"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Megan & Lacey Have in Common

What do my friend Megan and my dog Lacey have in common?

They both share the love of Sonic ice!

No, I'm not kidding.

Yes, I'm serious.

My dog and my friend Megan LOVE this stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Sonic ice, just not as much as these two!  When she was so out of it on Monday after her surgery, she kept huffing and puffing like she was hot. She hadn't had food or water since the night before, but every time I put water in front of her, she wouldn't move to get any.  Luckily, I had some Sonic ice left over from my drink earlier that day.  I gave her some and it worked! She gobbled it up.

Today, I stopped at Sonic to grab a drink before leaving Starkville and ordered Lacey some ice. Did you know for $0.10 plus tax, you can score a small cup of Sonic ice?  I did!  Lacey had half of the ice gobbled up before we made it to West Point.  By the time we made it thirty minutes outside of Memphis and were at standstill traffic because two semis had collided, she had downed the whole cup!  Watching Lacey enjoy her ice brought back sweet memories of Sonic ice and my friend Megan.  Just wanted to share a few with y'all.  Who knew these two would have so much in common.  {Sorry Megs for comparing you to a dog, but you both are obsessed with this stuff!}

I think this love for Sonic ice began when we lived in the Chi Omega house. We had an ice machine in the basement that made Sonic style ice, and it was the most awesome thing EVER {besides being able to do four loads of laundry all at once at the Chi O house}.  Every day, Meg would have a cup of ice from the basement in her room and she would just munch on it all day.  Sometimes, she'd pour a diet coke in there, but for the most part, she would just chow down on ice.  It made such an impression on me that I too took up this habit. Now, you wonder why I know ice is $0.10 for a small from Sonic?  Our senior year, the ice machine BROKE at the Chi O house.  It had lived a long life. 1986-2008, I think.  But when it broke, we pitched a fit to Mama Jones that we HAD to replace it with the same type ice. None other would do.  She informed us of how much more expensive it would be and how much longer it would take to order it.  We didn't care.  I'm not sure if she politicked to House Corp or what, but somehow the Sonic ice machine was replaced with a new Sonic ice machine!  However, in the meantime to get our fix, Meg and I would head to Sonic and get cups of ice!  We were that addicted!

Now, while we always chomped on it alone, there was something about Sonic diet cokes that were just better than pouring our own.  And MANY times we would go to Sonic during Happy Hour and bring back diet cokes with EXTRA ice.  Meg taught me that trick. Who knew you could ask them for extra ice.  Meg is an admissions counselor for MSU and two summers I've lived in Starkville while Meg has worked Orientation.  It's kind of a tradition for me to bring her a large Sonic Diet Coke during her afternoon break on the first day of Orientation. I'm not sure what she's going to do this year without me!

On more than one occasion, we would all wind up going to see a movie at the movie theater in Starkville.  It was Megan's tradition to stop at CVS and get snacks and then head to Sonic to buy a cup of ice. She often got upset because the nice people would charge us 23 cents for a large cup of ice and when you paid a quarter, they'd assume you didn't want change. She never said anything to the carhops, of course, but when you hold a love for Sonic ice as much as we do, that's at least a dollar per month in change that Sonic kept!  Maybe not quite that much, but still. It was the fact that they assumed you didn't want your 2 pennies. And that just didn't sit well with either of us.  We'd smuggle in the cups of ice in our purse along with a diet coke from CVS and enjoy whatever movie Megan had talked me into going to see.

When Megan and I lived in Birmingham together one summer, the Sonic was forever away from our house!  Like so far away that Megan would rarely go get her Sonic fix!  So one weekend I had been to Starkville to visit David and when I left I stopped at Sonic and bought a Route 44 ice.  {yes, I really did}.  I then drove to Bham and brought Meg her ice.  It had not melted much on the two hour drive, and we stayed up and pretended like we still lived in the Chi O house!

It all started here, but thanks to Megan and the Chi Omega house, my DOG now shares a love of the Sonic style ice. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to visit Sonic again without getting Lacey a cup of ice!  She is, however, doing much better after her surgery.  You wouldn't even know she had major surgery on Monday if you saw her today!

Playing in the snow which strangely resembles Sonic ice!


  1. Girl, go to Lowes for the herbs...the only way to grow them is when they've already started it for you. BUT WATER, WATER, WATER!!

  2. AH!!! I think that you may know me better than I know myself. I started laughing and crying at the same time with this blog post. Literally. Cannot tell you know enough how true the words are and how much it warmed my heart. Really looking forward to this weekend. Love you.