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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

David's Favorite Christmas Brownies

I don't have a good update from Memphis.  Yes we've moved in. Yes we threw all of our "stuff" in and tried to unpack what we could before starting our Christmas Holiday.  Now we're enjoying family time.  No one try to come see us any time soon, and I promise to post pictures of our home on the blog when David and I feel like it is "liveable."  Until then, I thought I'd share a Christmas recipe that we enjoy year round!

Time to share another recipe with y'all.  A prerequisite for almost all of my recipes is that they be easily accomplished!  I love Brownies and I'm always looking for new variations of your classic brownie.  So when a lady in my parent's tailgate made these last year for the Egg Bowl, I knew I'd found a new favorite!

David begs me to make these!  I made them once for our church, and Mrs. Beverly Lowry begged me for the recipe.  Shhhhh, they are so easy!

They are called Mint Brownies.  If you care nothing about all of the pictures, scroll to the bottom for the easily readable recipe!  Enjoy!

First, the cast of characters (as Pioneer Woman would call them).

You need, vegetable oil, eggs, water (not pictured), a brownie mix of your choice and Andes mints.  Pour the brownie mix into a bowl and prepare as called for on the back of the box. Generally, that includes eggs, vegie oil, and water.  I make mine for fudge like brownies.

Pour into a greased 9 x 13 pan and cook as the box calls for.

While you wait on your brownies in the oven, begin unwrapping Andes Mints.  

Pop one in your mouth and enjoy the sweet satisfaction of chocolate and mint.

Resist the urge to eat another.

Give in and eat another.

Okay, really, quit eating them.  Unwrapping is the hardest part. 

Eat another for good measure!  Once the brownies are done, pull them out of the oven and place mints all over.  They will begin to melt as shown in the picture below.

You'll want to resist the urge to eat another mint. Just think how good they'll taste on the brownie!  Take a knife and spread the melted chocolate/mint combo evenly on top of brownie.

Fair warning:  these take awhile to cool off.  Make sure you cool them before cutting!  But not too much. If you do, when you attempt to cut they'll crack and not look as pretty.  Make sure you have a glass of milk nearby as these brownies are RICH!

Mint Brownies Recipe:

1 Box of Brownies
Andes Mints (I usually buy one package or two boxes)

Prepare brownies as box calls for.  When brownies first come out of the oven, lay Andes Mint candies over brownies and allow the heat from the brownies to melt the chocolate.  Use a knife to spread the melted mixture evenly over the brownies.  Enjoy! 

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