"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Sunday, September 26, 2010

MSU Football

Just to clarify, it's Sara again.  In case you missed it, David wrote his first blogland post this week. See here.  He'll be back (or so he says), but for now, you get me.  :)

I probably have taken this same picture like 20 times in my time at Mississippi State.  This is one of my favorite times during the entire pregame festivities.  Cowbells clanging, big flags, football players running out, cheering....there's no way to describe it!  I absolutely LOVE MSU Football.  And Saturday most definitely did not disappoint.  The weekend kicked off with two of our close friends Rusty and Sara Whitten coming to stay!  Since somehow we managed to not take a picture the entire weekend, this is a picture of the four of us from two years ago.  A lot has changed since this picture. We've both gotten engaged and married.  But as we sat up late Friday night talking, it was evident that one thing has remained the same--God's faithfulness.  It was so wonderful to be encouraged by our newlywed friends.  It's fun walking through some of the same battles and mountaintop experiences together. We were so glad our friends came!

Saturday was spent doing what we love best--tailgating! Complete with lots of football of course.  And what tailgate wouldn't be complete without lots of yummy food?  I promised a post on Captain Rodney's Dip soon, but it will have to wait for another day.  However, I did want to share a special project of mine with you all.

A friend Bethany and I have been painting pottery at Dandy Doodlez a lot lately. It's sort of what we use for a therapeutic session.  Since we go so often, I decided to work on a cute tailgate plate.  Don't get me wrong--I have a bunch of cute tailgate plates, but they are all currently residing in climate controlled storage.  (See post from last month for more info!)  And so began my month long adventure at painting this:

 The above is before glaze and firing.  And the finished product:

Please let me know your thoughts! (Hint, hint...the comment section at the bottom!)  It was so hard to work on, and I was really unsure of how it would turn out!  But I love it!  For those non-MSU people, "Wrap it in maroon and white" is a phrase coined by our radio announcer Jack when we win.  And this plate MUST have brought us good luck since we used it yesterday at our tailgate!  Who doesn't love handmade pottery?

Saturday also was a special day because it was the day that we honored Mrs. Mattie at the Chi Omega house.  Mrs. Mattie has been the house cleaner for our house since it first opened in 1986 (I think).  I have such good memories from my days living there with her!  She would always come in my room to smell my candles. And that wonderful woman never tattled to Mama Jones that we burned them all the time upstairs!  I wish she were around to clean my bathroom everyday like she did in those days!  We had some wonderful conversations in my four years as a Chi Omega.

It was such a fun time to reunite with friends I hadn't seen in a long time!  We had such a fun time looking at the renovations on the Chi O house and just visiting.  Makes me miss it.  Those were some fun times!

We decided we needed to pose like we did back in the day during rush on the stairs:

Our house mom and Mrs. Mattie. Such a special time!

Like I said above, it makes me miss it.  BUT, (and this is a really big but!) I wouldn't trade life now for anything (although we all informed Mama Jones we'd be moving back in next week)!  I think David would enjoy it.  KIDDING!  Currently we're housesitting for some friends so he's enjoying a quiet evening with the cat. He may not be happy with me for posting that, but the cat jumped in his lap, and it was too cute NOT to take a picture of. 


That's all for tonight!  Hope everyone else had great weekends!


  1. Sara, I love your plate, you did a great job!!
    David, anytime you need some "cat time" don't forget Mean Kitty! I know he would love to get inside your mom's house and cuddle like that!!

  2. Love the plate! It is so cute! I wish I had some of that artistic talent!

  3. Thanks y'all! And Mrs. Jani, I'll be sure he knows. I'm sure mean kitty would really love to snuggle with him!