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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Getaway Girls Weekend

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And here comes more backtrack blogging!  I want to tell y'all about the fun girl's weekend we had the weekend of May 13-15th.

This coming weekend, I will travel home for my very good friend Laura's wedding.  You may remember Laura from her engagement party--and my recount of how complicated it is that she is marrying someone named David.  I feel the need to specify my David vs her David.

But this blog post is in celebration of Laura's bachelorette party that we took to Seaside, Florida.

The weekend started off with a trip to Starkville to do a little work.  Thursday night, I left Starkville and headed towards Birmingham so I could see my friend Megan and carpool with her.  Since Columbus, MS is conveniently on the way from Starkville to Birmingham, I conspired with my friend Chelsea's mom to meet me for dinner and surprise her!  And surprise we did. She was shocked.  Then she was mad because she had gotten me a super cute petite owl canvas that she wanted to give me.  To which her mom handed her the keys and told her to go grab it out of the car.  Wish I had a photo to show you how cute it is.  I'll have to remember to take one and put it up.  Anyway, after Mexican and frozen yogurt with Chels and her family, I was on my way to Birmingham.

I swear this child could pass for my sister!

Friday morning bright and early, we were off to Seagrove Beach which is near Seaside, Florida.  We arrived to our condo around 11:30am and hit the beach.

The Jackson girls arrived shortly thereafter and a fun, relaxed and chill weekend began.  We hit the beach and enjoyed the most pleasant weather ever.  It was so cool on the beach--that perfect weather where you can't feel the sun blaring down on you, and a nice breeze is coming in off of the water. The water of course was far too cool to jump in, but we did enjoy sticking our toes in!  After an afternoon on the beach, we all headed back up to the condo to get ready for an evening out. A RAINY evening out!

We traveled to downtown Seaside for a little shopping and food.  Next, we went to see Something Borrowed.

This photo is out of order, but they are the cute cookies that Megan made.  See if you can guess what they are!

Doing a little shopping at Seaside.

These have nothing to do with Laura's bachelorette party, but Deja Vu had tickets strung like garland in the window, and I thought it was so very cute!  Wish I had somewhere I needed to recreate this!

On Saturday, we enjoyed another lazy day at the beach.  It was so peaceful and so enjoyable to hang out with some great friends to celebrate Laura and the end of her single life!  But with that end comes an entirely new beginning!  And I'm so excited that Laura will be a married woman with me!  I can't wait for her to experience all of the fun joys that David and I have gotten to experience.  Marriage is such a wonderful gift from the Lord, and I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else.  My husband lifts me up, encourages me, makes me laugh, and is a shoulder to cry on when I'm sad.  He's listened to his fair share of "girl" meltdown and pity parties.  He's endured some really bad and really good cooking.  And he's enjoyed it all--or at least he's acted like it (well minus maybe Lacey's birthday party from the previous post!)  Enough about me and marriage!  I'm so excited for this weekend because it will mean that Laura and David are officially hitched....her David. My David is stuck with me till death do us part!  I love going to weddings because it means we get to celebrate our marriage as well (and nod along with the pastor as he tells them in a last ditch effort to make them understand what they are signing up for--David and I always joke that they aren't hearing any of what he is saying!)  Seriously though...Laura and David, we're so excited for you!

Laura, I'm so excited I was able to hang out with you for your "last" girl trip as a single lady!  Get ready for the incredible journey you're about to begin!  My David and I will be cheering yall along and praying for you fervently in the coming days!  Welcome to (almost) newlyweds!

I'm excited to say that David and I will be headed back to these same condos to celebrate our one year anniversary!  Cannot Wait!  Oh and did I mention that the beach and condo are pet friendly?  Yep!  Lacey is coming too! :)

Love you! For real!  You're going to be a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!

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  1. Love this, such a great recap of a super fun girls weekend. Look forward to seeing you in a few short days. And I am glad that you and David will be coming back to the Condos, I booked another girls weekend trip as well for my Bham girls. Love it.