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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I promised to give an update of our Saturday in yesterday's post.  So here goes.  But trust me, you want to keep reading as I've finally fulfilled my promise of posting photos of our home! {eek!}

I had a morning session to go to with Downline {the ministry organization David and I have been doing here}. They were offering a session on biblical counseling.  Since I've had two youth girls in the past three weeks come to me with issues of friends and suicide, I decided I needed to go.  How on earth do you respond to that?  Maybe too heavy of a note to start our blog post off with, but it's the truth.  So I spent my Saturday morning learning how to counsel better.  It was SUCH a great morning.  I learned a lot.

David spent his morning raising money for the Junior Achievement organization by bowling with the International Paper team.  He didn't win, but I'm pretty sure he had fun.  He won a box of Rice Krispies?  Random.  Guess we'll be making Rice Krispie treats soon.

We spent that afternoon getting ready for David's parents and Grandmother to visit for dinner.  David helped by grilling the chicken and planning the entire menu.  It was so good! I wish I had remembered to take pictures.  We watched the basketball game and listened to Jack Cristill announce his last game.  Such a sad day.  If you're not an MSU fan, I'm sorry for this tangent, but Jack Cristill is a legend.  I've never heard a football or basketball game announced by anyone else on the radio.  And before you say, "24 years isn't that long," my mother {who shall remain ageless} has NEVER heard a game he didn't call either.  That is insane and wonderful all at the same time!  I would really like a Top Ten Jack Cristill quotes t-shirt. Someone get to work on that please!  It was so great to hear Jack say "Wrap it in maroon and white again."  I've heard those words my whole life.  In fact, I painted a piece of pottery for it this fall and blogged about it.  And you know if there was a game on and we invited people over that means we had to make Captain Rodney's.

One of my friends informed me that if I was going to have my in-laws over, that meant I was ready to put pictures of our house on the blog.  So, since I knew she was right...  I mean, let's face it.  I love my in-laws, but the cleanest my house is EVER going to be is when my in-laws come over.  And in second place is when my parents come.  So, I grabbed my camera about 10 minutes before they arrived and shot some photos.  I'll try to do a play by play of where you are in our humble abode.  Please know that it is not like I want it as I'm sure you'll be able to tell by the comments.  And it's too hard of a process to get these photos in order, so bear with me. 

When you walk into our house, you see the living room.  If you continue to the left, you'll see a hallway leading to three bedrooms and a bathroom.  Here is ours.

Walking into our bedroom

Our bed with the infamous decorative pillows that David SO loves.

Our dresser and mirror which was a pain to hang. Please pardon the fact that ALL of the pictures in our room are wedding/engagement pictures.  I had engagement pictures framed for our reception. They were packed and upacked that way, and I don't have time to frame other ones. At least that's what I tell myself.

This is a photo of one of the lamps I redid. Also, I have the best hubby who lets me decorate with owls on his nightstand.  And of course engagement pics from the wedding. And also my Gaudi cross that my brother brought back to me from Europe this summer.

The next bedroom is our guest bedroom that I can't WAIT to get my hands on to redo!  It simply has a bed in it.  Hoping to get my desk from home to put over to the side. I'm so proud to say it's not a junk room anymore!  This is my bedding from college.  It was on clearance from Target for $19.99 and came with a ton of stuff.  It looks way prettier than this picture, but I'm sick of it. And when you spend $19.99 on it, you can afford to redo it whenever you want.  Can't wait to show y'all what I'm thinking!

Our one and only bathroom.  It's not as bad as I thought it would be as we get ready at completely different times.  I can't wait to paint it brown, but sadly, it hasn't been a priority. I. Hate. Butter. Yellow. Bathrooms.  Plus my shower curtain doesn't match and that drives me insane!

This is our dining room. It usually is only set for four, but since we had five for dinner, the office chair is set at the table also.

My favorite piece of furniture!  Our buffet!  Ready for company to come eat.

Standing in the dining room looking back at the living room.  Please ignore the picture that is not centered.  It will be soon. We simply have not crossed it off our honey-do list.  And our couch always blends into the carpet in photos. It doesn't really do that in person so much as here. Please pardon my puppy dog who feels we need to photograph her.

TV with MSU game on. Please pardon my husband's phone and keys on the bookcase. They are supposed to be in the key spot by the door. But they are rarely there unless I put them there for him.

Our front door. Note the key spot below. How convenient that is!

I can't believe I'm posting this photo before I give it a post of it's own.  It's coming Mrs. Patti! I promise!  Our sitting area for company and putting on shoes.

And now we move into the office.  This is the space we threw together with what we had.

What you see when you walk into the office.  You can see the door to the left that connects to the kitchen. It's blocked so you can't walk through, but still great for passing things through to the other side of the house. As you can tell, this is our MSU room. All things MSU.

On top of the desk.  Please excuse the 5x7 picture in the 4x6 picture slot. It was the only picture I had printed out. Plan to replace with a Gator Bowl picture.

The monstrous bookcase. For the record, this bookcase came from the Union when they were moving out all of the furniture to redo it. David helped move furniture and they "gave" him this in return.  I'm pretty sure they were trashing it and he salvaged it.  I'd love to repaint it, but not right now. Currently it sits opposite the chairs and has a TV on it that we've yet to hook up.  Our entire 8+ months of marriage and we've only had one TV in our home. EVER. David says this shall change before March Madness! Guess he doesn't want to watch the Food Network with me! 

And now to the opposite side of our house!  This is the back door (to the right) and the dryer (obviously). Kind of the utility room but it connects to the kitchen so it has to stay clean...most of the time. The bookcase to the left is full of my cookbooks and the aprons are hung right above it!

You may recognize this from this post.  And of course, my two FAVORITE loves can be found on top.  My mixer that my parents gave me for Christmas two years ago and my coffee pot that grinds.  We thought my mixer had gotten lost in the move. I cried for thirty minutes before I found it.  Seriously.

This is Lacey who followed me around the house for 10 minutes snapping photos. Then she gave up and looked at me like...are we done yet?  I walked into the living room to find this!

Back to the kitchen.  My owl I painted. My friend Bethany painted one too.  Her's name is Chi and mine's name is Omega. They hope to be reunited one day soon.

Other side of the sink.  Love my Good Earth Pottery. But especially love that it was made in Starkville, MS. While my pattern is not this one, I loved the colors for my red and brown kitchen that was not supposed to include yellow walls.  Still haven't painted it brown.

You may remember this from this post.  Pardon the pot on the stove. I was cooking for my in-laws remember?

And finally, standing in the dining room and looking back to the utility room.

Hope you enjoyed the house tour.  I need to remember to take an outside photo for you.  Hopefully now that I've finally posted these photos, you won't quit reading the blog. It was all I had to hook you into reading!  I hope that you're hooked on reading and won't quit just because you know what our home looks like! I promise to write lots of posts with new craft ideas and lots of fun stories about the Adventures of the Adams. Hope y'all have a great day! Let me know what you think about our Memphis home!


  1. YAY we finally got some House pictures!!!!! Love the place and cannot wait to see it in person. I think you did a great job decorating Mrs. Adams. SO much fun!!!!

  2. I love the house photos! It is so cute!! Thanks for posting! Cant wait to see whats to come!

  3. So I've finally gotten on to your blog to read about your life! I LOVE your house! Maybe some day I'll get to see it in real life! :) LOVE YOU!