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Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've been a really lazy blog poster lately.  I know it's only been a week or so, but I've had this typed since last week. So I thought I'd post it anyway. I apologize for the lag, and Brittany, I warned you! :)


So apparently this award has been floating around BlogLand, and I had no idea!

In reading my friend Megan's blog the other day, I saw she had won the Versatile Blogger award. How cool, I thought.  Only after I got to the end did I realize my wonderful friend had passed the award on to me!  How insane is that!?  I was so honored that I squealed out loud.  I think Lacey thought something was terribly wrong with me!  It's a great feeling to know that someone actually reads the blog other than the three people who tell me they do!  And it was even funnier that I had JUST blogged about my friend the day before.  Go read it here.  Meg and I share a love of Diet Coke.  Mine has returned to an addiction, I'm ashamed to say!

If you want some cool insight into Megan's life, please go read her blog. She mixes up her life happenings with her mad crazy baking skills along with some fantastic favorites that she finds.  But more important than that, Megan has the ability to brighten any room and cheer up the lowest of people.  She can lift a spirit and make someone feel like they are the most important person in her life.  I'm honored that I am her friend, and I'm honored that she chose me as the Versatile Blogger.  Seriously, go read her blog.

I haven't been putting this blog off.  I have just been terribly busy since last Friday.  David and I wrapped up 3 in 3 last week...that is wedding number 3 in 3 weeks.  Whew.  Glad to be done with that, but SO thankful to be able to attend all three weddings.  God truly has blessed us to be able to travel even with escalating gas prices.  And we're so glad that we were able to make it to these weddings.  Last weekend was Mary Claire Mills and Tyler Winford. Mary Claire was responsible for my beautiful make up during my wedding and a bunch of the bridesmaids hair and make up. Mary Claire is on the right, and my beautiful make up is below.  This was a special time for us as Mary Claire and I were born a few hours a part in the same hospital. Mary Claire, Tyler, and I all grew up at Colonial Heights Baptist Church as little kids, and our families go way back.  So it was fun to get to see two people come together.

Okay, back to my blog award!  So the rules say that I am supposed to tell you 7 interesting facts about myself.  Well, I can't come up with 7 interesting facts about myself.  I've never been good at doing this.  So as I thought of what 7 interesting facts I could tell you {read Megan's, they are GREAT!}, I remembered that my friend Brittany Martin gave me a top ten list of myself on my bachelorette party.  She described me to a "T" and made me laugh so hard because all of them are SOOO true!  I hope you'll laugh too {especially if you know me...if you don't, WHY are you reading my blog?}  In sticking with the rules, I'm only listing seven of them, and I'll try to elaborate a little.

7. "Sara knows more about MSU baseball than anyone I know."  I hate to say it, but this may be true.  Now granted, this is from Brittany's opinion {and I didn't ask her before I posted these}.  There are more knowledgeable people on baseball, I am quite sure!  I just really like MSU baseball!

6. "Sara can out-talk anyone, anytime, anywhere." I don't know about out-talking them, but I do love to talk! :)

5. "You can name any person within a 500 mile radius and Sara either grew up with them, did Mississippi Showstoppers with them, competed in Junior Miss with them, was in Rat Pack with them, or is connected to them in some way." I just like to talk so I know a lot of people!  When I was a freshman at MSU, my best friend Bethany's Dad nicknamed me a Russian spy because of the number of people I knew and ability to connect said people with other random people in the grocery store, an elevator, at the beach, or 500 miles from home!  Brit may be exaggerating on the ANY person part.

4. "Who else can paint pottery and make it look like a K. Raye original?" I'm not sure it looks like the original, but I do love to paint pottery!  When I first started painting pottery, I didn't have a house to display it in, so I painted pottery for my mom.  It just so happens that she collects K. Raye.  So I began painting pottery to match hers.  My most recent pottery that I painted for my house can be found here.  I'm not sure it looks like the original, but close. I do own some K.Raye of my own and wanted it all to match! A few of her pieces can be found here.  It's the pottery looking pieces and not the aluminum pieces.

3. "Her scrapbooks are so creative that they could be sold at Hallmark." Um, so maybe not Hallmark, but Brit captured me so well with this one in that I LOVE to scrapbook.  Unfortunately, it's kind of been put on the back burner so I can finish grad school, but I do have a million scrapbook supplies.  See this post!  I love it. It's therapeutic to me.  However, never in a million years do I want to do it for money. I'm not quite efficient enough! 

2. "On multiple occasions, Sara has been known to predict the winner of any pageant after simply hearing the judges' bios." I laughed when I typed this one that Brit wrote!  I enjoy pageants. I never really did pageants, but through voice lessons and show choir, we knew a lot of people who did.  One day, our showchoir was performing for a school pageant.  We were the featured entertainment.  One of the mom's listened to the judges credentials, and looked at their faces.  3 of the 4 judges were blonde and happened to have daughters in the show choir (hence the reason we got the gig).  This particular pageant didn't involve any talent portion.  She said, watch this. I bet I can pick the winner just by the girls walking onstage.  So she did. At the end, she was right.  She told us every judge thinks that her daughter is the prettiest so all she did was pick a girl that looked like a mixture of those three ladies daughters.  Picking pageant winners has been a game to me ever since!

1. "Sara can turn a 3 minute story into a 3 hour monologue."  Duh...you already knew this just from reading my blog!

I'm not sure how much that helped you know me, but hopefully it was a fun way to let you know some different things about me.

And now it's time for me to pass on this blogger award to someone else.  I'm nominating

Danielle Atchley at Anatomy and the Atchleys

I'm honestly not sure if Danielle ever reads our blog, but hopefully she will see this one so she can pass on this lucky award to someone else!  Danielle's blog is a mixture of happenings in her life, her nephew, and my personal favorite, her decorating skills.  I'd love to be as good at picking out trash to turn into treasure as Danielle. One day I'm going to go with her to the flea market to find some awesome stuff!  Hop over to her blog and take a look!

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