"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Friday, December 31, 2010

Mississippi Magazine

When I was a little girl, I used to thumb through the Mississippi Magazine once a year.  I'd get so excited when Mom would go buy a copy in late December/early January or it would wind up in our mailbox because she had a subscription.  I'd oooh and aaah and admire every page.

For those of you who don't know, every January edition of the Mississippi Magazine is a Wedding Register for the state of Mississippi.

Every wedding would capture me.  First, I'd look for people I knew.  That was limited when I was ten.  Ten years later and that number had grown by leaps and bounds!  Then, I'd thumb through absorbing the dresses, flowers, and cakes into my mind.  I can still remember the year that the photos went from black and white to color.  Every color was phenomenal.  The bridesmaids with funny hair-dos, the grooms who married waaayy above what people would have thought, the beautiful dresses (the tacky ones too).....I could go on and on.  

It's safe to say that I had been planning my wedding since first seeing this magazine.  In high school, my friends would buy bridal magazines to help plan their weddings.  I bought the Mississippi Magazine bridal edition.  I was enthralled. absorbed. obsessed.

When my parents offered to do an ad for David and I this year, I was elated.  (David...while not elated, was excited because I was excited!) I have anxiously awaited for it's arrival since September!  I have still yet to see my copy, but I am so excited to be able to pour over it the way I usually do....all the while knowing that I can flip to Herrington-Adams and see my dream wedding---my very OWN!

Just wanted to pass on the word so that you wouldn't miss getting your copy.  I'm pretty sure that most bookstores carry it in Mississippi.  And if you don't live in Mississippi, you can order your copy here.  I do know from some friends that some of our flowers were featured in some of the collages that they do to lead into the ads.  Tracey Proctor, our florist, did a phenomenal job of bringing God's beauty in nature into our wedding ceremony and reception.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Down In the Jungle Room

I realize that I have already written a post with this song as a title.  But, my wonderful husband got me the best Christmas present ever...and it applies!

After opening presents Christmas morning with David's family, we came back to our house in Memphis to unload our car and take showers.  But not before we gave each other presents.  I must say, my hubby did such a good job taking care of me!  I'll share more on what he got me in a later post, but the best gift he got me was tickets to Graceland!  Yes, you read right.  We all know how much David loves Graceland Too, BUT he got me tickets to the REAL deal!  You see, ever since David and I started dating, I have BEGGED and pleaded with him to go to Graceland with me.  I went once when I was a freshman in college around Christmas time, and I LOVE it!  I'm not even a huge Elvis fan.  I just think the concept of walking around a famous dead guy's house is great!  I mean, COME ON!  Elvis WALKED on that carpet.  He swam in that pool.  He paid someone to cook in that oven.  He sat on that couch.  COME ON PEOPLE!  It's ELVIS!  Those are his clothes, his horses, his gold records.

The first year at Christmas when I asked, we compromised and he took me to eat at the Rendezvous. 

The second year at Christmas when I asked, he laughed and took a poll from all of his Memphis friends to see if people from Memphis had ever been to Graceland.

This year, he got me tickets! :)

Third time is a charm!

We had so much fun! David even agreed that it exceeded our expectations.  Our favorite part had to have been the airplane.  It had 24K Gold seat belts.  Yes, you read correctly--seat belts. 

No matter if you like Elvis or not, have been to Graceland or not, Elvis is still the King. And I'm so happy to say, I live about ten minutes from his home!  Below are some pictures to document our trip.

Oh, and we didn't see the "pretty little thing, waitin' on the King, down in the Jungle Room." However, we did see the Jungle Room, and I'll never get over the green shag carpet on the floor AND ceilings.  To think, Elvis thought that was cool.  And he stood right where I was standing at some point or another in his life.  

The red velvet curtains that are only put up for Christmas.  They were part of Elvis' original Christmas decorations and are my favorite part of Graceland:

Elvis probably took his picture in this same spot!

Maybe it's just the stage of life I'm in, but I'm OBSESSED with Elvis' china!  LOVE!

Kitchen. Please don't miss the carpet!

Elvis' top of the line surveillance camera system of the property! Haha.

Lisa Marie used to play on this swing set! Oh my gosh! Haha...kidding. I'm not a crazed fan.


You can't see it very well, but this is the room that Elvis decided it would be really cool to put floor to ceiling material in.  Oh. My. Gosh.  That would have been MIZ to hang!  Can you imagine?  Even the carpet matched.

His basement.  Check out the yellow. (shutter). Ugh.

I just thought this was funny.

Check out those shoes. They aren't Elvis'. They were from (crazed) fans.

Don't you wish you had a wall full of trophies.

No offense Pricilla.  While I really like your china, I like my wedding dress better.

The racquetball room.  The room Elvis played his very last song in. 

My very favorite Elvis costumes.

I'll have a blllllluuuuuueeee Christmas without you....

Next time you see me, I'll be driving this....

David offered to buy this one for me, but then decided not to. Something about how much it would cost.....

Maybe next year for Christmas?

We had so much fun at Graceland!  Hope you will come visit us in Memphis. Maybe we can talk David into going again! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Yes, I know it's the day after, but things have been a little crazy and hectic around here!  Pardon us for being away from the blog for so long!  Wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas from one of our favorite people below:

We landed in Memphis after a drive from Starkville on Friday, December 17th.  After throwing allllll of our boxes, furniture, and clothes in the house, I quickly lined the cabinets while David showered.  Then we headed off to my first Christmas present!  See the man above in the video?  His name is Dave Barnes and he was playing a Christmas concert in Midtown in Memphis.  It was awesome!  And for someone who was feeling a little blue about moving to Memphis, it was just what I needed.  We saw tons of people we knew, and it was a quick reminder that there are people I know in Memphis.  We're looking forward to making new friends (and keeping the old).  However, to do that, we have to spend more than 3 days in our town!  We're back home and unpacking at lightning speed now!  Haha!

This is what we woke up to our first morning in Memphis!  How much fun!  It's also what I'm looking at right now.  Yep, two mornings with snow. How awesome is that?  

This is our cute little house!  I can't let you see the inside yet. It looks like a mad house!  But soon, I promise!

We had a most enjoyable Christmas.  We traveled wayyyyy more than we ever have in such a short time, but it was so fun to celebrate Jesus' birth with so many people that we love.  I was a bad blogger and only took pictures at my grandparents house.  Mainly because my cousin Sydney wanted to be in EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO.  If you were at our wedding, you'll remember her as our flowergirl.  Here's her with her flower ball.  She kept it.  Isn't she the cutest flowergirl?  She's five, and so much fun!  We played Barbie's all day on the 24th. 


This is my cute uncle and my grandmother.  Wait....reverse that!  Cute grandmother and my uncle (not that you aren't cute Al!) Oh and of course Sydney couldn't miss the opportunity.

I haven't had enough coffee today.  Hubby, will you bring me some more of my coffeeeeee....please! :) 

She wanted one with my Pop too.  It's her Pop too. Ain't he cute?!

And just to prove that she's taller than David....

Can you tell she really loves David?

Yes, this is what she wanted to do in all of the pictures!

And it wouldn't have been Christmas unless the Adams' made Captain Rodneys.  Surprisingly, there was some left over.  Of course, we did double the recipe! (Recipe here)

Every Christmas Eve morning, we go to Quitman to hang out with this little girl and her brothers.  We open presents, then hang out all morning, eat in the afternoon, and pack up and head to my Uncle Bob's.  Uncle Bob is my Pop's brother.  He lives on the family land and my FAVORITE part of Christmas is shooting fireworks on Christmas Eve with my cousins.  We counted how many people were there this year.   27.  Yes, twenty-seven.  In one tiny little living room.  From age 5 to age 85 (or more...I'm not sure).  We look at pictures, relive old memories, shoot fireworks, and watch the little kids open presents.  This year, my great aunt and uncle celebrated their 60th anniversary.  Yes 60.  And I could go on and on about reliving this old memories.  However, this year, we created what was perhaps the BEST one ever!  To say we broke David in to our family is an understatement!

You see, it was fairly dry this year.  Usually it's very wet.  I'm pretty sure my uncle Bob had a field full of hay.  All of the little kids and adults go down to the bonfire to shoot fireworks.  Only those who are older stay inside.  To say it's usually dangerous is an understatement, but we're well supervised and no one has ever gotten burned.  And we've never started a fire.  Well never, until this year.  Yes.  And we started many. 

It went something like this.  Shoot a firework, watch to see if it shoots high enough.  Watch to see if a fire starts.  The first one that started a fire, we all started yelling, BOYS GO PUT IT OUT!  And they did.  They ran down the pasture and stomped it out.  All the while, the adults are yelling, "Good job David, you passed the test!  Welcome to the family!"  Haha!  Happy initiation!  After lots more fireworks and a few more fires, my cousin Levi decided to shoot a large one.  And it turned over on it's side.  And it spun and shot fireworks in a field.  And it spun again.  And again.  And started a series of 3 or 4 small fires.  But no one wanted to run and put them out because the firework kept going off.  Finally, after it stopped, everyone ran to put it out.  Adults ran to get water.  I know this isn't funny, but you have to know my family.  My Uncle Bob was mad, but by the time he got there with the water, he was laughing.  Everyone else laughed the whole time.   I'm sure his pasture has random black spots today, but we had a blast.  After that fire, Bob told us to put them up.  So we did.  And went to the house to pass out presents!  It was hard to beat for entertainment.  Can you imagine?  20 people all trying to put out a fire and laughing.  Great memories.

The whole drive home to Memphis, David and I were laughing.  I'd say, "David, we almost burned the pasture down."  And we'd start laughing all over again!

We hope that your family had as much fun as we did!  And that you created memories for years and years to come!  We just finished Christmas brunch together, and I'd say it will be an annual tradition!

I'll leave you with this photo.  It's a picture of the live wreaths on my aunts front door.  I plan to attempt these next year.  They are so cute!  I'll post a post next week on how to make them.  Though I've never tried, she gave me great directions!  AND they are SO easy! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

David's Favorite Christmas Brownies

I don't have a good update from Memphis.  Yes we've moved in. Yes we threw all of our "stuff" in and tried to unpack what we could before starting our Christmas Holiday.  Now we're enjoying family time.  No one try to come see us any time soon, and I promise to post pictures of our home on the blog when David and I feel like it is "liveable."  Until then, I thought I'd share a Christmas recipe that we enjoy year round!

Time to share another recipe with y'all.  A prerequisite for almost all of my recipes is that they be easily accomplished!  I love Brownies and I'm always looking for new variations of your classic brownie.  So when a lady in my parent's tailgate made these last year for the Egg Bowl, I knew I'd found a new favorite!

David begs me to make these!  I made them once for our church, and Mrs. Beverly Lowry begged me for the recipe.  Shhhhh, they are so easy!

They are called Mint Brownies.  If you care nothing about all of the pictures, scroll to the bottom for the easily readable recipe!  Enjoy!

First, the cast of characters (as Pioneer Woman would call them).

You need, vegetable oil, eggs, water (not pictured), a brownie mix of your choice and Andes mints.  Pour the brownie mix into a bowl and prepare as called for on the back of the box. Generally, that includes eggs, vegie oil, and water.  I make mine for fudge like brownies.

Pour into a greased 9 x 13 pan and cook as the box calls for.

While you wait on your brownies in the oven, begin unwrapping Andes Mints.  

Pop one in your mouth and enjoy the sweet satisfaction of chocolate and mint.

Resist the urge to eat another.

Give in and eat another.

Okay, really, quit eating them.  Unwrapping is the hardest part. 

Eat another for good measure!  Once the brownies are done, pull them out of the oven and place mints all over.  They will begin to melt as shown in the picture below.

You'll want to resist the urge to eat another mint. Just think how good they'll taste on the brownie!  Take a knife and spread the melted chocolate/mint combo evenly on top of brownie.

Fair warning:  these take awhile to cool off.  Make sure you cool them before cutting!  But not too much. If you do, when you attempt to cut they'll crack and not look as pretty.  Make sure you have a glass of milk nearby as these brownies are RICH!

Mint Brownies Recipe:

1 Box of Brownies
Andes Mints (I usually buy one package or two boxes)

Prepare brownies as box calls for.  When brownies first come out of the oven, lay Andes Mint candies over brownies and allow the heat from the brownies to melt the chocolate.  Use a knife to spread the melted mixture evenly over the brownies.  Enjoy! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Top Ten Things I'll Miss

Well...all our bags are packed, we're ready to go.  The Trailer will be loaded in the morning and we'll leave our Starkville home behind for Memphis.  It seems like yesterday we found out we were moving, and now it's actually reality.  I'm trying not to be sad because I know we'll be back Monday, and then many more times over the holiday season.  Then again in January.  It's really not like we're leaving it behind.  We'll be back frequently. I just don't know when yet.

While driving through Starkville today, I came up with a bunch of things I'll really miss when we move.  Wanted to share them all with you.  If you've ever lived in Starkville, I hope this brings back memories.  If not, you probably won't know half of what I'm talking about.  These are in no order.

Top Ten
1. Our church

CrossPoint has really been a huge part of our lives.  They have taught us so much in our walks with Christ and our relationship together.  We are REALLY going to miss the people!  I could have picked from a TON of photos of the people there, but I chose our pastor.  He has done so much for David and I in the past few years, but his biggest task was marriage counseling and officiating our wedding.  He signed our marriage license too!  We're so thankful for all of these things.  It is going to be difficult to find a new church in Memphis!

2.  Date nights at the Lovings

Okay, let's be honest.  It's more of a date night for them than for us, but David and I have a blast every time we get to keep these four kiddos!  You've read about them lots of times on our blog.  They truly are so so so much fun!  Matt is the youth and college minister at our church, and we've gotten especially close to their family.  Apparently Ava, the red headed girl, announced to her someone that they no longer had a baby sitter anymore "because David and Sara and Mary Holland (another youth worker that has babysat for them) are moving away."  I don't know if she knows what that means, but I hope that Matt and Jenny will let us baby sit for them again on random nights that we are in Starkville.  I can't bear the thought of never getting to keep them parent-free ever again! 

3.  Our youth at both churches

To my Crosspoint youth:  I have been involved helping with the youth at Crosspoint for 3 1/2 years, and I'm really going to miss them all.  They are such a fun bunch and I feel like I'm saying goodbye to you all before I've "raised you" all the way up.  You've been a joy to my heart, and I will never forget everything that you have taught me. You've challenged me in my faith, and I can only hope I've challenged you in yours!  See y'all at D-Now. Senior High girls....get ready to kick the Jr. High girls bootay in the Color War!  We need to pick our colors!

To our Woodland Baptist Church youth:  I'm sorry, I don't have a group picture of y'all. We took one last night, but I haven't put it up yet.  Even though our time has been short, I hope and pray that you can say the same is true above about David and I for you guys.  We will ALWAYS remember the impact you (and your families) had on us.  So excited to see what God has in store for y'all next!

4.  Seeing my parents every weekend

Lame-O, I know!  But I'm really going to miss my parents coming to town all of the time!  I know that when we are in Starkville, the odds of them being here are pretty good, but it's been so easy to see my parents whenever I want to when they are in town.  I'm going to miss them when we have to stay in Memphis.  However, my mom did promise they'd come visit.  She also added they might get a hotel room because they didn't know if they could handle the one bathroom deal. 

5.  Strangebrew coffee

 MMMMMmmmmmm.  If you've never tried it, you don't know what I'm talking about.  I fully intend on going to buy a BIG bag of Blueberry Cobbler beans before we move so I can use them in my new coffee pot and grinder.  Notice I say I because, while David loves the smell, he can't stand to drink it.  ONE DAY, I'm going to break him of this terrible habit of not drinking coffee.  One day....

Strangebrew, I will feel like I'm cheating on you every time I drink Starbucks!  However, I'll get my fill every time I come to Starkville.  Until we meet again.....next week! :)

6.  This place---Dudy Noble for the non-baseball fans (gasp):

I pretty much could spend any afternoon or night here.  I'm so used to going whenever I want to. It's going to be a change to only go when we're in town.  I love being able to go sit at the game and work on homework to pass the time.  Yes, I've been that nerd who brought my laptop to the game to work on homework.  BUT in my defense, I was a Diamond Girl, and I had to stay there from 2 hours before game time until the last out was recorded.  So, I had a good excuse.  I miss being on the field, but I also really enjoy coming and going when I want to.  I'm truly going to miss the luxury of living in the same town as Dudy Noble.  It holds so many wonderful memories! 

7.  Hearing Cowbells ring randomly everywhere you go

You may recognize the above from this post.  It's my cowbell that I've had practically since birth.  And I love it.  And (gasp) it's not coming with us.  Chill, we'll have our bride and groom cowbells from our wedding, but as of right now, I want my bell to live at the State House in Starkville.  That's my parent's house in Starkville.  I'm going to miss hearing cowbells sound outside whenever MSU is playing and doing well.  After the Egg Bowl, we rang our bells outside to celebrate.  About a minute later, we heard bells ringing back.  While that's fine in Starkville, I'm not sure it's going to fly in Memphis.  My mom informed me that Memphis had a lot of Ole Miss fans the other day.  Dear Santa...make them disappear before I get there!  K...thanks! :)  Just kidding.  But you can bet, OUR house will have maroon and cowbells (though not our "originals").  Maybe someone should buy me the GTHTSUN maroon t-shirt at the Lodge.  That's all it says on it...seriously.

8. The Veranda Blueplate

If you live in Starkville and you've never had this, drop every thing you're doing and go get you a plate.  For $8, down home cooking can be yours!  I. Love. Veranda. Blue. Plate.  I used to live behind the Veranda, and we would go all of the time!  It was just too easy to walk to!  Plus, we had to turn in to get to our apartments so it was hard to pass up whatever the sign said and go eat a turkey sandwich.  I still remember the days Kate and I would go walking and have to resist the urge to stop in and get whatever dessert was listed on the board.  It was tempting to justify the calories because we had just exercised.  I'll miss the Veranda almost as much as I miss Kate.

9. The Chi Omega house

I know I don't live there anymore, but it will always hold a bunch of special memories for me.  From standing on those stairs 6 1/2 years ago meeting my best friends and bridesmaids to many, many, many late nights of laughter!  Those walls, bricks, steps, columns heard it alllll.  I'll never forget "Bennie and the Jets," watching my friend through the window late one night, community showers, messy rooms, late night talks with Anna, sleepovers in Meg Fly's room, chapter, many rush events and long selection nights, trying to figure out how to get a car in the living room with Natalie, porch swinging with Bethany, Rent marathon during finals, man...the list could go on and on.  Sometimes I find myself driving by just to see it.  Yes, the faces have changed. So has the exterior.  I miss seeing Rachel Iupe's car parked in the President spot and Mama Jones reminding us to push the button to exit.  Yes, it's different.  But driving by reminds me of all those fond memories.  I know I'll always have them, but there's something about riding by that just floods my brain.  I'm going to miss being able to do it whenever I miss my friends.  Reunion soon!  

10. My best friend Bethany


No seriously, she's my best friend! For some reason, God saw fit to put us back in the same place for a temporary time.  I have to say this will be the MOST bittersweet part of leaving Starkville.  I move on Friday and she moves right after Christmas.  Bethany came home in May to be at my wedding and help with things that needed to be done before.  And for some reason, God was silent to both of us on where to go this semester.  It was so weird and yet fun having her in Starkville for the semester.  It's like God was saying, "you are best friends, I have you going through the same thing at the same time, lean on one another."  We weren't inseparable like we were in college.  We both had things we had to do, and honestly, I feel like God took her 12 hours away so that I would learn to depend on Him and not her.  However, there are just times you need your best friend.  I would think...man, I really need Bethany...oh wait!  She lives down the street! (well not literally, but closer than 12 hours!)  And off we'd go.  To the bookstore, to Strangebrew, to Freds or Dollar Tree.  Anything to get my mind off of what Satan was telling me.  And strangely, I did the same for her.  I'm so thankful God never allowed us to have a pity party at the same time!  Can you imagine how miserable that would have been.  Bethany continues to be my encourager.  I'm so thankful for the extra time we had in the same place.  I'm not sure that we'll ever have it this way again, but it will make for sweeter and sweeter visits every time we get to see one another.  I am so going to miss my friend.  I'm pretty sure, though there have been no tears yet, leaving Bethany will be the source of many.  I'm so thankful for such a wonderful friend who knows me inside and out!

Well, with that I guess I bid you adieu from Starkville.  It's been a wonderful 6 1/2 years, and I'm going to miss it dearly, BUT I know that God has exciting things in store for us.  I also know I'll be back frequently.  Next time I write, I guess we'll be in Memphis. Don't worry, I plan to keep the blog updated!  I won't forget about you! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


David and I have the best brothers!  And today (and tomorrow) we celebrate the births of our brothers.  I'm not really sure how our brothers managed to be born one day apart (plus a few years).  It just means I can't remember whose birthday is on what day.  But then again, neither can my brother.  It's been a joke in our family for some time now that Daniel never remembers what day his birthday is.  I'll be surprised if he knows it's today.  On second thought, he's at home, so Dad probably reminded him last night!  So of course, that meant I had to dedicate an entire blog post just to our amazing and wonderful brothers!  Happy Birthday Daniel and Jesse!

The above picture is from the Florida/Mississippi State game this past year.  David and I didn't make the trip.  We did, however, meet them team on campus when they came back.  Daniel and Jesse thought it was funny that they were both in the student section so close, so they snapped a quick picture.  I think my mom got the biggest kick out of this!  But it did make finding a picture to celebrate their birth all the more easier!

I want to take a moment and recap a little about my brother and brother-in-law. Lucky for both of them, I have some great pictures saved on my computer from the rehearsal dinner slideshow!

I'll start with my brother--Daniel.  Approximately 23 years ago today (oh my gosh---hold on TWENTY-THREE!  I typed 22 and had to delete it! He can't SERIOUSLY be 23...that makes me almost.....Eek!), Santa brought me a baby brother.  Lucky for him, the doctor felt the need to induce my mom because he was supposed to be born on like the 23rd of December.  Enter into the world Daniel Joseph Herrington.  

My dad, Daniel, and I:

Dad used to make up songs about Daniel and I.  We each had our own "song."  I seriously still remember mine AND Daniel's!  His went something like this:

"Daniel dude, Daniel dude
Your story must be told
When God made you, 
He said Whoops 
And threw away the mold

God looked down,
what could He do 
with a thing like this
He meant to make a monkey
But it seemed as if He'd missed."

Oh Dad.  For those of you who know him, you know how totally typical of my dad this is!  For some reason, we grew up calling my brother "Doctor Dan."  I have no clue why.  But, I do find it humorous that he's not a Doctor.  However, that could change one day because I definitely see him pursuing a PhD one day.  Just not a medical doctorate. 

Cute little kid, huh?  I have so many stories involving Daniel.  We are like 20 months apart so we were best buds when we were little.  This usually meant that Daniel had to do all of the motions to all of my songs that I would put on.  This of course included making the animal noises in Old MacDonald, hand motions in Deep and Wide, and of course, our favorite, the hand & foot motions in If You're Happy and You Know It. I'm not really sure when he realized I was bossy and quit paying attention to what I told him to do, but he did.  Sad for me, good for him.

One time, Daniel and I were playing on a Little Tikes slide inside.  Our good friends Jonathan and Anna Howard were moving with their parents to Europe to be missionaries.  They had to wipe out a bunch of their toys, and we were the lucky recipients of one of those bright orange and blue slides.  Daniel and I were taking turns sliding down it.  Apparently I wasn't going fast enough for him.  We had the bright idea to go face first.  Daniel pushed me and I busted my chin open on our really ugly linoleum floor.  One ER trip and some stitches later, the orange slide was moved outside. 

Daniel and I both grew up and came to MSU.  He majored in Electrical Engineering and is one of the smartest "kids" I know.  Seriously.  He knows about things I could never hope to know about.  (or care to).  However, we have some fairly interesting dinner conversation and car ride conversations.  With four engineers in the family, it makes for fun critical thinking. 

These are some fun pictures from the wedding.  Brother, just want you to know I'm glad you were born!  Happy Birthday!


Oh Jesse, Jesse, Jesse....where to begin!?  I met Jesse when he was flying out of the driveway in his cool blue Jeep Grand Cherokee.  He had just finished his junior year of High School and he was off to see some friends.  I was visiting/meeting David's family for the first time ever, and in the three days I spent with them, I saw Jesse for a total of probably 15 minutes.  Jesse is Mr. Social.  He is constantly on the go.

If you didn't know this about Jesse, you should.  He would do pretty much anything for anyone.  And he loves SEC sports.  Secretly, I think Jesse really likes the fact that he can text his sis-in-law the baseball score and she gets excited.  Or that I call him when David won't go to the baseball game with me, and I need a friend to go with.  I think he likes that my family has a long history with Mississippi State and are fanatic fans!  Maybe I'm wrong.  I could be!

The second time I met Jesse, he was returning from an evening on the town with his friend.  Again, that day old senior in high school age.  He was coming in from the garage to the sun porch where David and I were swinging on the swing.  He walked in the door and saw us sitting there, got a deer in the headlights look, and said "I apologize" like he thought he was interrupting something! David and I sat there laughing as he raced for the door to the house like his life depended on it!

Jesse came to college at MSU a year and a half ago.  And since that time, we have become such good friends.  David proposed two days after Jesse moved to Starkville.  At the Baptist Student Union we have these groups called Family Groups.  They are designed for new students who come to MSU to get plugged in a small group and have a group of friends for the new year.  My roommate Kate and I devised a way for her to get out of rush that year.  We decided she should try out for Family Group Leader.  Now before you get all mad and think that's the only reason she did it, it wasn't.  I suggested Kate do it because I thought she'd be really good at it.  We were Orientation Leaders together, and I knew she'd be a great "mom" to those "kids."  She tried out to get out of Rush.  God used her to be a "mom" to a bunch of freshmen though.  Jesse landed in her Family Group.  Which meant every other week, Jesse came to our apartment for bible study and hang out.  Oh the fun stories I could tell about Jesse from listening to the guys hang out downstairs before it started.  However, Nerf gun wars stands out.  They would arrive early so they could pelt each other with bullets from Nerf guns.  One day, Jesse made a comment to me that they kept running out of "bullets."  To which I nonchalantly responded, "that's because I throw them all behind the couch when I find them."  Needless to say, they restocked their ammo supply well that night!

From a girl who always grew up with one brother, it's been fun to have two brothers both at MSU. I'm really going to miss having them so close when we move on Friday.  

Happy Birthday brothers!  I hope it's the best day yet!  Can't wait to give y'all your presents! Maybe they'll be everything and more than you wanted!