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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Brittany

Before I begin this post, I need everyone of you to know that Brittany Martin celebrated her 25th birthday....on April 12th.

I woke up this morning in Starkville, and the first thing I thought as Lacey licked me to let me know she wanted to get up {David was in Memphis}, was that I needed to wish my dear friend Brittany a very Happy Birthday.  I had thought about writing this post many days ago to be ready to publish for her birthday but had been distracted with school and laundry. 

Now you may remember my friend Brittany from her Top 7 things about me list. Brittany and I go way back so I want to take a moment to tell you all about our friendship.  This blog post is, after all, dedicated to our friendship and her birthday. Which is today.  Or so I thought this morning.

Brittany and I met our freshman year when we were on Freshmen Forum with the one and only Elisha Blades.  Brittany thought I was engaged.  I thought Brittany was an over achiever.  She basically did anything and everything that Elisha needed her to.  I later learned that Brittany is such a detailed person like I am and will ALWAYS do anything anyone asks her to do {within reason} if it means helping them.  She later learned I wasn't engaged.  Brittany still can't tell her left hand from her right hand! ;)

Brit pledged Chi O when she was a sophomore, and I was ecstatic!  Not only was Brittany going to love Chi O, but Chi O had no idea what they were gaining in Brittany--an incredible, dedicated, all-in girl!

This was us at the Black, White, and Red all over date party.  We hung out all night because both of our dates didn't really like to dance.  I think my brother hung out with us too.  That's a totally different story!

Brit and I were party friends frequently.  The above picture is from formal sophomore year. 

From the time we set foot on campus for our freshman orientation, Brittany and I wanted to be Orientation Leaders.  So much so that I tried out twice and she tried out three times.  We both commented on how we knew that it was God's purpose that we did not get selected in previous years.  We definitely were supposed to be on the team together and with the others that were there.  Isn't it wonderful how He works ALL things together for His purpose!

Seems like Brittany was always campaigning for something, and I was always getting roped into wearing the t-shirt for it! :)

At our Cinco de Chi O party. Don't we look Mexican?

On my bachelorette party.  My creative friend made us all t-shirts for the weekend.  The bridesmaids said bridesmaids in rhinestone letters. 

Brit was one of my girls standing up there with me for my wedding, and I'm so thankful she did!

Just a few things you should know about Brittany:

1. She will do anything for anyone. {I know I mentioned it already, but it's worth mentioning again}
2. She LOVES all things K.Raye and owl related.  {just like me}
3. She is unafraid to be creative at the expense of being "cheesy."
4. She's passionate about many things: her job, her friends, the Lord, decorating with owls, MSU football--list could go on and on!
5. I love spending time with her.  She makes people feel like they are her best friend--including me!
6. We've both walked through some "stuff," and Brittany has been there a BILLION times to listen to my mini-meltdowns and remind me that God is faithful.  I try to do the same for her, though I'm sure hoping God uses me in some way for her heart because I'm not sure I could repay her for what she means to me!
7. She remembers all important dates.

So back to my story from this morning.  Lacey licks me, which would be totally disgusting, but look at this face:

Lacey licks me, I think, "I must text Brittany Happy Birthday."  I then remember that Brittany attended the simulcast of Secret Church {which is awesome by the way}, so she probably won't be awake since it lasted until midnight {or later}.  So I think, I'll just get on Facebook and write on her wall then text her later today.  Well.  I get on Facebook.  And as you've already figured out, I realized her birthday was not in fact the 23rd like I thought.  It was April 12th.

Oh. My. Gosh.

How. Could. I. Do. This?

What on earth should I do next?

Well, the most logical thing of course...text Brittany and tell her what I've done!  {You do need to know at this point that I gave her her present the first weekend of April, so at least she knew I knew her birthday was approaching!}

My suggestion to Brittany?  Consider changing your birthday to the 23rd! :)

My friend Brittany's response?  Hey, at least I get to celebrate longer!

I may celebrate Brittany's birthday on the 12th and the 23rd every year now.  Sound fun?

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