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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


David and I have the best brothers!  And today (and tomorrow) we celebrate the births of our brothers.  I'm not really sure how our brothers managed to be born one day apart (plus a few years).  It just means I can't remember whose birthday is on what day.  But then again, neither can my brother.  It's been a joke in our family for some time now that Daniel never remembers what day his birthday is.  I'll be surprised if he knows it's today.  On second thought, he's at home, so Dad probably reminded him last night!  So of course, that meant I had to dedicate an entire blog post just to our amazing and wonderful brothers!  Happy Birthday Daniel and Jesse!

The above picture is from the Florida/Mississippi State game this past year.  David and I didn't make the trip.  We did, however, meet them team on campus when they came back.  Daniel and Jesse thought it was funny that they were both in the student section so close, so they snapped a quick picture.  I think my mom got the biggest kick out of this!  But it did make finding a picture to celebrate their birth all the more easier!

I want to take a moment and recap a little about my brother and brother-in-law. Lucky for both of them, I have some great pictures saved on my computer from the rehearsal dinner slideshow!

I'll start with my brother--Daniel.  Approximately 23 years ago today (oh my gosh---hold on TWENTY-THREE!  I typed 22 and had to delete it! He can't SERIOUSLY be 23...that makes me almost.....Eek!), Santa brought me a baby brother.  Lucky for him, the doctor felt the need to induce my mom because he was supposed to be born on like the 23rd of December.  Enter into the world Daniel Joseph Herrington.  

My dad, Daniel, and I:

Dad used to make up songs about Daniel and I.  We each had our own "song."  I seriously still remember mine AND Daniel's!  His went something like this:

"Daniel dude, Daniel dude
Your story must be told
When God made you, 
He said Whoops 
And threw away the mold

God looked down,
what could He do 
with a thing like this
He meant to make a monkey
But it seemed as if He'd missed."

Oh Dad.  For those of you who know him, you know how totally typical of my dad this is!  For some reason, we grew up calling my brother "Doctor Dan."  I have no clue why.  But, I do find it humorous that he's not a Doctor.  However, that could change one day because I definitely see him pursuing a PhD one day.  Just not a medical doctorate. 

Cute little kid, huh?  I have so many stories involving Daniel.  We are like 20 months apart so we were best buds when we were little.  This usually meant that Daniel had to do all of the motions to all of my songs that I would put on.  This of course included making the animal noises in Old MacDonald, hand motions in Deep and Wide, and of course, our favorite, the hand & foot motions in If You're Happy and You Know It. I'm not really sure when he realized I was bossy and quit paying attention to what I told him to do, but he did.  Sad for me, good for him.

One time, Daniel and I were playing on a Little Tikes slide inside.  Our good friends Jonathan and Anna Howard were moving with their parents to Europe to be missionaries.  They had to wipe out a bunch of their toys, and we were the lucky recipients of one of those bright orange and blue slides.  Daniel and I were taking turns sliding down it.  Apparently I wasn't going fast enough for him.  We had the bright idea to go face first.  Daniel pushed me and I busted my chin open on our really ugly linoleum floor.  One ER trip and some stitches later, the orange slide was moved outside. 

Daniel and I both grew up and came to MSU.  He majored in Electrical Engineering and is one of the smartest "kids" I know.  Seriously.  He knows about things I could never hope to know about.  (or care to).  However, we have some fairly interesting dinner conversation and car ride conversations.  With four engineers in the family, it makes for fun critical thinking. 

These are some fun pictures from the wedding.  Brother, just want you to know I'm glad you were born!  Happy Birthday!


Oh Jesse, Jesse, Jesse....where to begin!?  I met Jesse when he was flying out of the driveway in his cool blue Jeep Grand Cherokee.  He had just finished his junior year of High School and he was off to see some friends.  I was visiting/meeting David's family for the first time ever, and in the three days I spent with them, I saw Jesse for a total of probably 15 minutes.  Jesse is Mr. Social.  He is constantly on the go.

If you didn't know this about Jesse, you should.  He would do pretty much anything for anyone.  And he loves SEC sports.  Secretly, I think Jesse really likes the fact that he can text his sis-in-law the baseball score and she gets excited.  Or that I call him when David won't go to the baseball game with me, and I need a friend to go with.  I think he likes that my family has a long history with Mississippi State and are fanatic fans!  Maybe I'm wrong.  I could be!

The second time I met Jesse, he was returning from an evening on the town with his friend.  Again, that day old senior in high school age.  He was coming in from the garage to the sun porch where David and I were swinging on the swing.  He walked in the door and saw us sitting there, got a deer in the headlights look, and said "I apologize" like he thought he was interrupting something! David and I sat there laughing as he raced for the door to the house like his life depended on it!

Jesse came to college at MSU a year and a half ago.  And since that time, we have become such good friends.  David proposed two days after Jesse moved to Starkville.  At the Baptist Student Union we have these groups called Family Groups.  They are designed for new students who come to MSU to get plugged in a small group and have a group of friends for the new year.  My roommate Kate and I devised a way for her to get out of rush that year.  We decided she should try out for Family Group Leader.  Now before you get all mad and think that's the only reason she did it, it wasn't.  I suggested Kate do it because I thought she'd be really good at it.  We were Orientation Leaders together, and I knew she'd be a great "mom" to those "kids."  She tried out to get out of Rush.  God used her to be a "mom" to a bunch of freshmen though.  Jesse landed in her Family Group.  Which meant every other week, Jesse came to our apartment for bible study and hang out.  Oh the fun stories I could tell about Jesse from listening to the guys hang out downstairs before it started.  However, Nerf gun wars stands out.  They would arrive early so they could pelt each other with bullets from Nerf guns.  One day, Jesse made a comment to me that they kept running out of "bullets."  To which I nonchalantly responded, "that's because I throw them all behind the couch when I find them."  Needless to say, they restocked their ammo supply well that night!

From a girl who always grew up with one brother, it's been fun to have two brothers both at MSU. I'm really going to miss having them so close when we move on Friday.  

Happy Birthday brothers!  I hope it's the best day yet!  Can't wait to give y'all your presents! Maybe they'll be everything and more than you wanted!

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