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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Adams Family

Da da da dum. Snap, snap.  Da da da dum. Snap, snap. Da da da dum Da da da dum Da da da dum.  Snap, snap.

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're altogether ooky,
The Adams Family.
Their house is a museum.
When people come to see 'em
They really are a screa-um.
The Adams Family.

Okay...so we're not THAT Adams family.  In fact, they spell their name Addams.  WRONG!  But we are the Adams family.  I don't know if you've seen all of those cute photos that are random objects and put together spell out words.  Well I decided that before we move away, we need some memories from the campus of Mississippi State.

I absolutely love this frame I found at Bella Vita, a shop in Collierville.  It is made by Matchstix which is a brand we used to sell when I worked at Pineland Treasures in Jackson.  However, because we're on a budget and because I have the best hubby ever, David is building me this frame:  Frame Photo

Except instead of 3 spots for photos, we'll have 5 spots for photos.  And you guessed it, we're framing random objects that look like our name.  I had this genius idea to make it full of five letters that were objects on the campus of Mississippi State.  I tried really hard to get things that meant something to us.  Basically, I went to the drill field and started snapping away.

This is what I came up with:

The first A is the door entrance to Carpenter Hall.  This is the Mechanical Engineering building where David spent a lot of time.  It's also the place where we started running into each other in front of before we started dating. 

The second letter is from a window on the top of Lee Hall.  Lee Hall just stands for everything MSU.  It's like the oldest building on campus and if I had to pick a picture as a symbol for our University, it'd be Lee Hall.

The second A is the Bent on the Drill Field.  I realize some of you reading have no clue what a bent is.  Well, it's the symbol for Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society on campus which I was a part of while an undergrad.  My mom actually suggested this for the A.  I love how the sidewalk behind it REALLY makes it look like an A.

The M is from the Clock at the Depot.  When I started this project, I knew I wanted the logo as our M.  This just seemed to be a neat interpretation of it.

Last, the S is from bricks on the Drill Field.  Those of you who know our story, know that David proposed on the Drill Field.  It is the central spot on campus and has always served as a reminder for me that I am a third generation bulldog.  My grandfather, mom, and dad all walked on these bricks before me.  Hopefully, one day, David and I will be able to say our children continued that tradition!

If you don't know the story of us and you have a few minutes (17 to be exact), check out our rehearsal dinner video.  We are BLESSED to call Tanner Cade one of our best friends.  He put together a FABULOUS video for our rehearsal dinner.  It's not a traditional picture video.  It's actually of us talking.  Pardon my rambling.  It's on Facebook, but you should be able to access it with this link if you have a Facebook account and are friends with David or I: Rehearsal Dinner Video 

Hope you like my Adams Mississippi State Art.  I told David I was thankful that our last name didn't have a billion letters.  Herrington simply would have been too long!  I'll have to post a photo when our frame is finally built and this is hanging in our home!

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  1. I love the photo frame pictures! Christopher and I got one of our last name as a wedding present. The letters are all from places around Memphis. We love it! I am sure yall will love yours just as much!