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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Bedroom Make Over

I have taken an extended blog leave for the past few weeks.  Okay, month or so. It was much needed!  But just because I haven't blogged doesn't mean there has been nothing to catch you up on. Oh contra-ire.  I have LOTS to backtrack on and lots coming in the next few weeks that will be blog worthy!  And I cannot wait to share everything with you.  Seriously!

Though I've had an extended leave, and I know you're probably mad at me because of it {yeah right--today was the first time someone ASKED me about the blog--Hey Mrs. Anita!--I don't think y'all have missed me that much}, I think I can make up for it today!

I'm happy to say that the Guest Bedroom which I've affectionately called the URSR {Unfinished Refinished Spare Room} for awhile on the blog IS FINISHED! Yes, you read right! FINISHED!

Well...almost finished. I still want to make curtains for in there but just haven't had money to do it. Unfortunately for the URSR {which I guess technically should be called the FRSR--finished refinished spare room} is priority number 6 on the curtain list.  I just started priority number one three weeks ago.  It's completed and hopefully will be featured on the blog soon. So now I'm on to priority two. So priority six has a lot of paychecks between now and it.

For that reason, I wanted to share our new guest bedroom with y'all {sans curtains}.

 Don't you just love it!?  Now, I just want to refresh everyone's memory of what we started with

Essentially nothing.  This is a terrible picture of this bedding.  It really is pretty bedding from Target that was a bed in the bag set that was like originally $99.  However, my friend and I found it on sale for $20. 2 big euro shams, 2 shams, 2 decorative pillows, comforter, and bedskirt.  FOR $20!!!!  There are four other pillows on the bed that I spent a little more for, but still.  So the first order of business was to list this bed set on Craigslist.  We listed it for $50 and a woman bought it within two weeks, and she paid the full $50!  I also listed the lamp shades on Craigslist for $20 which is exactly what I paid for them.  It took a little longer, but a woman bought those within a month. Did I mention that I love Craigslist?  Armed with a little spending money, I started slowly but surely reinventing this room.

Now, I don't claim to be an interior designer by any means, but I LOVE this room.  So if you hate it, just keep your opinions to yourself!  I sometimes wish this was our room...seriously!  I've told David on multiple occasions that we're moving in here!

Let's start with the bedding.  Thank you Target for the most fabulous blue and white theme. When I saw it, I fell in love with it, and knew it was perfect for our room.  I first spotted the blue and white knotted pillows in a Target ad in Southern Living in January.  And I had to have the bedding so bad that I started trying to buy it before they ran out. It was actually when they were first getting it in.  Anyway, I went to three Targets total in one day. Yep, three.

Moving to the bed.  If you'll remember awhile back, I redid this cutie pie. Here's  a picture of it before what it looks like now.  We found it off Craigslist for $30. It just needed a little TLC.

Then we can move on to what is atop the headboard.  Yes, it's a mantle and you can put things up there.  A little pop of color, some old books and mason jar, a candleholder that I made from scratch, a print from my friend Barbara, and of course an owl.  The piece above the bed, I got at a consignment shop and didn't have to do anything to it.  It was all mine as is for $18. Score.

Next up is the desk.  I have had this desk since I was a little girl.  It has a matching dresser too.  Since I officially moved out of my parents house in Brandon, and my Dad took over the closet in my bedroom {another story for another day}, my Mom decided to redo my room.  Our fabulous interior designer wanted to get rid of the desk, but my Mom and I, knowing how much the set cost and not wanting to get rid of it, asked if I wanted it.  That way, one day the set could be reconnected should David and I ever need it.  Seeing as I had a perfect spot for it, I claimed it.  FREE piece of furniture alert! Now, I have never been good at making vignettes, but I have to say, I think this desk turned out pretty good.  I used mostly stuff we had, AND hit up the Hobby Lobby 80% off sale at the end of the summer in Jackson, MS, Germantown, TN, Collierville, TN, and Tupelo, MS.  Not kidding.

Please note the photo of my brother and I as little kids, the handmade lace owl that my brother brought me back from Europe {he knows his sis well}, and the Little Things Studio art.

Perhaps my favorite part of the desk vignette though is my Encyclopedia art. Basically, my parents had a set they were throwing away. Back in the day, before internet, my parents had a set for our research projects.  Somehow a few got lost, and my Dad was throwing them out. I begged them for them.  Since some of the Encyclopedias have letters like N-O and S-Si on them, we were limited with what we could spell.  I asked my Scrabble loving husband to come up with something with the 14 or so books he had to choose from. This is what he came up with.  Love it!

Now, I have probably neglected the blog more than usually partly because of this thing called Pinterest that Mrs. Ellen introduced me to {hey Mrs. Ellen!}  If you have a few hours to spare, you should definitely look at that website.  Who knows, maybe my stuff will be pinned on there one day!  Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

So one project that I found on Pinterest is Crochet Hoop Art.  Since we needed an inexpensive wall project that could draw some of the fabrics together, here's what I came up with.

The funniest part is that when some of our friends came to stay with us, she said, "Ooh!  Is that Pinterest?!"  Haha!  I did admit that it was. No use in trying to pass it off as my own idea.  I am, after all, telling the entire World Wide Web.

My second Pinterest project can be found next.  I fully intend to do a tutorial on these two projects one day.  We'll see when that actually gets posted.  I wanted a place to display some friend and family photos.  I've tried so hard to follow the rule about not putting personal photos all over your living room.  There is ONE in our living room and a bunch in our room.  But if you notice, the vignette on the desk really doesn't have many personal photos on it.  I mean, you wouldn't have known that black and white photo was my brother and I except for the fact that I told you!  Anyway, since this room is our guest room, I figure most of these people will have no problem seeing themselves in the decor.

One spot is missing because it's reserved for the McIntoshes.  Since they came for the Memphis game, I do have the picture. I just haven't printed it out and put it up yet.  Soon though!

Here's a few more photos from the room.  You may recognize some of the projects as previous things I did.

Little Things Studio art again. This time above the closet.

I hope you love our spare bedroom!  It's a guest bedroom so we hope that means you'll come stay with us!  We love visitors.  And even if we aren't in town, you're welcome to come stay anyway.  Just ask some of our friends that have already had to do that!

Some of these tutorials are still to come while some have already been posted. I'll try to remember to update the links as new blog post go up.

Headboard Makeover
$3.99 Wall Shelf Project
Crochet Hoops Art
Photo Frame Art
Candle Holder

Go ahead and Pin me on Pinterest! :)  Haha. Kidding, but if you don't know what Pinterest is, you should click the link. Pretty much my favorite thing ever now!

Let me know what you think of our room!  Also, there might be a special prize if you can tell me how many OWLS are in our new guest bedroom.  Just comment on the bottom of this post.  And no, I don't know what the prize is yet.  I'll pick one out of the people that get it right.  I pointed two out already.  Comment on this post with your answer! :)