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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Happy Day: Part Four

What's that you say?  It's Day Four and we're just arriving at the church?!  I know, I know, I know.  But it's because there are SO many pictures and it takes SO long to load all of them.  I've already done more posts than I originally intended to. {duh} But I just don't want to overload you! Plus, it's so much easier to break down the posts into sections, and I have gotten comments and texts about how much everyone loves the pictures!  I've never said this on the blog, but I'm a horrible "journaler" so I've been using the blog as somewhat of a journal to recap our marriage.  I think I'm actually fairly good at keeping you informed about random projects and activities that David and I are doing.  A wedding recap just seems important.  Plus, if you haven't noticed, there are little "tabs" at the top that I've done nothing with.  One says Our Wedding, so I figure I'll link all of these there eventually.  So here we go again for Day Four of Wedding Recaps!

We left off from these previous three in case you want to backtrack to them:

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I've shared with you up to this point photos from Rebecca Long.  She is my amazingly talented friend who we asked to do candids of the event.  She also shot the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Now I want to share with you some photos shot by our "official" photographer, Maggie Phipps.  She's awesome too, and did such an awesome job on our wedding day!  Today's photos were taken by her side photographer Mary Meghan Mabus.  Though not the official photographer, she hung out with the boys.  Can you tell that PHOTOGRAPHY was the MOST important thing to me for my wedding day!  I wanted LOTS of options!  I wound up with TOO many options!

This is right after my handsome groom arrived at the church.  I called him on my way to the church like I told you yesterday.  We had decided to do photos beforehand and I had told him to be ready in his tux at 10:30 to take photos.  Well at 10:15am, I called him en route to the church with my hair pinned in curls and my make up not finished.  I told him to take his time because there was no way we'd start on time for pictures.  {Imagine that!} 

Since I wasn't in the room with the boys, I can only guess what they are saying/doing. I'm sure I'm way off, but just wanted to provide you with some entertainment as you "read" through this set of photos.

Our good friend Tanner, who knew both of us separately prior to us starting dating looks as though he is the lookout post in this photo.

And his fiance {now wife} who was a big help the day of, was helping him!

One by one, all of David's guys arrived to keep him company before the beginning of pictures.  We were talking about wedding things.  I feel certain the guys were discussing the World Cup, Omaha, and Wimbledon.

At this point, I feel certain that Mr. John (aka Father in Law) had just told everyone a funny Beverly Hillbilly joke about marriage.  Hence the laughter on his face.

David did tell me that the guys didn't realize Mary Meghan was in the room with them for a little bit which resulted in them beginning to change clothes and realizing it.  I feel certain this is when Simon realized she was on the other side of the room!

Now it was time for my groom to get ready.  I love the serious look on his face. Guess he had something important to do that day!

I really love this man!

Seriously?  How cute is he! :)

And one by one, the other guys began to get dressed too.  I will say, though they look happy in most of these pics, I'm not sure one of them was excited about wearing a tux! :)

"How on EARTH does this thing work?"

"I have absolutely no clue man!"

"Guys, come on...I'm already dressed!  It's like this."

"What? I don't know man...this looks tricky!"

"Oh! Like this!"

And John is laughing at everyone!

"Don't mind his laughter Mr. John.  I can show you how it works!"

"Well, at least that's how I made mine work?  I'm not sure what is wrong with yours?"

Time for the wedding director to pin on the final touches!

At which point I know for a FACT that she was saying, "Now David, you know all of those stories you've heard about waiting on a woman?  This is just the beginning of you waiting on a woman!"

Getting some final instructions from the wedding director!

My brother, Daniel, was late to the tying tie party.

Mr. John is definitely explaining to the boys how imperative it is that they follow the directions that have been given to them.  He's also demanding that they don't allow any shenanigans from each other.  In case you were wondering, he's telling them he will let me beat them up if they mess any part of the day up.  Either that or he was explaining the importance of deodorant on this important day.  You take your pick.

Whatever he was explaining, his other son Jesse is either terrified or confused!  I'm going with terrified of his new sister in law coming to beat him up should he "act up!"

Jesse is leading everyone in his rendition of "Maroon, White, Fight, Fight, Fight! Mississippi State...WOO!"

Everyone ignored him though.

And while this post is mainly about a handsome fellow {my groom!} and how his morning getting ready went while he was patiently waiting on me to have perfect hair, make up, dress, and veil for an hour longer than scheduled, it wouldn't be complete without talking about someone else.

This handsome guy who happens to be my incredible brother, did not tie 1 tie.  He tied 3 ties.  He had to tie the program attendants {my cousins Hayden and Levi who are really more like nephews to us both} ties. As you can tell, this tie looks a wee bit short on him.

But it's just right for this little man.

And for this one too!

Just look at that handsome guy!  Moments before he saw me!  I cannot believe how relaxed he looks!
So Day 4 wraps up the guys getting ready.  And that's how you fill a blog with 49 photos in one post! :)  Hope you lasted until the end.  I'll be filling up a post tomorrow with me getting ready.  Somehow my bridesmaids managed to escape most of the photos of my getting ready.  I think it's because we were in different rooms!

And I promise!  On Day 6, you'll see some photos of the two of us together! :)  Get excited!

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