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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Down In the Jungle Room

I realize that I have already written a post with this song as a title.  But, my wonderful husband got me the best Christmas present ever...and it applies!

After opening presents Christmas morning with David's family, we came back to our house in Memphis to unload our car and take showers.  But not before we gave each other presents.  I must say, my hubby did such a good job taking care of me!  I'll share more on what he got me in a later post, but the best gift he got me was tickets to Graceland!  Yes, you read right.  We all know how much David loves Graceland Too, BUT he got me tickets to the REAL deal!  You see, ever since David and I started dating, I have BEGGED and pleaded with him to go to Graceland with me.  I went once when I was a freshman in college around Christmas time, and I LOVE it!  I'm not even a huge Elvis fan.  I just think the concept of walking around a famous dead guy's house is great!  I mean, COME ON!  Elvis WALKED on that carpet.  He swam in that pool.  He paid someone to cook in that oven.  He sat on that couch.  COME ON PEOPLE!  It's ELVIS!  Those are his clothes, his horses, his gold records.

The first year at Christmas when I asked, we compromised and he took me to eat at the Rendezvous. 

The second year at Christmas when I asked, he laughed and took a poll from all of his Memphis friends to see if people from Memphis had ever been to Graceland.

This year, he got me tickets! :)

Third time is a charm!

We had so much fun! David even agreed that it exceeded our expectations.  Our favorite part had to have been the airplane.  It had 24K Gold seat belts.  Yes, you read correctly--seat belts. 

No matter if you like Elvis or not, have been to Graceland or not, Elvis is still the King. And I'm so happy to say, I live about ten minutes from his home!  Below are some pictures to document our trip.

Oh, and we didn't see the "pretty little thing, waitin' on the King, down in the Jungle Room." However, we did see the Jungle Room, and I'll never get over the green shag carpet on the floor AND ceilings.  To think, Elvis thought that was cool.  And he stood right where I was standing at some point or another in his life.  

The red velvet curtains that are only put up for Christmas.  They were part of Elvis' original Christmas decorations and are my favorite part of Graceland:

Elvis probably took his picture in this same spot!

Maybe it's just the stage of life I'm in, but I'm OBSESSED with Elvis' china!  LOVE!

Kitchen. Please don't miss the carpet!

Elvis' top of the line surveillance camera system of the property! Haha.

Lisa Marie used to play on this swing set! Oh my gosh! Haha...kidding. I'm not a crazed fan.


You can't see it very well, but this is the room that Elvis decided it would be really cool to put floor to ceiling material in.  Oh. My. Gosh.  That would have been MIZ to hang!  Can you imagine?  Even the carpet matched.

His basement.  Check out the yellow. (shutter). Ugh.

I just thought this was funny.

Check out those shoes. They aren't Elvis'. They were from (crazed) fans.

Don't you wish you had a wall full of trophies.

No offense Pricilla.  While I really like your china, I like my wedding dress better.

The racquetball room.  The room Elvis played his very last song in. 

My very favorite Elvis costumes.

I'll have a blllllluuuuuueeee Christmas without you....

Next time you see me, I'll be driving this....

David offered to buy this one for me, but then decided not to. Something about how much it would cost.....

Maybe next year for Christmas?

We had so much fun at Graceland!  Hope you will come visit us in Memphis. Maybe we can talk David into going again! :)

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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! I have to admit I have never been to Graceland.....Maybe I should try to talk my husband into taking me!