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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Yes, I know it's the day after, but things have been a little crazy and hectic around here!  Pardon us for being away from the blog for so long!  Wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas from one of our favorite people below:

We landed in Memphis after a drive from Starkville on Friday, December 17th.  After throwing allllll of our boxes, furniture, and clothes in the house, I quickly lined the cabinets while David showered.  Then we headed off to my first Christmas present!  See the man above in the video?  His name is Dave Barnes and he was playing a Christmas concert in Midtown in Memphis.  It was awesome!  And for someone who was feeling a little blue about moving to Memphis, it was just what I needed.  We saw tons of people we knew, and it was a quick reminder that there are people I know in Memphis.  We're looking forward to making new friends (and keeping the old).  However, to do that, we have to spend more than 3 days in our town!  We're back home and unpacking at lightning speed now!  Haha!

This is what we woke up to our first morning in Memphis!  How much fun!  It's also what I'm looking at right now.  Yep, two mornings with snow. How awesome is that?  

This is our cute little house!  I can't let you see the inside yet. It looks like a mad house!  But soon, I promise!

We had a most enjoyable Christmas.  We traveled wayyyyy more than we ever have in such a short time, but it was so fun to celebrate Jesus' birth with so many people that we love.  I was a bad blogger and only took pictures at my grandparents house.  Mainly because my cousin Sydney wanted to be in EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO.  If you were at our wedding, you'll remember her as our flowergirl.  Here's her with her flower ball.  She kept it.  Isn't she the cutest flowergirl?  She's five, and so much fun!  We played Barbie's all day on the 24th. 


This is my cute uncle and my grandmother.  Wait....reverse that!  Cute grandmother and my uncle (not that you aren't cute Al!) Oh and of course Sydney couldn't miss the opportunity.

I haven't had enough coffee today.  Hubby, will you bring me some more of my coffeeeeee....please! :) 

She wanted one with my Pop too.  It's her Pop too. Ain't he cute?!

And just to prove that she's taller than David....

Can you tell she really loves David?

Yes, this is what she wanted to do in all of the pictures!

And it wouldn't have been Christmas unless the Adams' made Captain Rodneys.  Surprisingly, there was some left over.  Of course, we did double the recipe! (Recipe here)

Every Christmas Eve morning, we go to Quitman to hang out with this little girl and her brothers.  We open presents, then hang out all morning, eat in the afternoon, and pack up and head to my Uncle Bob's.  Uncle Bob is my Pop's brother.  He lives on the family land and my FAVORITE part of Christmas is shooting fireworks on Christmas Eve with my cousins.  We counted how many people were there this year.   27.  Yes, twenty-seven.  In one tiny little living room.  From age 5 to age 85 (or more...I'm not sure).  We look at pictures, relive old memories, shoot fireworks, and watch the little kids open presents.  This year, my great aunt and uncle celebrated their 60th anniversary.  Yes 60.  And I could go on and on about reliving this old memories.  However, this year, we created what was perhaps the BEST one ever!  To say we broke David in to our family is an understatement!

You see, it was fairly dry this year.  Usually it's very wet.  I'm pretty sure my uncle Bob had a field full of hay.  All of the little kids and adults go down to the bonfire to shoot fireworks.  Only those who are older stay inside.  To say it's usually dangerous is an understatement, but we're well supervised and no one has ever gotten burned.  And we've never started a fire.  Well never, until this year.  Yes.  And we started many. 

It went something like this.  Shoot a firework, watch to see if it shoots high enough.  Watch to see if a fire starts.  The first one that started a fire, we all started yelling, BOYS GO PUT IT OUT!  And they did.  They ran down the pasture and stomped it out.  All the while, the adults are yelling, "Good job David, you passed the test!  Welcome to the family!"  Haha!  Happy initiation!  After lots more fireworks and a few more fires, my cousin Levi decided to shoot a large one.  And it turned over on it's side.  And it spun and shot fireworks in a field.  And it spun again.  And again.  And started a series of 3 or 4 small fires.  But no one wanted to run and put them out because the firework kept going off.  Finally, after it stopped, everyone ran to put it out.  Adults ran to get water.  I know this isn't funny, but you have to know my family.  My Uncle Bob was mad, but by the time he got there with the water, he was laughing.  Everyone else laughed the whole time.   I'm sure his pasture has random black spots today, but we had a blast.  After that fire, Bob told us to put them up.  So we did.  And went to the house to pass out presents!  It was hard to beat for entertainment.  Can you imagine?  20 people all trying to put out a fire and laughing.  Great memories.

The whole drive home to Memphis, David and I were laughing.  I'd say, "David, we almost burned the pasture down."  And we'd start laughing all over again!

We hope that your family had as much fun as we did!  And that you created memories for years and years to come!  We just finished Christmas brunch together, and I'd say it will be an annual tradition!

I'll leave you with this photo.  It's a picture of the live wreaths on my aunts front door.  I plan to attempt these next year.  They are so cute!  I'll post a post next week on how to make them.  Though I've never tried, she gave me great directions!  AND they are SO easy! :)

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