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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Happy Day: Part Five

Oh Happy Day Part Five!  I never thought I'd see this post! Seriously!  But when I started writing about our wedding weekend five days ago, I decided rather than overwhelm you with photos from our very special day, I wanted you to keep coming back for more!  I'm absolutely loving reliving the day, and while if I had the opportunity I'd relive it in person, this is coming fairly close to the experience!  I just sat down and tried to map out how long it will take me to finish.  I'm thinking there might be a part 14.  And you think I'm kidding!  Ha!  I'm not.  If you get disinterested along the way, feel free to tune out.  However, I have gotten so many texts, facebook messages, and even comments on here saying how much they are enjoying all the photos.  So if y'all keep telling me you're enjoying it, I'll keep going.  This is just what I get for having too many photos to choose from!  There will, of course, be some MAJOR recapping of big events that have happened during the time I'm reliving our wedding day!

I know I'm being detailed more with photos than with words.  I know there are FAR more details than I can begin to remember, but it's been so fun going through the weekend with all of my readers.  Speaking of readers...go ahead and click follow off to the right!  It would make me so happy.  I'm severely lacking in the followers section!  I might have to offer a free give away or something!  We shall see!  Follow, follow, follow! Or go ahead and keep stalking. I don't care!

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And now it's time to let you see a little into my dressing room and my morning before seeing David.  And picking up after my car ride to the church...

When we first arrived at the church, the first thing I wanted to do was see the church.  I could have cared less that I was already late for pictures!  I wanted to see the church.  Of course, all of my bridesmaids followed!  I'm giving directions in this picture.  I can tell!

So what do you guys think?  Do I looked stressed in the picture below?

If you answered no, maybe you should reference the photo below...

I must admit that I didn't FEEL stressed that day at all!  Other than hoping it would all come together, I really was relaxed about marrying my best friend.  I honestly can say that this was the last moment that I felt like I was in control.  Do you see that lady in the black dress above?  Well, at about this very moment I surrendered control to her and her daughter in law and so many other people that made this day so special for David and I.  I tend to be overly organized when planning thing {i.e. insert bridal shower that is three months away that I'm excessively planning NOW} and feeling like I'm in control of the situation is just part of that.  Needless to say, no day of not being in control compares to my wedding day!  So thankful I surrounded myself with people who would get the job done!  Last stressed out picture I swear!

This is Kitty.  Anything you see from here on out in the way of decor at the church or the reception, she can take credit for!  Yes, we had a florist who was INCREDIBLE!  {Maybe you should look him up too...Designs by Tracy}  However, Kitty had a vision for everything.  She is an interior designer just for fun and since she decorates everything for my mom, she inspired everything for the wedding as well!

We walked into the choir room to finish my hair and make up and I saw THIS!  My DRESS!  I feel like my dress needs some explanation.  It wasn't your typical dress.  It was two pieces.  First you put on a cocktail dress {super cute}, then you put on a poofy A line skirt over the cocktail dress.  All was completed by a sash that made the dress look like it was one dress.  Then, the bottom could be removed to become a cute cocktail dress!  Hence why it looks rather funny hanging on the hanger.

I mentioned Mary Claire in the first post, but she came to do my make up which she is incredible at!

Why HELLO there!  This next photo is of my friend Sara {yep, just like mine!}.  One after one people filed in the room where I was.  I have so many great friends who were so willing to help however they could!  Whether they were friends of mine, wives of groomsmen, or friends of my family, we were BLESSED to have them handle the small tasks that no one had thought of.  There are too many to list!

After hard work on my hair, Misty finally had the curls just the way she wanted them!  Of course the June humidity took care of most of them by the end of the day, but it was beautiful all the way until the end of the day regardless!

Misty and my Mom were looking on.

I'm so thankful for these women! That's Allison, Sara, Mom, Whitney, and Misty!  They definitely kept my Mom relaxed and laughing.  Or maybe it was my Mom keeping them relaxed and laughing!

Before I knew it {thanks to my wedding director reminding me since I was running so late}, it was time to put on the dress!  THE DRESS!  The dress that every little girl dreams about and imagines herself in.  The dress that she will start her life with her husband in.  The dress in all of the photos.  The dress that she took forever to find.  The dress that she tried on hundreds to find the perfect one.  The dress that she and her mother traveled all over the South to find.....Yeah, I have a confession.  My Mom and I traveled to Downtown Starkville to Christine's Couture to find my wedding dress.  Of the five I tried on, this was my favorite.  It was also the first of five that I put on.  And then I tried it on again as the sixth dress.  Then I announced to Christine and my Mom that I loved it and was done looking at wedding dresses.  Oh yes, mind you, my Mom had promised since I was about 17 that she would take me shopping at Lowe's in Arkansas.  And I passed that up.  Yes, my Mom begged to take me to Birmingham, Jackson, Memphis, ANYWHERE just to make double sure this was THE DRESS.  I resisted.  This was THE dress!  Why make the decision difficult.  So we ordered it.  And it came in.  And I spent an hour in the bridal store in it the day it came in!  And I still love it!  Mom and Whitney began figuring out how to make it go on.

And voila.  Here is the cocktail dress.  I'm so excited!  Can you tell from my smile in this picture!?  I told you there were no more stressed pictures.  Simply joyfulness and giddiness radiating through in all of the photos!

Remember how I said that I had girls that would do anything for me?  Well, this is my friend Sara mentioned above rubbing LOTION on my legs that she ran out to her car and got.  Yes, I remembered when the dress was on that I had forgotten to moisturize my legs which wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact that I had a cocktail dress on that I intended to leave in.  What are good friends for, right?

Next came the slip to poof out my dress!  It also served as one of my "something old" items.  This is the slip that I wore and competed in Rankin County Junior Miss with.  Nope, I didn't win.  I got first alternate.  But before you feel too sorry for me, it was none other than Anna Tadlock Miss Mississippi 2010 that beat me.  And we're best friends because of it!

Fluffing out the slip and smiling EAR to EAR!  I seriously couldn't wait to see David. 

We added the big skirt and the sash to the dress.

And my Mom tied it.  The sash was accented with lace from my Mom's wedding dress that was almost 30 years old.  It also served as one of my "something old" items. 

Now, after I put the ENTIRE dress on {which was no small feat...it took a little while}, I realized I was missing my shoes!  It probably wouldn't have been a big deal except these shoes tied up my leg like a ballerina.  So enter my friend Whitney.  For the second time, I had someone touching my legs that morning! Haha! These photos show Whitney tying my shoes to my feet!  Again, what are good friends for?  My shoes also were accented with lace from my Mom's wedding gown.

And here is a photo of the shoes she is putting on me! I felt like Cinderella!

You will see Whitney a lot more in photos from our wedding.  She should be like the "Where's Waldo" of my wedding posts.  Seriously.  And if you're too young to remember "Where's Waldo," google it!  Seriously.  Whitney was always in the background on our day {except for when she read scripture during the wedding} and she was always doing the jobs that no one thought of.  I attribute this to the fact that she has already had a wedding day.  You learn so much as a bride and it definitely affects your ability to serve as a bridesmaid.  Married or not, that is just the type of person Whit is.  She gives and gives and gives.  Heart of a true servant. 

While Whit was under there, she had to add two very special things.  One was a Chi O garter that was originally worn by Katherine {in the middle} in her wedding in June of 2009.  Kat's Mom has sewn little rosettes on it, and it served as my "Something Borrowed."  The girls are reading about it here:

The card included with the garter:

The second garter I wore was my Mom's garter.  It was handmade for her by a very good family friend, and it was super special to me to be able to wear it.  You can tell that it took some time to make.  It was my "Something Blue."

Whit is slipping on the garters here:

Sweet friends helping me get ready!

Adding the final touches!  I wore earrings that my parents gave me for my 21st birthday.  I'm sure everyone had seen them before, but they were very special to me as they were from my parents for a very special occasion in my life.

Two months before my wedding, my paternal Grandmother passed away.  It was very unexpected and a difficult loss for my family.  One thing that she left me was her diamond necklace that was her original engagement diamond.  I chose to wear it on this special day to remember her on that day.

And the very final touch was my veil.  This was my favorite item on my wedding day.  After I got engaged, I asked my Mom if I could wear her wedding veil.  My mom had a chapel length veil edged in lace with lace down the back and sides.  It has always been by far the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  Since I was old enough to understand what a wedding was and look at her wedding album, I've wanted to play dress up in it.  Problem, my Mom was silly enough {translate WONDERFUL enough} to have her wedding gown preserved.  Which meant no getting it out of the box for dress up.  However, when you're only daughter gets married, after 30 years in a box, the veil comes out.  It was preserved perfectly.  No yellowing at all.  And it's color matched my dress wonderfully.  You'll have to stay tuned for better photos of the whole thing!

Walking to the back of the church so I can come in and see my handsome {almost} husband!

A good view of my mother's veil.  Isn't it the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen?

And here is my list of everything I wore:

Something Old:  Junior Miss Slip, Mom's Veil, Lace From Mom's dress on sash and shoes, My Grandmother's diamond necklace
Something New: Dress
Something Borrowed: Mom's Veil, Chi Omega garter
Something Blue: Mom's garter, Shoes

I hope you enjoyed seeing everything leading up to the first time we saw each other! 


  1. I love this idea of recapping your day in posts! I wish I had thought of it! I love looking at all your photos! You look so beautiful! And I love hearing the stories you share with your posts! Thanks so much!

  2. It's not too late girl! Go ahead and do it! I stole the idea from someone! You should just steal it from me!