cowbell. Maroon for girl, white for boy.  I wish you had seen me dropping off sealed envelopes. When the women at Campus Bookmart realized that I didn't know what was in the envelope and they soon would, they were overjoyed.  Like, I mean, they were so excited that they acted like MSU had won the National Championship.  And yours truly was so jealous. I kept telling myself that I had less that 24 hours and that I could make it!

When it was 12:30pm on game day, David and I picked up the gifts that were wrapped in maroon and white and opened them in front of everyone.  Obviously, we saw what it was before everyone else, but that is a surprise I will never forget. And out of all of my tailgating experiences, it definitely was my most favorite thus far (and probably forever)!  It was well worth the wait, and I'm honestly glad David made us wait. What a great way to find out--it definitely was a forever kind of memory!  I unwrapped a cheerleader outfit as David proudly rang a maroon cowbell and announced we'd be starting a wedding fund soon.  We learned that we were expecting a baby GIRL January 26th.  Don't worry, I only told David that I was right and he was wrong once!  :) 

We are thrilled to be welcoming baby girl Adams who DOES have a name.  The newest member of the Adams' family will be named Hannah Grace Adams, and yes, we're going with the double name.  WE. CAN'T. WAIT!  Enjoy the photos from our special day.

100 cupcakes made with love by myself.

Walking up on the MSU car to recreate wedding photos with a pink balloon--priceless.

Because you can't have a Gender Reveal without maroon and white paper straws...at least that's what Pinterest says...

Very special to have both of my grandfathers at the reveal.  Very special. 

And my uncle too!

What's your guess? Dad informed me that MSU had enough Cheerleaders and we definitely could use another Quarterback.  Haha.

Baby Adams' guestbook was an MSU Children's book called Legend's Storybook presents Bully. Guest wrote notes to Baby Adams and signed in. One day we'll read it to her and she can learn about Bully and how much she is loved by those who signed it.

Wishes for Baby Adams. These were so thoughtful and some were hilarious! We have had many laughs over "I hope you laugh...at Ole Miss" and "I hope you respect....the BELL!" to name a couple.

Couldn't have pulled this off without her!

Now for the big reveal! :) 

All of the Chi Omegas posing with the future Chi Omega! :) 

Let the owl buying begin!  Thank you Aunt Brittany! :)

Thank you Piper Reaves Free for this adorable cowbell!  Go here to check out her work!

First grandbaby on both sides. They are excited!

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