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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Most Glorious Weekend

I'm a tad bit late on this post, but I wanted to post anyway! Memorial Day Weekend, my bridesmaids and I all went to an unknown-to-me destination. I guess it isn't fair to say unknown. The weekend started Friday afternoon when my good friends Anna and Bethany took me on a scavenger hunt around campus complete with clues that would eventually reveal said unknown destination. The first stop was the Drill Field. You can see Bethany and I hanging out with President Lee. He was hiding my clue which told us to "go to the place that it all began." That had to be Sessums Hall.

Anna and I moved into Sessums Hall as roommates six years ago (wow, I feel old!) We had NO idea what fun memories were ahead. God really was faithful to bring us both such wonderful Christian young ladies and encouragers. I look back and am in awe of His goodness and sovereign plan. Anna and I had to take a picture outside by our favorite dorm. Home to so many many memories.

The next clue told us to go to the place where I had mentored and been mentored. Now for Anna and Bethany, this was the bakery. If you've met me in the past two years, you know we've changed locations to the Starbucks in the Union. On a side note, I love what God is doing in Starbucks. I know that it may not be true for every Starbucks, but I am always so encouraged by His evident presence in the Union Starbucks. I look around, and I see people encouraging one another, disciplining one another, and digging deep in God's word. BUT for Anna and Bethany, this all took place at the Bakery. So off we headed to the Bakery. Here we took a photo op of our shadows. I'm not sure why, but it turned out so cool! Glad we did it!

The final clue sent us to our favorite place on campus. It is a place that we have shared so many memories. A place that taught us how to be "ladies!" Haha! Seriously, a place where we spent MANY nights up too late, many tears, many laughs, many exchanges of clothing, etc. The Chi Omega House. We just sat on the porch swing and sang every Chi O rush, special, etc. song we could think of. I am surprised we remembered so many of them! Bethany and Anna gave me my last clue which told where we were going. Of course it was Princess themed thanks to Bethany! We were going to Fairhope Alabama to stay at the Grand Hotel. For those of you who have been out of college for a little bit, you know how hard it is to get your best friends all back together for a weekend. We began planning this weekend in October so that everyone could be there. I was beyond thrilled to learn that we were going somewhere where we could relax and just be girls. And relax and just be girls we did!

We left for Fairhope early Saturday morning. Katherine Wiley, Anna, Bethany, and I all left from Starkville and met the other girls there. After a fun filled drive down, we stopped at this cute place called Panini Pete's. It was featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. And if you know me, you know how cool I thought that was! We all wound up getting the same thing that Guy got when he was there. The waitress found out we were there to celebrate a Bachelorette Party and had Pete come out. So we got our picture taken with him. He was beyond thrilled that Miss Mississippi was at his restaurant! Yummy doesn't begin to describe this meal! (See picture at bottom!)

After lunch, we headed to check in at the Grand. The afternoon followed with wonderful catch up time by the pool and mini beach that they had. So very relaxing and such an enjoyable time just to BE together.

That night, we went to eat at the hotel restaurant. Brittany had made us all the cutest matching t-shirts. All of the bridesmaids were pink with rhinestone letters to spell Bridesmaid on the them. Bethany's was the same, but read Maid of Honor, and mine read Future Mrs. Adams. How cute! Needless to say, we stuck out like a sore thumb. It was obvious to all what we were doing there. We enjoyed such a fun meal together while acting like 8 year olds. I'm sure the people around us were ready for us to leave. We passed around a candle at the table to have our own candle light, and finished the night with a quick game of telephone. Yes, that's right, telephone! I told you we acted like 8 year olds! At the end of our dinner, I heard a voice behind us say, "Excuse me." I thought, oh no, PLEASE don't let us be in trouble for being too loud! I turned around to see this lady with the cutest little girl on her hip. The mom said, "we just want you to know that we think you are the prettiest princess ever!" HOW CUTE IS THAT?! We found out the little girl's name was Ellie, and she was three. They were at the Grand celebrating her first dance recital. I remember my first dance recital! Oh the stories my parents could tell. It was kind of surreal seeing that long ago flash before me. I wanted to tell Ellie to remember all of this because before you know it, you're getting married, and you're all grown up! I so wish we had taken a picture with her. She was so respectful. While we were talking to her mom, she said, "Mom, can I talk to them now?" Haha! So super cute! She went back over to where her dad was, and just as they were about to leave the restaurant, she ran over and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek! So cute...I'll never forget that!

After dinner, half of the group went for an "adventurous" trip to "Sonic." When we got back, the rest of the gang had decorated the hotel room! We were hanging out, laughing, dancing, etc. and forgetting we were in a hotel surrounded by families. At 10:20pm, we got a BANGING knock on the door. Of course, what did we do? HIDE in the adjoining room. Because if we couldn't see them, they couldn't see us right!? Typical. We would get in trouble. But they did go away, and they never came back. Of course, we were super quiet the rest of the night to avoid the possibility of being evicted!

We had some special times that night opening presents, looking at pictures, and reminiscing on the past. I think the best thing about my friends is while we remember the past, we don't dwell on it! We know that any time we are together, we are creating just as many new memories. We crashed that night so that we could get up early and go shopping.

We went to a cute little coffee shop the next morning followed by a late morning of shopping at the outlet malls in Foley. It was without a doubt the most glorious weekend ever! After so much stress about getting all of the wedding plans together, it was so nice just to BE with my friends. I cannot wait until I have them all back together again for the wedding! They are so special to me!

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