"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Saturday, May 21, 2011

$3.99 Shelf/Hanger

A few weeks ago, I had my first experience visiting a Goodwill store in Memphis.  I originally went to look for blue glass to use in our URSR or Unfinished Refinished Spare Room if you haven't been following lately.  Instead, I found a shelf/hanger for the wall in the URSR.  Because we have limited closet space in our home, David uses the closet in the spare bedroom for his clothes.  {Plus I use the others for my things--clothes and crafts!}  So I was on the hunt for something like this for guests to be able to hang clothes on when they visit.  That way, David doesn't have to clean his closet out.

Below is what I found for $3.99 at Goodwill.  Not bad.

I do not know why Google Blogs insists on rotating my pictures.  I have no clue how to fix this.  Obviously the left side of the photo is the bottom.  Now, other than this NASTY pink color that I'm pretty sure was the color of my room from age 5 to 10, I really wasn't too keen on the 4 wooden peg hooks.  If this was going to serve it's purpose for clothes, I needed something more durable--just in case anyone needs to move in with us for a month! :)

So I started by removing these four pegs.  I mean, who would hang clothes in those top two pegs anyway?

Then I had my first experience with wood filler.  Some of the coolest stuff ever!  You just squeeze it in where you need to, use a putty knife to even it out some, let it dry for a few hours, and sand it to be level with the surface.  No more holes!

Next, I took it outside to spray paint it.  Now, of course I forgot to take photos, but I'll give you a quick synopsis.  #1. I usually prime my pieces.  However, if it's wood, I just buy the el cheapo, $0.97 a can white spray paint (black if I'm going darker, but in this case I was going for cream).  This serves as a great base coat, and I never feel bad for using the whole can! #2. Let dry.  #3. I used Rustoleum Heirloom White to cover.  This way you only have to lightly spray it!  And voila...spray painting success.

Next, I took blue fabric that I had leftover from recovering a chair in the room to attach to the back.  I wanted something that would give this little piece a pop. Plus I wanted to use this fabric somewhere else in the room.  I actually purchased my own staple gun!  After having to go to Collierville a few times to borrow my Mother-in-law's staple gun, I decided to use Birthday money to get it.  It was only $9.95 for a light duty one, and it was just what I needed.

After stretching the fabric as much as possible, and stapling, here are the results. The back:

And the Google Blogspot rotated front:

Now it was time to call in the reinforcements and recruit my handsome hubby to help!  I had purchased CUTE knobs at Target awhile back.  Problem, they were for drawer pulls and not shelves.  So we took them to my Father-in-laws house and followed his directions for sawing off the extra.  No photos because I forgot my camera, but it really wasn't that interesting and was actually much easier than we both thought it would be.

Next we began drilling holes for the new knobs.  I decided to use three.  Luckily, my handsome hubby got a drill from his wonderful wife for Christmas.  I'd say 90% of the time he uses it on projects for me! :)  However, he did ASK for it for Christmas!

He drilled the necessary hardware to hang it. If you've never seen these, they are our new favorite discovery.  They are called French Cleats, and they make it so easy!  One part mounts to the wall and one to whatever you're hanging.

We drilled the holes in the front, slipped the knobs through, and then drilled sink holes in the back so that the nut could sit flush with the back.  We used needlenose pliers to hold onto the nuts while the other one screwed the knob in.  Backwards, I know, but trust me. It was WAY more efficient! Note: white spot is the wood filler on the backside.

And here is the finished product (complete with David's shirt hanging on it):



Better photo of knobs:

Side view (love the heart detail):

And look how well it matches the chair! :)

Before and after:

I love it! What about y'all?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just a Little Lacey

I stumbled across this picture the other day.  It's of Lacey from the first time I met her.  You can't tell in this picture, but when we sat down on the couch in the breeder's RV, Lacey jumped up next to me on the couch.  We were to have our choice of two Sheltie girls they were placing, and I was a wreck over how I was going to choose.  Well, she jumped up, I petted her, the other dog barked, and I knew Lacey was the one for us.  Now Lacey will bark up a storm when instigated, but she's perfect for our little family!

I recently stumbled across contact info for her original breeders in Canada (not the ones we got her from).  The woman was so happy to know where Lacey was, and she sent me multiple puppy pictures of our girl!  Look how cute she was as a puppy!  I could just squeeze her!

And, now: 

That woman could have emailed me any pictures of any Sheltie, and I probably wouldn't have known.  But look at those eyes!  You can tell that they are one in the same!

I have been gone for 5 days.  Long days. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time (more to come tomorrow)!  But I certainly missed my pup-pup! David took care of her the entire time.

When I got home on Monday night, David let Lacey out right when I pulled up.  I so wish you could have seen the excitement in my dog as she ran around me and jumped up in little things I like to call "spinny circles."  She. Was. So. Excited.

And since then, she hasn't wanted to let me out of her site.  She has wanted to sit in my lap every chance she can, and loves to give me sweet kisses to remind me never to leave again. 

She definitely has come a long way since that first photo of us together!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I discovered shutterfly right after we got married.  They offered me a free photo book for completing a survey about our wedding vendors.  Well, their promo worked, and now I'm hooked on their site!

Recently, they sent me 5 free cards.  I decided to play around with them for future scrapbooking endeavors.  And by future, I mean like a year from now!  Since I can't seem to get it together!  I did have this great idea presented by a friend of mine that I'm looking to start in a month...

Make a scrapbook page for each year you are married.  That way, when you look back at 50 years, you'll have 50 scrapbook pages highlighting the year.  So I have in mind that these would make a great part of that.  Here are two of the cards I made.  And the best part, they were free!  However, I'll be back to make more of these!  You can click on the link below to view their collection of cards!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arts Festival

Because I've been seriously slacking on the blog, I thought I'd update y'all on some fun things that have occurred in the past couple of weeks.

My very favorite Starkville event occurred the weekend of Easter.  For those of you who thought I was going to say Super Bulldog Weekend, you'd be wrong.  While that ranks second, the Cotton District Arts Festival takes first place!  Let me start by saying, if you've never been, go.  It's the weekend of April 20th (ish) next year.  And it actually coincides with SBW next year. How convenient.

Anyway, I had been BEGGING to go.  So David and I agreed that I would go down early and get some work done, enjoy the arts festivities, and then come home Saturday evening.  Then, since it was Easter, we'd spend Easter Sunday lunch with his family.  So on Thursday, I headed off to Starkville.  And Saturday held the joys of Art.

You see, this festival not only brings your normal bird house makers, pottery designers, and food vendors.  Oh it's so much more than that!  It brings with it hundreds of fairly Starkville local artists and all of their creativity!  I was so excited to hear that there were so many vendors this year that they had to turn people away! Insane!  Yet exciting.  I'm pretty sure that the architecture, graphic design, and art students all got the memo that fair priced, amazingly designed items sell super quick.  Because in the past three years, the arts festival has increased dramatically in the number of students selling their work.

There were a few vendors that I have purchased from before as well as a variety of new ones I was ecstatic about seeing.

Molly Gee of MollyGee Designs was there.  I'm not sure if I've shared this on the blog or not, but Molly Gee was a sorority sister of mine.  She graduated from MSU and creates the neatest headpieces.  We recruited Molly Gee to make me a one-of-a-kind headpiece for our wedding reception.  You see, I wore the veil that my Mom wore in her wedding 30 years ago.  However, 30 years ago, it was cool to wear the veil on a hat type thing.  I always referred to it as the Jewish Yamaka because that is what it looked like.  Sandra Ashford, the lady who redid the veil and added to my dress from my Mom's lace, would always correct me, but I can't remember what she called it.  Anyway, Sandra Ashford removed that hat, and Molly Gee cut it up and made a vintage veil headpiece.  Veil:

Reception Veil:

Kate of Little Things Studio was also there. I met Kate at the Starkville Holiday Bazaar.  She is a sorority sister of mine's biological sister.  Her stuff is super creative and currently in our unfinished refinished spare bedroom.  One day I promise to show you how I've used it.  Until then, you'll have to browse around her website and Etsy shop.  And if you don't know what Etsy is, and you're a girl...go find out.  Thank you Jenny Loving for introducing me to it!  A little taste of her prints, and what is to come in the unfinished refinished spare room (I love calling it that...perhaps URSR should be abbreviation....that sounds like USSR. I'll stick with unfinished refinished spare room). LOVE this:

I also knew my friend Barbara was going to be showcasing her talents. She started Merci a couple months after I met her last year. It's always been a dream of hers, and I'm so excited to see what God has in store for her talents. She makes jewelry from recycled things, and sells her photos of Germany which she visits often.  I actually own 2 Barbara P prints.  One is in the unfinished refinished spare room.  I'll give you a peak:

Surprisingly, I didn't buy from those three artists mentioned above.  Probably because I know how to get in touch with all three, and could easily get what I wanted!

However, I do want to share with you my purchases for the day. Mainly because I thought you'd enjoy them, and I think it's important to buy local.

First up, Painted by Holly: Gasp...Holly is from...Oxford.  But she is SO talented, it doesn't matter!  She does watercolor paintings, and I love her stuff.  I'd seen her before, but you know me and my owl obsession? Well Holly was selling owls.  Please check out this amazing magnet and painting...both of owls!  Holly and I are working on another project as well.  If it comes to be, I will share with you. However, you might have to wait until June 19th.

Next up, is my K.Raye owl. (yes, another owl).  You all also know I love K.Raye pottery.  So excited to see what she had created to sell as well. Well, my mom saw this cute owl, and seeing as how it was almost my birthday Arts Festival weekend, she bought it for me. Not sure where she is going to go in our home, but I love her!

And finally, the most beautiful Bulldog print I've ever seen.  The original was bought last year by the Sandersons.  Yes, those Sandersons.  Sanderson Chicken. Sanderson Center (workout facility at MSU). Those Sandersons.  My mom would have commissioned him to take it back from the Sandersons and let her buy it for more, but he wouldn't.  The worst part about the Bulldog print?  I have NO CLUE what the guys name is.  So if this is your friends print, please tell me. I'll alter my blog post.  All I know is that he is an architecture student at MSU.  As I told him, I cannot wait to see the buildings he designs. Have to get this one custom framed soon!

That wraps up my Arts Festival Weekend.  Mom gave herself rocking chairs for the cabin from the Easter bunny.  They are FAB-U-LOUS!  We came back from the arts festival and sat on the porch and rocked.  Then it was time for me to drive back and celebrate Easter with my hubby.  Wonderful weekend!

I share all of these with you and went to the trouble of linking all of the photos so that you can buy local as well!  Many of these people are easily accessible if you want to purchase something they have done!  Hope you find time to make it to next year's Cotton District Arts Festival. It WON'T disappoint!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

I have zero photos from my 25th birthday. I even resigned beforehand that I WOULD take pictures.  And I didn't. I'm so sorry.  But I did want to tell you about my fabulous hubby and what all he did to make it a special day.

We started our day at 4:45am to get ready for Downline.  Talk about the earliest I've ever woken up on my birthday!  So that meant breakfast in bed was out of the question.  Maybe next year (I'll be sure to keep y'all posted!).

All day long, I dreamed about what my hubby was getting me.  He had already told me to choose where I wanted to eat dinner.  After brainstorming all day, I informed him that I wanted the Rendezvous.  One of my favorites.  He was excited, needless to say.

We traveled downtown for our evening. We ate wonderful, glorious dry rub ribs.  They are my favorite.  Probably because my parents raised me on them!

When we came home, it was time to open presents.  I had requested a food scale.  I'm so sick of old recipes calling for 5 ounces of __________.  Now how am I supposed to get 5 ounces out of a 18 ounce bag?  I had seen an advertisement for a $20 scale, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond sent us a $5 off $15 coupon.  I posted it on the refrigerator for over a month with BIRTHDAY HINT written all over it in cute letters.  I even made sure to circle the expiration date.  The day of the expiration, it mysteriously disappeared off the fridge. Odd.  BUT, the first present I opened was my lovely food scale! Yay!

Hard for the following presents to beat, right? WRONG!

I opened the second present, with David informing me that I didn't get to keep this present.  It belonged to our good friend Rusty, and he needed them back by Friday. Seriously?  They were binoculars.  Well that was fun, I thought.  Opening binoculars for Rusty.  Nice.

Present three was in an envelope.

Yep, an envelope.

I had been eyeing it the entire time.

I even requested to open it first.

You need to know something.  David has gotten me Brad Paisley tickets, the musical Wicked tickets, Dave Barnes/Drew Holcumb tickets, and Graceland tickets for big celebrations.  An envelope could only mean TICKETS!

Finally, he let me open what I had deemed tickets...to something.  Eager anticipation, met by a gasp.

David had bought me Bon Jovi tickets!  Shut UP!  I had been after my dad to get us Bon Jovi tickets since first hearing they were coming to Memphis.  He said no.  David had previously informed me that the going rate for Bon Jovi tickets at the Forum were going for $6,000 a piece.  Um...no thank you.  I immediately asked him if the price on the ticket was the actual price he paid.  He nodded.  Good, I thought.  It was immediately met with a squeal.  Lace dog went crazy, and I tried to calm myself down.

See what you don't know is that I love Bon Jovi!  My dad did that to me.  When I was in the 11th grade, my Dad, my brother, my friend Eric, and his dad Mr. Mark, all packed up and drove to Nashville the night of Valentines Day.  It was so much fun, and a night I'll never forget. Awesome tickets, awesome friends, and even awesomer music.  Bon Jovi.

On May 19th, I'll fill you in on the rest of my birthday.  Because, you see, on May 19th, David and I will be sitting in seats on what is probably the very top row of the Forum, with Rusty's binoculars, jamming out to "Wwwwhhhhooooooaaaaa we're halfway there.....wwwwwwwwhhhhhhooooooooooaaaaaaa living on a prayer!"  And I'll have the best seat in the house next to my incredible husband--just call us "Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars."  Eat your heart out Dad (but don't be "Shot Through the Heart"--we'll be having "One Wild Night" because "It's My Life."  It's okay Dad, I'll tell you all about it.  I mean, "Who Says You Can't Go Home?"  You know what the sad thing is?  My Dad is the only one who will get this, unless Mr. Mark, my bro, or Eric are reading this, and my dad?  Yeah, my Dad doesn't read the blog.  Sad.  Oh well, David and I will "Make A Memory."

Great birthday...to be continued!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Moms

This lady is the best mom in the world...

But see, this year, I have two moms to celebrate.  So while the above woman is the best mom in the world, the lady below is also the best mom in the world.  They are equally the best mom's in the world! 

I am so thankful for the Mom above.  While she's not my biological mom, she did give birth and raise a wonderful son--my husband.  Thank you Mrs. Patti for being David's mom and for being a wonderful mother-in-law to me.  I've never liked the term mother-in-law.  It sounds like a bad thing.  It's not.  We love you Mrs. Patti.

And while they are equally the best mom's in the world, there is no doubt that mothers and daughters have an incredible relationship.  And if David ever decides to write on our blog, I'm sure he'd tell you about all of the reasons he loves his mom.  He'd also tell you about the incredible relationship mothers and sons have.  But I'm not David.  So I'll leave that one to him.

My mother has taught me so much in life.  And nothing I could say would ever be enough to thank her for what she has sacrificed for me.  I can only hope that one day I'll be as good of a mom as my mom. 

The picture below {that has been on our blog before} captures the relationship my mom and I have.  It forever will be my favorite picture of my Mom and I.  We cried for 4 months after the wedding because we didn't think we took a picture together.  Then we cried again when we saw this one.  And screamed to let everyone in China know that we had, in fact, taken a photo together on my wedding day!

Love you mom!

And for the record, I meant to post this last night when we returned from visiting our moms, but I was drunk on Benadryl from all of the mosquito bits I got last night.  See Lessons from Lacey post below to find out about what Benadryl does to my body {if you care}.