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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Loving those Lovings!

Tonight David and I babysat our youth/college minister's kiddos! It was Jenny and Matt's anniversary, and they asked us to look after them for the evening. And of course we jumped at the opportunity to hang with one of our favorite families! Four little Lovings, pizza, two Narnia movies, popcorn, and NO bedtimes! So so so much fun!

We started with pizza. The kids had already eaten when we arrived, and Jenny informed me that Ava, the red headed girl David is holding in the picture, asked her mom on the way home from swimming if David and Sara would beat them to their house. When Jenny said she wasn't sure and asked why, Ava replied, "because David really likes pizza, and there won't be any left if they get there before we do!" Haha! I love the things this little one says!

Narnia movie number one was first on the list. The girls, David, and I sat on the futon while Carson (red headed guy in the front) hung out on the floor. I think Ava and Tessa (the brunette in my arms in the above picture) told David and I everything that happened BEFORE it happened! "Did you know Aslan dies?" "But then he comes back to life." "Watch this, Mr. Tumnus is about to get fwozen." "This part is REALLY loud!" And on and on! But it was okay. It was just fun to spend time with them. Midway through the movie, they decided we needed popcorn. So popping popcorn with one year old Isabelle (Matt's holding her) is a tough task! But soon we were settled back onto the futon.

Isabelle went to bed mid way through the first movie. After many giggles and tickles later, Carson wanted to start the second movie. Prince Caspian Narnia. Carson likes to skip through parts of the movie and tell us that they weren't important or exactly what happened so he can skip them! So we started this movie about 20 minutes in! Haha! Ava had asked me at church on Sunday if we could get their sleeping bags out like we did last time we babysat. I said yes of course. So we pulled those out. Before too long though, they were back in our laps!

When Jenny and Matt got home, we stayed and talked for a bit. Both Ava and Tessa fell asleep next to us while we were still there. Guess we wore them out! That, or swim practice did!

We had such a fun time tonight! It is so fun to watch David with little kids! The girls may run from him at church, but they absolutely love hanging out with him when we babysit. They always want on his shoulders or him to do something silly to make them laugh. We love babysitting these little kids, and while I love watching David with them and know he'll make a great Dad, the best part is giving them back! Now I know why all of my babysitters loved coming to babysit us growing up! It's fun for the night, but I definitely don't want it as a full time job any time soon!

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