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Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh Happy Day: Part Three

First off, let me just say, if you haven't been to the blog in the past couple weeks, you should check out some older posts, but specifically if you haven't been in the past few days, you might want to check these two posts out:

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Now that I've written what I'm sure is the worst run on sentence ever and provided you with the first two parts of this series that is quickly turning into an all week event, I'll start filling you in on the third part.

Well folks, we've finally made it to THE big day in our wedding weekend recap! 

I have already told you that I have some of the most incredible bridesmaids in the whole wide world!  We were lucky enough to have a friend of ours who let us use his cabin right down from my parents cabin in Starkville for my bridesmaids to stay at.  It's not every day that this crew is all able to get together to see one another and hang out.  Thanks to our family friend, I had my girls right down the street from me which made for a fun evening after the rehearsal dinner.

The morning of June 19, 2010, I walked down the street to meet my hairdresser at the house where we all would be getting ready.  It was just like getting ready at the Chi O house.  I also asked my good friend Rebecca Long, who had photographed the night before, to come early to capture the morning on film. If you need a wedding photographer, she's fantastic!

To start off, I want to show you some of the details that I had made/put together for the gift bags/baskets.

First up were the cute water bottles for the girls.

 All of our guests got welcome bags when they checked in at the hotel.  We included lots of goodies and information about Starkville and Mississippi State.  Here is the bridesmaid's basket.  The girls had one big basket, but guests at the hotel had cute bags.

 Then there were these super cute tags I made for all of the bags and baskets. 

And finally, we included a packet with lots of places to eat and see in Starkville along with directions/addresses to places and schedules for the weekend.  If you know me, you know I'm overly organized and wanted no one to be confused.  I think I even had emergency phone numbers for people to call if they needed anything!

The packet opened with a poem that David wrote himself .  If you watched the video from the other day, you know that David wrote me poems frequently, so I thought it would be cute to write all of our guests a poem!

Because you can't see all of it in this photo due to the Famous Amos Cookies, I thought I'd post it for you:

Welcome to Sara and David’s
Wedding Weekend

Because David wrote Sara a poem
on the night that he proposed,
To write you a short rhyme
was appropriate, we supposed.

Thank you so incredibly much
for being part of our special day.
We hope everything is perfect for you
and that you enjoy your stay!

Enjoy these few little snacks,
because rehearsal dinners are ALWAYS late.
But when it finally does come,
we hope the meal is great!

We pray God gets the glory
as tomorrow’s ceremony takes place
And that it paints a picture
of His unending love and grace.

Thanks for making the journey
to help us celebrate.
As always and forevermore
Hail Dear Old State!

Cheesy, we know!  But at least it was something cute and sweet! Hopefully our guests got a good laugh, and since I can freely admit this on the blog and not have David get mad at me, I wanted it to say something like "Thanks for making the journey as we become one. As always and forevermore GTHTSUN."  Sadly, David wouldn't allow it. His reasoning?  He wasn't explaining to his Grandmother what GTHTSUN meant!  Oh well!

The morning would not have been the same without these girls around!  Their laughter and joking definitely kept me calm and relaxed.  However, I'm pretty sure they were more excited about having a chance to hang out all together rather than being more excited about me getting married!  Kidding!  But I'd wager to bet that it was equal!

I have the most fabulous hairdresser in the world! Her name is Misty and she cuts hair in Starkville.  Before I even got engaged, I had asked Misty to do my hair for when I got married.  She loves me and agreed!  She met us at the house and stayed with us practically all day. The only exception was when she went home to take a shower for the wedding!  When you see my Mom's hair at the wedding {in like 18 days! KIDDING}, it all was because of Misty!  AMAZING!

I'm not really sure how Rebecca caught me with this face, but I love it!

Love my married friend Katherine!

Mary Claire did my Mom's makeup {and mine too}.  So thankful that she was there to do it so perfect!

What would MY wedding be without TWO pairs of shoes?  I wanted BLUE shoes for the wedding, and Mom and I found perfect ones in Las Vegas when we went for Miss America to see Anna last January.  My seamstress then added lace to them from my Mom's wedding dress.  Beautiful and sentimental.  However, you'll see my TWO dresses later, but the blue shoes did NOT look good with it.  So about 2 months before the wedding, we bought me a second pair.  I love them too!  Wish I had another outfit to wear both of these with!

My cool new hair doo!

All of my bridesmaids with me ready to travel into town to finish getting ready!

Mama and me!

 This is the picture of the perfect bridesmaid!  Don't forget the dress, and don't forget the FOOD!

After a morning at the house getting ready, it was finally time to head to the church to become Mrs. David Adams!  I was so nervous on the drive into town that I {gasp} called my groom.  Yep. I know you're not supposed to, but I just needed his reassurance that everything was going to be okay.  Don't hear me wrong.  I never had a doubt in my mind about marrying him.  There were no "cold feet."  I was giddy, nervous, excited, and exhausted all at the same time.  The nausea came from lack of sleep and food and excitement!  I was concerned that things wouldn't get done like I had planned.  Lucky for me, as you'll see tomorrow, I had some of the MOST incredible people who had EVERYTHING under control!  That's all for today!  Check back tomorrow for more!

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  1. This has been so fun to be able to relive this special day again as you Blog about it. Many great memories that came from that weekend and I am so happy for you and David. Many more great memories to come.