"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

The Story

We have been newlyweds since June 19, 2010, and we are trying to walk through life together to serve Christ.  But you want to know a little more about us.  So here it is!

Below is a link to a facebook video from our rehearsal dinner.  I'm not positive it will work for everyone, but if you have facebook and 16 minutes to spare, this is us telling our story!


How It All Began

How It All Began

We are both so blessed to have parents that pray for us. Before I left for college, I can remember my mom telling me that she was praying for all of my classes (and for me to not get homesick--but that's another story!), but she was praying hardest for my Chemistry Lab. Her quote was something along the lines of "You can make it through all of your classes on your own work ethic, but your lab grade depends on you having a good partner who does their work." The first day I walked in, I met Katie and Michael from Collierville. We started talking, and when it came time for choosing lab partners, the nice GA, who didn't speak English very well, paired Katie & I together. Michael was paired with another guy from Collierville. Little did my mom know her praying for my Chemistry lab friends would one day give her a new son-in-law.

David and I met at Mississippi State in Chemistry I Lab our freshman year; however, David does not remember it! Throughout college, we had mutual friends at the BSU, but never really hung out together. We attended the same church and would say hey when we saw each other, but weren't close friends.

One day in our senior year (David would insert here...our FIRST senior year), we were both walking to our 11 am class when we bumped into each other on the Drill Field between Carpenter and McCain. Some conversation about baseball or basketball came up, and we went our separate ways to engineering classes. The next time our classes met, we ran into each other again. Eventually, this became routine to see each other before class, and we began referring to our time as 5 to 11 dates!

Various events together eventually became a relationship.  Babysitting kids at a church parents night out around Valentine's Day, attending the BSU Barn Party and square dancing together, a few dates to the library to study, watching David's softball games, hanging out at his apartment, and David going to Cinco de Chi O (a Chi Omega party) all played important parts in leading up to our relationship.

We know God ordained our steps from the beginning and can't wait to see where He takes us next!

We're Engaged!

We're Engaged!

On the night of August 11, 2009 David and I went for a walk on the Drill Field. I had expressed to him how I didn't think he was going to be able to surprise me because our normal nightly routine was to hang out at my apartment. So he asked if I'd like to go for a walk that evening. I said yes thinking we were simply going for a walk and nothing more. Little did I know he had picked up the ring that morning and was eager to give it to me!

We rode around Starkville for a little bit. He says it was to throw me off, but I honestly did not think it was going to happen that night so I was completely unsuspecting. We drove to campus and parked behind Allen Hall. As we walked up to the Drill Field, David stopped in front of the Hand Chemistry Lab Building and told me he had written me a poem. I still didn't suspect anything because for my birthday at the very beginning of our relationship, David had written me a poem (he's REALLY good at them)! Since that time, I'm always asking him to write me poems! He'll make them up on the spot sometimes! The poem started out talking about how we first met in this building, and he didn't remember it and never thought I would have dated him then.

At this point, he folded it back up and started walking. I asked if that was all? And he said no. So I asked if it was a progressive poem, and he said yes! We walked to the library and he began reading again. He talked about how our first few dates were in this building because we were engineering majors and had to study. He also added that because he was "studying" with me, he got a C in one of his classes that semester. It was NOT my fault!

We then walked up to our "meeting" spot for our 5 to 11 dates. He talked about running into each other at that spot and claimed that I was the first to wait on him (which I was not)!

At this point, I still thought he was just being nice. When we turned towards the center of the drill field and the poem began to get more serious about our relationship, I started thinking this could be it!

As the poem came to a close, and we were standing in the center of the drill field, the chapel chimes began to start signaling 9 pm. David got down on one knee and said the last line of the poem:

"The girl I spend life with, you may very be;
The only question left is, Will you marry me?"

I pulled him up into a big hug and was speechless (and I've always made fun of girls who said it took them forever to answer--but I was in shock and it did take me a minute!) After I said yes, he pulled away and put the ring on my finger! We sat under the flag on the drill field, and I asked him about the conversation with my dad. After about 5 minutes into the story, I stopped him and asked, "can we call people now?" He said of course, and we started calling our parents and friends to spread the good news!