"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Loving those Lovings!

Tonight David and I babysat our youth/college minister's kiddos! It was Jenny and Matt's anniversary, and they asked us to look after them for the evening. And of course we jumped at the opportunity to hang with one of our favorite families! Four little Lovings, pizza, two Narnia movies, popcorn, and NO bedtimes! So so so much fun!

We started with pizza. The kids had already eaten when we arrived, and Jenny informed me that Ava, the red headed girl David is holding in the picture, asked her mom on the way home from swimming if David and Sara would beat them to their house. When Jenny said she wasn't sure and asked why, Ava replied, "because David really likes pizza, and there won't be any left if they get there before we do!" Haha! I love the things this little one says!

Narnia movie number one was first on the list. The girls, David, and I sat on the futon while Carson (red headed guy in the front) hung out on the floor. I think Ava and Tessa (the brunette in my arms in the above picture) told David and I everything that happened BEFORE it happened! "Did you know Aslan dies?" "But then he comes back to life." "Watch this, Mr. Tumnus is about to get fwozen." "This part is REALLY loud!" And on and on! But it was okay. It was just fun to spend time with them. Midway through the movie, they decided we needed popcorn. So popping popcorn with one year old Isabelle (Matt's holding her) is a tough task! But soon we were settled back onto the futon.

Isabelle went to bed mid way through the first movie. After many giggles and tickles later, Carson wanted to start the second movie. Prince Caspian Narnia. Carson likes to skip through parts of the movie and tell us that they weren't important or exactly what happened so he can skip them! So we started this movie about 20 minutes in! Haha! Ava had asked me at church on Sunday if we could get their sleeping bags out like we did last time we babysat. I said yes of course. So we pulled those out. Before too long though, they were back in our laps!

When Jenny and Matt got home, we stayed and talked for a bit. Both Ava and Tessa fell asleep next to us while we were still there. Guess we wore them out! That, or swim practice did!

We had such a fun time tonight! It is so fun to watch David with little kids! The girls may run from him at church, but they absolutely love hanging out with him when we babysit. They always want on his shoulders or him to do something silly to make them laugh. We love babysitting these little kids, and while I love watching David with them and know he'll make a great Dad, the best part is giving them back! Now I know why all of my babysitters loved coming to babysit us growing up! It's fun for the night, but I definitely don't want it as a full time job any time soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Season

Yes, in case you didn't know, it's wedding season. And I'm not referring to ours either!

This past weekend David and I attended the wedding of one of my very good friends from High School, Charles Clark. That meant a not so fun trip to TSUN. ("The School Up North" as we like to call it). Once we looked past the fact that we were in Oxford, we had such a fun night! Charles and his lovely bride Katy got married at the chapel and had a wonderful reception on the campus. It was such a beautiful day, and as I told Charles that night, I never thought we'd be here! What I meant by that was that I never thought I'd be watching my friends from High School get married. I ran with the guys in High School. I guess I thought it was far less drama. That, or I had too much drama, and they could just ignore it! Any given Friday or Saturday night, we would gather at Eric's house, trudge down to Hollywood Video, rent a movie, get Mr. Mark to pop popcorn (both butter and kettle corn flavored), and hang out watching it. Now, fast forward six years. Eric's parents sold their old house, we all went off to different universities (Southern, MSU, TSUN), and my three guy friends are all married now. I drove by Hollywood Video on my way home the other day and notice that they were going out of business. My how things change!

It has been so much fun watching these three guys get married! Yes they were immature (as was I), but I considered all three to be my older brothers. They laughed at some of the crazy stupid things I did, rolled my car with toilet paper, and even timed me to see how long I could talk without interruption, but I love them all! AND I will say this--they all made fantastic choices in wives!

We sat at a table with one of these guys and his wife Saturday night at the reception. Billy was practically a member of my family and his wife Lauren is so much fun to be around. She truly makes my friend a better person! Lauren is my wedding buddy. It seems at most wedding receptions we go to, we find ourselves together which is fine with me! It was so much fun catching up with Billy and Lauren and reminiscing on the past. I'm sad that the next wedding we all attend, we won't be able to sit and catch up like this past Saturday! Because....

...It will be OUR wedding! Exciting! Guess this means we'll all have to get together again soon! So excited for Charles and Katy! Y'all better take good notes on things to do, places to see, and good food to eat on your honeymoon. David and I are headed to the same place they are honeymooning in St. Lucia for our honeymoon in less than 5 weeks! Can't wait!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dinner Parites

David and I may still be in Starkville, but we have some other friends our age who are "still in Starkville" too! It just worked out that we had two dinner dates planned back to back with two newlywed couples. We had so much fun the past two nights hanging out and laughing over a meal together!

Tuesday night, we went to our friends Kyle and Courtnay Veazey's home for hamburgers. Courtnay and I were sorority sisters together and since we both live here, we decided a dinner date was a must! Courtnay, David, and I are all in grad school at State while Kyle works for the Clarion-Ledger from Starkville covering MSU sports. I offered to bring dessert since Courtnay and Kyle were doing the burgers and "fixings." I asked David what he wanted with hamburgers for dessert, but he didn't have any suggestions. So, I was adventurous and tried my family's infamous Homeade Butterfinger Ice Cream recipe. I just think ice cream goes with grilling hamburgers. I'm happy to say, our first attempt at homemade ice cream turned out very well! I mixed all of the ingredients, and David did a great job working the machine and putting in ice and rock salt. After a wonderful dinner grilled by Kyle, we anxiously awaited to try the ice cream. The main question was, would it have rock salt in it? It didn't and was wonderful! Success! All of us admitted we couldn't remember the last time we had homemade ice cream! We visited for awhile and before we knew it, it was 9:30pm and time to leave! We had so much fun with the Veazeys! We definitely will be having them over sometime soon.

Wednesday night was spent with our good friends Alex and Chelsea McIntosh. Chelsea and I were also sorority sisters, but didn't know each other as well. We were both Biological Engineering majors so I like to think that is what took up most of our time! Haha! We all go to church together and were in a newlywed/nearlywed Bible study class together last fall. Chelsea and I were in class together, and one day I told her "Chelsea, we left last night and both of us said, we really want to hang out with Alex and Chelsea more!" Chelsea said, "That's so funny! We said the same thing after we left last night about y'all!" Unfortunately we weren't very good at planning a time, but when classes calmed down in December we had them over to eat dinner. We had so much fun that night laughing and discussing wedding plans that I'm not sure any of us wanted it to end! We FINALLY found time to do it again last night. Chelsea cooked a fabulous meal and we had LOTS of time to catch up. I would think that Chelsea would get sick of me asking questions about her wedding and wedding planning, but I've found we both love to talk wedding planning! I think my fiance and her husband will be glad when our wedding is behind us and we can talk about something new! But until then, we'll laugh about their mishaps until we have some of our own! We had a great dinner outside--thank you weather for cooperating! I had tried a new recipe given to me by a friend called "Hugs and Chips Cheesecake." It was basically a chocolate chip cheesecake. Really easy to make and SO good! Again, like last night, we looked at our clocks and it was close to 10pm. Realizing we had busy days today, we had to leave, but we had so much fun! Alex and Chelsea--we can't wait this long between dinner dates again! We will be having y'all over again. I joked with them last night that we'd be eating on paper plates at my apartment because we couldn't open the wedding presents yet!

God just reminded me the past two nights how we may not have the same friends in Starkville that we did four years ago, but He is continuing to bless us with friends here and now. Friends who are in the same walks of life as we are. Newlyweds who have walked where we are walking now and can encourage us, laugh with us, and tell us horror stories to make sure we avoid (all of which I usually find hilarious)! This verse came to mind this morning as I was reflecting in my quiet time and thanking God for the wonderful friends He has provided. " So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11" We are so thankful that God is putting people in our lives right now that build us up and encourage us! It would be so easy to say, we'll make great friends three months from now when we're married and out of Starkville. I'm so glad that He has given us the joy of friends right now at this place in life! I can only hope that we are doing our job at encouraging them and building them up! So thankful for evenings with great friends!

I promise to do better at taking pictures to go along with my posts! I just simply keep forgetting!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Blog

So as you know, we aren't quite David and Sara Adams yet. However, since I'm attempting to learn to blog, I wanted to get a head start! Plus, every time I see close friends, they want to know how wedding planning is going. Who knows--maybe there will be some wedding planning updates on here. Then again, there may not be anyone that reads it!

I'm not promising to update this frequently, but hopefully, I will get better at it so that when we are married I'll be a blogging pro!

I'll leave you with our wedding website address: http://www.mywedding.com/davidadamsandsaraherrington/