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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh Happy Day: Part Nine

Not much time to post today, but I did want to show you what the decor of the church looked like for our wedding day.  I know you've seen it in the background in some of the posts, but this one is solely dedicated to the decor and the work that my incredible florist came up with---Tracy Proctor.

This is First Baptist Church where the big event was!

The flower decor on the doors on the front of the church.

 This was our ten page program....yes, you read right.  10.  And actually, if you included the outside and inside cover, it was twelve.  Yep 12.

What on earth did we put on 12 pages, you ask?  Well, first let me just say that while we hired a great florist, a great director, great musicians, and a great caterer, we got the BEST person for the program.  My Dad does things like this for a living.  Well not specifically wedding programs, but public relations.  So while I told him what I wanted it to say, we used his incredible graphic designer put it together.  And all three of us made it amazing.  That's the reason my program was wonderful.  Simply because it's what my Dad does well.

First of all, it was well organized.  You'll have to excuse the graininess of these photos because I just copied them from the pdf of the proof that I had saved on my computer.  The first page was the one below, and was printed on a cream colored glossy cardstock.  It was on the right side and the page to the left was the blank blue shown above.

After flipping the page, there was a blank page to the left and this was on the right:

Then this page followed, and it was blank on the left and this on the right.

So see...after that, we're already at 6 blank pages!  The rest of the pages were filled with who's who, but I don't want to put up all of their names and last names.  I did, however, want to show you a small part of one of the pages.  It was every sentimental item that we used during the ceremony that we wanted everyone to know about. 

Here is a look at all of the flowers that honorary people in the wedding carried or wore.  The boy's boutineers for all of the males looked like this.

The mothers and David's grandmother carried small nosegays. I honestly couldn't tell you what was in these.  I know he used some type of thistle {which I thought was so neat!"  He also used mini/baby pineapples.  I have NEVER seen that done, but both my Mom and Mother in Law came up to me and said, "did you know there are PINEAPPLES in these?!"

Since my grandmother uses a walker, we decided she needed a corsage though.

These were the bridesmaid bouquets.  According to my florist and straight out of our Mississippi Magazine article, "They carried nosegays composed of dolce vita roses, blue, white, and green hydrangeas, and Casablanca lilies."

My little flowergirl carried a pomander and wore a halo of baby's breath in her hair. Wasn't it just perfect to go with her outfit?

This was my bouquet that I carried.  I loved how it was not huge and on the smaller side. According to the florist and also straight out of Mississippi Magazine, "She carried an open-style classic nosegay composed of white roses, white hydrangeas, star of Bethlehem, and ruscus."

The honorary aisles were marked with variations of these.  I. LOVED. THEM!  They were so different and had material that draped all the way to the floor off of them.  These are just a few of the examples.

When you walked into the foyer of the church, there was a round table set up with four different places to sign the guestbook pages that I made for guests to sign.  There was a HUGE flower arrangement display on the table and on the table behind it.

These are the guestbook pages for our wedding scrapbook {that one day I'll actually get around to making}.

The flowers I mentioned earlier were beautiful.  We placed the flowers there in memory of my Grandmama who passed away in April before our June wedding and David's three deceased grandparents.  We also placed them in memory of my Mom's Dad, who many of us, unfortunately, never got the chance to meet.  However, I know there will come a day when we see and meet all of these people one day.  Whether that day will be us meeting them in the air or when we pass away, with the hope of Jesus Christ, we will be reunited one day!  And for that I'm thankful! 

Also on the table were these platters of confetti.  We passed out confetti to all guests to shower us with as we left the church. 

And finally, I want you to see my FAVORITE part of the ceremony decor.  My wedding florist had the idea to create a cross completely out of greenery and flowers.  It turned out BEAUTIFUL!  The base of the cross was so pretty, and it truly was more breathtaking than these photos show.  It was the center of the room flanked by two other arrangements in the choir loft.  Just stunning.

I had every intention of writing about the ceremony today and just ran out of time to get it written.  We have a very busy day today, but I promise tomorrow will be a recap of the official ceremony!  And then comes the party! :)  Thanks for reading today even though it wasn't very interesting!

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