"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bulldog Baby

Finally, a blog post! Today I want to share Caleb's sweet nursery. Before we knew Hannah Grace was going to be a girl, I had this glorious dream idea for a nursery. What if we found all of the old Mississippi State memorabilia and made a nursery with it? I mean, you do all know how big of a Mississippi State fan I am, right? Of course, this would only work for a boy! Enter our fantastic Mississippi State themed gender reveal for Hannah Grace (link here: davidandsaraadams.blogspot.com/2013/10/baby-adams-tailgate.html) and bam, my hopes and dreams of an MSU nursery were shattered which was fine because I was thrilled to welcome a baby girl. It took me until I was 8 months pregnant to figure out what I wanted to do for a baby girl nursery and until Hannah Grace was 2 months old before it was finished! And I love how it turned out (link here: davidandsaraadams.blogspot.com/2014/04/linen-lace-and-sugar-spice.html). I was pretty much the most indecisive pregnant woman in the world when I was pregnant with Hannah Grace!

We started making plans to move Hannah Grace into her big girl room last January 2016. No we weren't pregnant yet, but let's be honest--our nursery room is the world's smallest room. It doesn't work for much else other than a nursery! So Hannah Grace got moved to the bigger room slowly but surely (now probably wouldn't be a good time to admit that all of Hannah Grace's stuff finally got moved out of the nursery two weeks before Caleb arrived, would it?).  Maybe one day I'll post photos of her sweet little girl room! It really turned out super cute.

I started dreaming of Caleb's nursery with my first pregnancy. So I was ready to go when I found out it was a boy this time! My inspiration for his nursery was a calendar that comes out every year that is full of vintage (frame able) Mississippi State football programs. I found one from 2013 for $1 on Amazon, and my Mom happened to have another old one free of charge. I picked my favorite six programs, and the hymns that once hung above the changing table became football programs and a pop of color for the room. My favorite is the Liberty Bowl program in the middle because it ties our Mississippi State love with our Memphis home. 

The changing pad and basket on the dresser were kept from Hannah Grace's nursery, and the football lamp was added to complete his sweet dresser/changing table.

My next inspiration was the baseball MS pillow. We found this while shopping one day in downtown Starkville before we knew Caleb's gender. I told my mom that if it was a boy, that's what I wanted first for his nursery. She came through and bought it soon after we found out Caleb was a boy. It may be a new pillow, but the MS logo is classic for Mississippi State fans. 

We kept the same chair from Hannah Grace's nursery. It's my favorite chair in the house! A precious gift from my in- laws, it took me 4 weeks to decide on what fabric I wanted (did I mention I was extremely indecisive last time?). Still love it! The "vintage" blanket is from my college days, and I love that when it's folded over, Dudy Noble peeks through! Because yall know that's Mama's favorite place. 

In Hannah Grace's nursery, I didn't have a table next to my chair. It's a small hole, and I never found what I wanted or something that I wanted that would actually fit. I found this at a Rhea Lana's sale for half price at $5! A quick coat of spray paint, and here we are. I am loving this table. It's so convenient for bottles, pacis, etc. It holds a lamp, a newborn photo and a clock. Because I never knew how much I'd be sitting in this chair with Caleb. Did I mention how very much the boy loves to SLEEP while someone is HOLDING him?!  At least with a clock, I know how long I've been sitting in one place!


The crib is the same from Hannah Grace's room--a family heirloom that first originally held me as an infant. My Mom often says she wishes that she had a list of everyone that has slept in it. Honestly, I wish I had a list of those that have slept in it since we acquired it at our house too! There are a lot of friend’s kiddos that have napped over here in this crib. I still love it just as much as when we originally set it up. I kept the bed skirt, but pulled the lace topper off, and my Mother in Law remade the crib bedding. I had this vision of the back of the crib being like a jersey. Admittedly, I sent Erin Brown, Richie Brown’s wife a text one Sunday and asked her to take a picture of the back or Richie’s jersey so that we could make it authentic! Luckily, my Mother in Law works at the Awards Place in Collierville and was able to describe to the guy cutting the letters exactly what I wanted. We opted for Caleb’s sweet name instead of his last name like the actual jersey would be. Mainly because Adams could have doubled as a first name, and I didn’t want anyone confused. Love the way it turned out.

Now before anyone gets mad at me, all of these pillows/animals are removed when Caleb goes in his crib. My family counted the number of pillows in my house last time they were in town. Let’s just say, I have a pillow obsession!  I had a lady on Etsy take the old football Maroons logo and crochet a pillow out for his crib. Additionally, I found this sweet football pillow at Target and it happened to go with our neutral color scheme.  The last pillow is the most special. This pillow is made from my old Diamond Girl jersey. How cool is that? Did I mention my Mother in Law is the best?! She makes my dreams a reality! It’s a special pillow with lots of meaning to Caleb’s Mommy.

The blankets on/in his crib are all very special too.  My brother’s girlfriend had the one in the back right made. It’s perfect for tummy time (though Caleb hates tummy time). The crocheted one on the right was made by a special friend’s grandmother when we had Hannah Grace. We used the blanket then, but it matches Caleb’s room so well that we keep it out a lot. The solid maroon blanket on the left was done by David’s grandmother. She has a tradition of making all of her great-grandkids a baby blanket. So very, very special. She always lets us choose the color, and I’m thankful she was willing to use maroon for Caleb instead of the typical baby blue. We’ve used this blanket for the background of a few pictures already.  

See the other blanket in this photo? That Mississippi State blanket is super special too. When my Mom was in college, she had a laundry bag that she used. That was it. Canvas with Mississippi State University and Bully on it. When I was collecting items for this room, she asked me why I didn’t take the laundry bag. I told her that I didn’t have a use for a laundry bag. At that point she gave me the idea to make a blanket out of it. Enter my amazing Mother in Law, yet again, and voila, we have the perfect baby blanket. She backed it with soft cream fleece, and it’s already serving as the spot for Caleb’s monthly photos. I love it, and the history behind it!

Above the crib, the heirloom family dresses were replaced with heirloom family pennants. I spotted these babies at my grandfather’s house a few years ago and asked for them if we found out we were having a boy. They belonged to my uncle, and he gladly offered them. The two hats were my brother’s when he was a kid and sport the baseball logo.

The top portion was updated with a football, Ron Polk’s baseball playbook, an autographed baseball program from my parent’s days at State, a pom pom, a stuffed Bully from when I was a kid, and a cowbell (because who can have a Mississippi State room without a cowbell?). Speaking of cowbells, please check out our sweet boys mobile! I. Love. It. I think this was the second idea I had for a Mississippi State nursery—right behind the football programs framed above the changing pad. I tied cowbells to a grapevine wreath. And yes, they do make noise. Because…clanga!

One of the best parts about doing a vintage nursery is that you get to go through a bunch of things that you already have. My parents came through in a big way on this nursery! There is a lot of stuff in this small space! If you remember from Hannah Grace’s nursery, I pinned a smocked dress to a frame that both my cousin and I wore in weddings and my mom made. I replaced that with memorabilia from my parent’s college days. 

Yes, it says “Go to Hell Ole Miss” in my son’s room. And half of my friends don’t have any issue with that. That rusted old license plate came from some very good friends in Starkville. I used to house sit for them all of the time when I was in college. I would also use their pool when I needed a good suntan. They were getting rid of some things and gave this to my Mom because they know how much she loves Ole Miss...not! It decorated our cabin in Starkville forever. Lucky for me, Mom was willing to let me put it in Caleb’s room!

Next to the crib and the high boy dresser, there are three pieces of art. 

The top is a print of a Bulldog that Mom and I found at the Cotton District Arts Festival. We all have large versions of this Bulldog too. A college kid did it, and we all loved it so much that we all got one. The bottom two were done by a Chi Omega sister, Kristen Ley, while we were in college. They feature the world’s largest dormitory, Old Main, that burned in a fire in the 50s and the cowbell. Both have a little description on them. Random fact. Kristen owns Thimblepress which is super adorable. She currently has a line for Target that you should go buy everything from! It is so, so, so cute! It’s geared for Mother’s Day, and I think it’s awesome! I mean, a Chi Omega from Mississippi State is featured at Target (link: www.target.com/bp/Thimblepress)! Go check it out!

On the high boy dresser, I collected special MSU items as well as sports things (Hobby Lobby has a great selection). You'll see Caleb's MSU and baseball newborn photos framed. The glove he's in is one of our good friend's gloves that he used when he pitched for Mississippi State (thanks Tyler)! 

I couldn’t have a Mississippi State room without a nod to the cheese store. For those that don’t know, the stone jar is what they make cheese in. Clearly, the person on ebay had no clue what it was because I got a steal of a deal on it. 

The stitched frame was done by a very good family friend, and I thought it was perfect for a nursery. The little cowbell was done by our friend Piper Reaves Free, owner and artist of Reaves Ringers (link: www.reavesringers.com).  I have one for Hannah Grace too. Both have special newborn bells from Piper, and it matched the nursery d├ęcor wonderfully.

The two baseballs…  My Dad got John Cohen to sign a baseball and send it to Caleb. And if you know me, you know why this is funny!  The other baseball was taken from my last game as a Diamond Girl that happened to also be Coach Ron Polk’s last game as Coach.

And speaking of Ron Polk…

I was lamenting in the hospital to my husband that Caleb didn’t share his birthday with anyone cool. Hannah Grace shares her birthday with Martin Luther King, Jr. which is pretty cool. Caleb shares his with Howard Stern. L Sigh. I was complaining and playing on Facebook in the hospital when I saw the most glorious news. Not only is January 12th Caleb’s birthday, but it is also Ron Polk’s birthday. What fabulous news! I seriously couldn’t believe it! How amazing is it that our little man shares his day with one of Mississippi State’s greatest!?

So I did what any past Diamond Girl would do! I sent Ron Polk a birth announcement with a note. The man never forgets anyone, but the birth announcement did have my photo on it. And I signed it with what year I was a Diamond Girl. Guess what? About a week later, I received a typewriter written letter from the great RP himself congratulating us. Love that man! So many of my college memories have him in them!

And that’s Caleb’s nursery! Hope you enjoyed it!  There aren’t many Pinterest pins for Mississippi State nurseries. I literally searched every sports team for inspiration and in the end, I’m thankful that my parents kept so many special things. Caleb’s nursery wouldn’t be the same if they hadn’t! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Linen & Lace and Sugar & Spice

Here it is! The moment you've all been waiting for (well, maybe YOU haven't been waiting for it, but I sure have been waiting for it!). When we were looking for a house, this teeny, tiny room that we now call Hannah Grace's nursery was the one negative.  But we looked at it and looked at each other and said, "baby furniture is small!"  And so we purchased our first home.  For awhile, it served as our Mississippi State guest bedroom that looked like this (whole other blog post): 

Well, we moved all of that out and to another room. And now, without further adieu, let me welcome you to Hannah Grace's Linen and Lace nursery. 

I'll do my best to walk you through everything so that you don't miss any of the details (because we all know I'm all about the details). But let's be honest, you came for the pictures. So I'll try not to disappoint!

As you can tell, we kept the valence and curtains that were previously in the room.  The curtains are blackout curtains made by David's mom for the previous room decor. Those curtains can make her room look like a cave! Amazing how they work!  The wall color stayed the same too. 

Everyone was so surprised when I said that her room didn't have a theme! They were mainly surprised that the theme wasn't OWLS! And while you'll find touches of owls throughout the room, I didn't want it to be the only thing that Hannah Grace remembered about her room one day! Plus, I didn't want to overwhelm her with all of the owls this early in life! ;)  Everyone kept saying, "you have to have a theme!"  And so, linen and lace was born. I wanted something very neutral, girly, and full of heirlooms. I think I accomplished my goal, however, never in all of my life have I been so indecisive. Some women say that pregnancy made them moody, emotional, sick, etc. Well, I'm here to tell you that it made me downright indecisive! I remember trying to pick out fabric after Christmas (she was born 1/15, remember) and debating the decision so much that you would have thought it was a life altering decision. I laughed and told myself to just pick one! All of my swatches were practically all the same anyway!

To the right when you first walk in is a high boy chest of drawers that I "rescued" out of someone's trash.  I asked if I could have it, and the wife told me no because they were going to redo it. She called an hour later and said that her husband wanted me to come get it because he didn't want to load it up and redo it! You can imagine my husband's joy when I told him that WE were going to load it up and take it home from Starkville in our Equinox.  He wasn't very happy with me!  A little paint and some love and David says it's one of his favorite projects I've made!  And now it holds all of Hannah Grace's clothes. Well, some of her clothes. Not all. 

The frame has one of her owl newborn pictures in it. The little owl is an owl piggy bank given to her by her great uncle.  

Moving on around the room, you'll find the crib, which of course is only currently used for naps.  This crib was mine when I was a baby. Funny story that I'll spare you most of the details. It goes like this:

1. I wanted to use my baby crib.
2. Mom said it wasn't as Jenny Lind as I was thinking and had solid sides on the end.
3. I thought solid sides would make the room look smaller (and it would have).
4. David and I ordered a white Jenny Lind crib. David put it together.
5. At Christmas, my Mom got my old crib from my aunt's house to put at their house in Starkville.
6. I saw it being loaded in the back of the truck, realized it didn't have solid sides (like she claimed), and fell in love.
7. David and my brother set crib up at Starkville house. I love.
8. David and my brother take apart said crib and load up in our Equinox to take back to Memphis.
9. David builds crib in Memphis and takes apart Jenny Lind crib.
10. Jenny Lind crib goes to Starkville where, thankfully, my Mom puts it together sparing my husband having to put together yet another crib. 

Sigh...pregnancy indecisiveness again!

Oh, but isn't it just beautiful!!! All kinds of spindly goodness!

And now for close ups of the lace. I FINALLY found lace on Etsy around Thanksgiving. I fell in love with it, but you never know what lace will look like when you get it if you order it online.  Mom and I decided that for the price I would be paying, it was worth a shot to see what we'd get.  Said lace was coming from China (save it, I'm sure I supported a sweat box) and didn't arrive until 3 weeks later. Longest 3 weeks ever! To make matters worse, I did LOTS of online shopping for Christmas (to avoid having to walk around at 33 weeks pregnant). Every day the FedEx/UPS man would come, and I would wondered if it would be lace day!

But isn't it gorgeous?!  I had found a shower curtain on Etsy (link here) for my inspiration. Yep, a shower curtain. 

Trust me, after looking for months for inspiration, a shower curtain was a welcomed thing because I finally loved something! Close ups of the lace:

Inside of the crib, you'll find some of the very first things I bought for Hannah Grace--the two owls.  I just love them!

Minnie Mouse is from my friend that works in Disney!  She wanted to give Hannah Grace her very own first Minnie!  And we think it's precious!

The pillow below was made out of the same fabric used for the curtains with antique crocheted doilies sewn on. The little bunny below is a lovie that holds a paci that we aren't using yet because I'm terrified of it smothering her! And no one worry! All of these things are removed from the crib when Hannah Grace is sleeping!  Story on the pink blankie at the end.

Above the crib, you'll find a few things. The handcrafted mobile, bookshelf, and dresses.  Now, no one worry about this bookshelf. It is secured to the wall with a french cleat that will hold up to 200 lbs.  When we first hung it, I had dreams about Hannah Grace pulling the dress down and the whole thing coming off the wall. I told David about it, and this is what he came up with.  If you're still scared, look up french cleats. You won't be worried anymore. 

The dresses have some significance too.  The cream gown below is the christening gown my Mom made for my cousins to wear. All three were dedicated in it since that's what we do in the Baptist church.  We attend a non-denominational church, but we still plan on letting Hannah Grace wear it!  Mom spent many hours making it about 16 years ago!

The pink dress behind it was made especially for Hannah Grace by David's aunt! I cannot wait for her to be able to wear it.  The other pink dress that you can't see in this photo was made by a very good friend of the family for me. I wore it when I was little and now Hannah Grace will get to too!

On the shelf you'll find two photos of Hannah Grace and my old Precious Moments Bible and Bedtime Stories book. I love the memories in both of these. As I was reading the Bedtime stories book, it was AMAZING to me that I could remember some of the stories! Pretty impressive for someone who doesn't remember everything!

The mobile...  I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create the mobile. I did not want something that sang and spun. I found these cute balls that are lace and sparkly glitter and jewels and knew that's what I wanted!  I'll spare the details on all of the rounds of making this, but lets just say that it involved me making/remaking it 5 times and David hanging it from fishing line twice.  He refused to do it again, and I like how it turned out!

Who knew, but when you turn it to let it spin, it will go back and forth for awhile, slowly rotating until the balls begin to individually spin. Hannah Grace loves it!

Who wouldn't love these super sparkly things twirling above their head?

Moving along to the next corner of the room...  

I picked out this chair from Premiere fabrics. It was great because you could choose from any of their fabrics.  It swivels and glides, and I love it more every time I rock in it!  David's parents gave it to us as a gift for Hannah Grace.  So blessed by them!

I decided to frame a dress that my Mom made/smocked for me to wear in my Aunt's wedding when I was a little girl.  I was the flower girl in the wedding.  My wonderful husband cut plywood that I covered in batting and fabric. Then I straight pinned the dress to the fabric. No worries, it will come down one day when she is big enough to wear the dress! I wish I had taken an up close picture so that you could see all of the intricacies of the fabric she used.

You may recognize the dress from my wedding. My flower girl (my Aunt's daughter) wore it in our wedding when she was MY flower girl!  I don't think Hannah Grace will be able to wear it in my cousin's wedding though considering she is almost 9. 

And here's a gem I found where I wearing it.  Good grief.  I'm sure this is a sneak peak of what Hannah Grace will look like wearing it as well! 

Below is the blanket that David's Mom made for Hannah Grace. I posted the story on Hannah Grace's homecoming post, but here it is again:

"It was created with love by David's mom. However, it was made out of the robe of my maternal Grandmother.  You can read about her in this post from the other day. Coot loved a good robe and this one was well worn. David's mom also made a little lovie blankie that is Hannah Grace's size.  Of everything in the nursery, I think this is my absolute favorite."

This little rocking chair was mine when I was a girl. I know Hannah Grace can't use it yet, but one day she'll be able to. She can rock her baby dolls just like Mommy!

One more wall to go!  I decided I didn't want your typical changing pad furniture for the nursery so I talked David into this piece off of Craigslist.  It was yellow when we bought it and I painted it to match the other piece I redid.  And I love it!  It turned out perfect.

I had recently purchased new lamps for our living room. Rather than get rid of the old lamp, I decided it would be perfect for the nursery. A coat of spray paint and a new lampshade later, and we have a new lamp!  I love recycling (can you tell?).

Let's talk about this lamp shade.  I wanted something unique. Of course, I couldn't find anything unique for the price I wanted to spend so I purchased a solid white shade. Then, after a trip to the antique store, I sewed old vintage crocheted doilies on it.  This was MISERABLE! I think it took me days to complete this project because it hurt to push the needle through the hard surface of the lamp shade. However, it was well worth it because I LOVE this piece!  It turned out wonderful. When the lamp is on, it illuminates through the doilies and is truly wonderful.

And there isn't another one like it in the whole wide world (and probably never will be ever again).

I framed hymns above the dresser. I wanted something classic and something to sing to Hannah Grace while rocking her to sleep. I love how they turned out.

I asked my Mom and my Mother in law what one song they would choose that they wanted to be an anthem for Hannah Grace to remember throughout her life. David's Mom chose Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee. I love this song! Besides the fact that it makes me think of Sister Act and Amy Hogue showchoir days, I love the truth it proclaims!

Ever singing, march we onward, victors in the midst of strife,
Joyful music leads us Sunward in the triumph song of life!

Wow! What powerful words! I too hope Hannah Grace is ever singing as she marches as a victor in Christ throughout her life until she meets her Savior! 

My Mom (Hootie) chose like a list of 20 songs. I kid you not. Hootie wants Hannah Grace to know every hymn in the hymnal by heart (which wouldn't be a bad thing).  Because her list was long (and full of some good ones, I might add), she forced me to choose for her. I asked multiple times for her to pick her favorite off of the list but she never would!  Now would be a time to add that I did not tell either Mom what I intended to do with the hymns.  Mom's hymn is It is Well with My Soul.  I love this song too!

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, 
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, 
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

Lord, that Hannah Grace would always be able to say WHATEVER God allows to come her way, in sorrow and joy, IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL!  I pray that kind of peace over her life!  How hard it is to trust the Lord sometimes when we can't see the whole picture of how He is working. May she write the times she can see the Lord at work on her heart and mind so that she can return to those in the difficult sorrows. 

And finally, it was my turn to choose a hymn.  I chose Be Thou My Vision.

Riches I heed not, nor man's empty praise,
Thou mine Inheritance, now, and always:
Thou and Thou only, first in my heart,
High King of Heaven, my Treasure Thou art.

Oh Lord, that you would be first in her heart and her treasure. That she would not value the opinions or praise of others but that your voice would be the only voice she listens to and that you would speak directly to her heart in ways that she would hear loud and clear.

The other hymns are In the Garden, Come Thou Fount, and Just a Closer Walk with Thee.  I hope that Hannah Grace learns all of the words to these hymns!

Well, there you have the nursery. This gem still needs to be hung. It was made by some very precious friends of the family. There is a perfect spot next to the tall dresser, but I'm not tall enough to hang it. Daddy will have to do it when he has time, and I know he will. I still have to find the perfect picture of her for the frame.  How true it is that the smallest thing can take up the most room in your heart (second to her Dad, of course).  Winnie the Pooh was a genius when he said this! :)

My favorite thing, you ask?  Of everything in the nursery, even with all of the sentimental items, I think my favorite thing is this lovie blanket made out of Maw Maw's robe by David's Mom.  I hope that Hannah Grace will always treasure it the way I treasure the memory of my grandmother.