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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Season

Yes, in case you didn't know, it's wedding season. And I'm not referring to ours either!

This past weekend David and I attended the wedding of one of my very good friends from High School, Charles Clark. That meant a not so fun trip to TSUN. ("The School Up North" as we like to call it). Once we looked past the fact that we were in Oxford, we had such a fun night! Charles and his lovely bride Katy got married at the chapel and had a wonderful reception on the campus. It was such a beautiful day, and as I told Charles that night, I never thought we'd be here! What I meant by that was that I never thought I'd be watching my friends from High School get married. I ran with the guys in High School. I guess I thought it was far less drama. That, or I had too much drama, and they could just ignore it! Any given Friday or Saturday night, we would gather at Eric's house, trudge down to Hollywood Video, rent a movie, get Mr. Mark to pop popcorn (both butter and kettle corn flavored), and hang out watching it. Now, fast forward six years. Eric's parents sold their old house, we all went off to different universities (Southern, MSU, TSUN), and my three guy friends are all married now. I drove by Hollywood Video on my way home the other day and notice that they were going out of business. My how things change!

It has been so much fun watching these three guys get married! Yes they were immature (as was I), but I considered all three to be my older brothers. They laughed at some of the crazy stupid things I did, rolled my car with toilet paper, and even timed me to see how long I could talk without interruption, but I love them all! AND I will say this--they all made fantastic choices in wives!

We sat at a table with one of these guys and his wife Saturday night at the reception. Billy was practically a member of my family and his wife Lauren is so much fun to be around. She truly makes my friend a better person! Lauren is my wedding buddy. It seems at most wedding receptions we go to, we find ourselves together which is fine with me! It was so much fun catching up with Billy and Lauren and reminiscing on the past. I'm sad that the next wedding we all attend, we won't be able to sit and catch up like this past Saturday! Because....

...It will be OUR wedding! Exciting! Guess this means we'll all have to get together again soon! So excited for Charles and Katy! Y'all better take good notes on things to do, places to see, and good food to eat on your honeymoon. David and I are headed to the same place they are honeymooning in St. Lucia for our honeymoon in less than 5 weeks! Can't wait!

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