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Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Happy Day: Part Seven

Hooray! Get so excited!  For today, today is the day that you get to meet some VERY special people in our lives!  These are the people that contributed to making the day wonderfully amazing!  And you need to take note on all of them!  Why, you ask?  Because they are important!  They are the people that made the day a success. They are the people who committed to pray for us every day for the rest of their lives and ours.  THEY are the people we couldn't have gotten married without!  So as you would see in a play script, we're going to meet the "Cast of Characters!"

But before I go there, you know {if you've been reading the past week} that I like to give all of the previous links.  So here they are:

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Make sure you're caught up before starting today's post.  I honestly NEVER in a million years thought we would make it this far. Can you BELIEVE that I've posted a blog every day for an entire week??!  That is crazy to me!  And loads has been happening since before that time including an anniversary celebration.  Needless to say, I've got some MAJOR backtracking to do as soon as we make it to the end of this Anniversary Wedding Recap.  I'm having so much fun doing it! Hopefully you still are too!

Before that...here's a quick recap:

This is the love of my life:

He makes me happier than anyone else on the face of this earth!

And we are spending the rest of our lives together in love and glorifying Jesus.  And this is just the recap of the beginning!

So let's jump right in!  LOTS of people to introduce you to today!  We'll start with David's guys.  His men.  His compadres.  They are the men that have walked with him through life and supported him.  They have helped mold him into the man he is today.  I'm sure that David would have all kinds of funny stories to tell you at this point, BUT I'm not David, so I'll again do my best.  Just know, this will be coming from the bride.

The boys wore black tuxes with ivory shirts and black vests.  Sounds like an easy decision, right?  Wrong.  I changed the guys tuxes not one, not two, but THREE times!  Yes, three. I was indecisive.  Finally I called my wonderful maid of honor who lives 12 hours away.  She told me to drive to Tupelo and let our dear friend and bridesmaid Katherine help me pick them out.  So I did.  We went to dinner and then we went to the tux place.  We walked in, I picked the two up I was debating on and the ivory shirt and Katherine said, "why don't you go with that one."  And it was done.  And that's all it took. Sometimes, you just need a friend to make the decision! 

In typical boy fashion, the boys are waiting around for direction...

Meet important person Number 1....Maggie Phipps aka Photographer Extraordinaire. She's not only responsible for these photos, but she can whip these boys into shape and tell them exactly where to be.

See what I mean?  Aren't they a handsome looking group of guys?

Whoops.  When you change poses, you lose their focus again!  All except my brother Daniel in the middle. Just had to brag on him for a second!

But look how good they look!

And we lost them again...

These guys are really good at following directions apparently.  I'm so glad she got photos of them cutting up though.  That's so their personality.

And now for the individual breakdown of the guys.  I first introduced you to them at the rehearsal, but I want to tell you a little more about them.

First up is David's Dad and my Father in Law, John.  He was David's best man.  In thinking about who David wanted to chose for his best man, I'm not sure he really had to think.  Mr. John has been by David's side since day one.  What more could you ask for?  Needless to say, David is really thankful for him.  I'm so thankful for him as well.  He is so patient and wise.  I'm so thankful for the model he has shown David throughout his life in how to love a woman.  Mr. John and Mrs. Patti have been married for almost 30 years and you can tell that they still love each other as much now, if not more, than then.  I am also so thankful for his guidance that he has given David in navigating big life decisions.  He's definitely David's best man in life.

Next up is Jesse, David's brother.  Oh Jesse, Jesse, Jesse.  Jesse loves everything about life. I've never met a more social guy at MSU then Jesse.  Someone came up to me the other day {I honestly can't remember who} and said, "every time I see Jesse in the Union, he always has a different girl around. He's always covered up with girls."  I can honestly say that if I were his age, I'd be in the Union with him all the time too.  This kid cracks me up. I'll save the stories, but David and I often joke that we cannot wait for his rehearsal dinner.  Prepare yourself Jesse--we're not holding anything back!  {he won't read the blog--someone tell him that!}

Next up is John.  John is in Seminary now.  He and David met when they got to college.  All I know is that John is "Tractor Jam" in David's cell phone.  Inside joke? I think.  John had the privileged of living with David in college. He told me at the rehearsal dinner that he never thought David would meet a girl who would marry him. Haha! Thanks John!

This is my brother, Daniel.  He's amazing. He's super smart.  I've known him my whole life, and like he said at the dinner, I think he's excited about having an older brother.

Next up is Rusty.  Love this guy a bunch.  David was his BSU Small group leader when we were seniors.  Awesome guy who would do anything for anyone.

This is Andy.  He is in Seminary too. But Andy is going to be a music minister.  Actually he'll be a music minister in about two months or so.  You'll hear more about him and his vocal abilities soon in the wedding recap.  However, I would get in trouble if I didn't tell you that he was David's third friend in life...or something like that?  Andy was David's roommate in college for three years.

This is Michael. He and David have been friends since like middle school. Even though they went to separate colleges, they remained close.  In the little time that I've gotten to spend around Michael, I've really enjoyed getting to know him.  Even though he and his now wife live far away, we see them when they come visit Memphis!

And this, oh THIS, is the one and only Tanner!  He's the one that did our wedding rehearsal dinner video.  And he's awesome.  He is unique in that he knew us both separately before we started dating.  I met Tanner as a freshman in Calculus.  Tanner asked me to tutor him! Haha!  He knew David all through college and needless to say was excited when we started dating.

And now you need to meet the ushers...

This is Simon.

Here's Brandon.

And Bryant.

Now it's on to the girls!  I seriously have the BEST girl friends in the world!  Unfortunately, there are not a ton of photos of the girls before the wedding ceremony.  Luckily there are plenty more for posts to come. However, I did want to put up all of the photos I do have.

Here are the girls with their beautiful bouquets in their pretty dresses.  The dresses came from Christine's Couture just like my dress. I loved them. I remember walking in from outside taking photos with David and seeing their dresses. They were such a beautiful color of blue in the church.  Since they were taffeta, they picked up the beautiful color of blue all throughout the room.

By the way, this is my Maid of Honor of the left and Katherine on the right.  The two responsible for the tux decision!

You can see the beautiful color of blue in their dresses in this picture. Aren't they all just beautiful.  For those of you who know me, you know I like for everything to match.  So they all did wear the same shoes.  If you know me, you also know that these shoes were probably cheap!  They were!  Target for $16 and free shipping. Can't beat that!  I own a pair too.  They are just too great for wedding shoes.  However, I'll be the first to tell you they become super uncomfortable.  Make sure you stay tuned for the reception recap to see my gift to them!

When it came time to take pictures, we all began to gather on the stage.

And here I am with all of my best friends.  There really aren't words to describe these girls.  They have seen me through ups and downs. Mountains and valleys.  Wind and rain.  Enough with the literary comparisons.  You get my point.  All of them have taught me something about laughter, patience, love, friendship, and life.  They've spoken truth in my life even when I didn't want to hear it.  They knew what they were signing up for when I asked them to be in my wedding.  I'm not kidding when I say that David and I asked them to stand beside us, but commit to pray for us for the rest of their lives. And trust me when I say, we'll do the same with our lives.  Like Paul says in the New Testament "We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers." 1 Thess 1:2  I'm praying that God will spur them onward as they live out the call He has placed in their lives.  For many of them, that looks different. He's called them all to so many things, but I am so thankful for their investment in me. I pray that they can say the same for me.

You have to admit--are they not the most beautiful group of girls you've ever seen?

Let me introduce you to them individually.  First up is my Maid of Honor Bethany.  I couldn't think of anyone better to be my Maid of Honor.  She has been my best friend since we were freshmen in college. We met sitting at Junior Miss in Meridian the summer after our senior year of high school.  However, it wasn't until our first week at Mississippi State during rush that we sat under the big tent outside the houses waiting on our roommates to get done that we just "clicked."  Bethany has encouraged me in my walk with the Lord in ways beyond what I could ever describe.  She really has seen me at my worst and at my best.  And you know what?  She's stood by me through it all.  I don't get to see her very much now, but when we do see each other, it is the SWEETEST time ever!  Beth is loving on some little kids at her top secret job! :)  Kidding.  Just know she works with little kids and loves on them and their families as an employee at Disney World!  She has the opportunity to show Christ to people from all over the United States as well as the world.  Pretty cool to think about. 

This is Anna, and we knew each other before coming to MSU.  She and I lived together for FOUR years in the dorm and Chi O house, and it was some of the best memories ever.  Don't get me wrong, I love living with David, but this girl and I just have some special memories AND inside jokes!  She's an incredible singer and has a beautiful heart for the Lord.  We have shared many, many frustrations and joys with boys.  That was one of the best parts of the dorm.  It was a slumber party ALMOST every night.  Not so much when I had a Cal 4 test or she had a project due about some relational thing.  But most nights!  So thankful for her friendship.  Anna is on her way to a masters in English {probably a fancier name, but that's all I know}.  She wants to teach at the collegiate level one day, but is also open to whatever God calls her to!

This is my Katherine!  Oh my Katherine!  I met Katherine on bid day.  We actually have a photo of it.  This girl makes me laugh all of the time, and her laughter is infectious.  She has been SUCH a help in this journey of weddings and marriage.  I tell her frequently I'm not sure what she did being one of the first to get married of our friends.  There have been many freak out moments in wedding planning and marriage that's she's had to calm me down from.  She's wonderful, and she always can make my day better.  So glad God brought her to me!  She is a teacher and that is definitely where God is using her to love on some little kids who might or might not get it at home.  She's incredible at what she does and is ALWAYS looking for new ways to improver her skill.  Crazy girl just started her masters degree AND National Boards.  Praying her through that one now!

This is my Megan.  I met Megan when we were freshmen going through rush.  She is the most outgoing, unafraid person that I know.  In fact, she walked up to me at rush because she saw my nametag and where I was from.  After asking me if I knew some people that she did, we hit it off.  She didn't know a soul at MSU, and I was just happy to have someone that talked as much as I did!  I don't think a day went by that I didn't plop on her bed in the Chi Omega house and let her tell me I could make it through this crazy college degree.  She by far has the greatest gift of encouragement that I have EVER known, and I hope that in the short time I've known her that I've gleemed a little of that characteristic from her.  She works with youth at her church and in an urban area of her city.  That is her mission field, and I know it's one that God is using her faithfulness to further his kingdom.

Meet Kate!  Kate is like the little sister I never had.  She's two years younger than I am, but WISE beyond her years.  We met as Orientation Leaders for Mississippi State, and I instantly loved Kate.  After Orientation we went our separate ways until one day we ran into each other on the Drill Field.  I told her we should get coffee, she agreed, and over the next semester we got to know each other well along a not so fun path for her.  God did a work in Kate's heart, and as much as I'd like to take the credit, it was ALL God.  After a time of discipleship and me saying some not so fun truth in love things to her, we graduated to an accountability friendship like one I've never experienced before.  We lived together the year before we both got married, and what a sweet, sweet time it was for the two of us.  She is off in seminary with her hubby now, and I am so in love with her heart as a woman of God!  Currently she is working with her hubby at a church near their seminary with youth girls.  I wish I could have been a part of the teaching that she is taking them through as a junior high or high school student.

And THIS is the sister that I never had for real!  We even get to share the same last name now!  This is David's little sister Danielle.  She just graduated from high school and will be headed to State in the fall.  Though I was terribly intimidated of her for the first couple of years that I knew her {lame-o, I know}, I truly feel like I now am getting the sister I never had.  I'm jealous in a good way of her being a freshmen at Mississippi State.  And though I said I would never help with Move In Day at MSU ever again, I'm pretty sure I'll be there helping her as every good sister should!  The date is marked on my calendar!  I can't wait to see the impact that she is going to have on my Alma Mata for the kingdom of the Lord as she walks it in the fall as a freshman.

And this is Brittany.  She is my sounding board. We both love all things Mississippi State, Maroon and White, Bulldogs, and OWLS!  She often calls or emails me with any of the above finds, and I do the same for her.  She is a faithful and dedicated blog reader even if she never comments, and one day I can't wait for her to start a blog.  I met Brittany my freshman year on Freshmen Forum.  She thought I talked too much and was engaged.  Little did she know that I was NOT engaged and one day she'd be standing at my wedding.  I seriously couldn't ask for a better friend then her.  Our friendship is the easy kind.  The kind that you don't have to work at, and the kind that you know no matter what you say, she'll still love you anyway.  So blessed by the encouragement and prayer warrior that she has been in my life!  Brit is involved with and leads a small group of women through her church, and is a blessing to so many through that.  She pays attention to every detail, and I know makes them feel so loved!

So as I was

So, after noticing that there were only 7 photos with bridesmaids on my wedding CD {which I'm really upset about and have emailed my photographer about}, I realized that my friend LAURA was missing.  Yes, I'm sad to report that I do not have a photo with just Laura and I.  How terrible of a mistake is that?  Don't worry, I'm sure my photographer will fix this mistake because I KNOW Laura and I took a photo together.  So until I get it, this photo from her wedding will just have to do for now.  My friend Laura and I met when we were freshmen living on the same floor of the dorm.  We lived about 15 minutes apart throughout high school and had never met.  Laura's claim to fame in my family is being the fashion queen.  My mom calls her with all of her fashion questions! Haha!  Obviously, you can tell she just got married this summer.  Laura is funny, sarcastic, and she always keeps me laughing!  She has that sense of humor that you just love and always want to be around.  And she is insanely creative!  She hand created the earrings that I am wearing below.  You should check out her website.  She and her fashionista self has some really cool vintagy and fun jewelry. However, her day job is working in the classroom helping kids pass the Biology state test.  Yes, my friend Laura has a mission field all to herself in that one.  I know she's making an impact for the kingdom just by her actions in the classroom!

And now it's time for everyone...

Needless to say, these are not my favorite photos from the day.  I didn't want the extremely posed photos which is the reason I went with the photographer I did.  I'm so glad these aren't my only pictures with my wedding party.  The best photos with them have yet to come!  You'll see those soon!  I promise!

Take a look at these awesome girls though.  They were babysitting my flower girl.

And speaking of my flower girl, I think it's high time you meet her!  This is my cousin Sydney.  She was born when I was a freshman in college, and honestly, she's more like a niece than a cousin.  Until she came along, I was the only girl grandchild on both sides of the family which is good for the most part.  But I'm so thankful she came along.  When she was born I announced to my family, "YAY! My flower girl is here!"  She is like the little niece I don't have yet.  You know the one you get to spoil rotten!  This is her in her cute flowergirl dress.

Look familiar?

In case you can't tell, this is 1. Me and 2. The same exact dress my cousin Syd has on.  I wore it when I was a little older than her in my Aunt's wedding, who happens to be her Mom. I think I was like 7.  To add to the specialness of it, my Mother hand sewed the dress which included smocking.  I absolutely love this dress, and it will be added to my hope chest eventually.

My Dad said we had told him that Syd was going to wear this dress, but nothing prepared him for seeing her in it.  He said he knew she'd have it on, but when she came around the corner looking like I did when I was a little girl and wearing the same dress I wore on her Mom's wedding day, he almost lost it.  Daddy!  He of course didn't tell me this. My Mom did...when I got home from my honeymoon.  Apparently he thought I should be back in that little girl dress twirling and spinning around like Syd.

I'm so thankful for this little girl, even if my friend Katherine had to babysit her all day.  Did I mention that Katherine teaches first grade?

And now it's time for you to meet my program and guest book attendants.  Oh how thankful I was for these girls!  You've already met Whitney.  She's the Where's Waldo friend.  Here she is putting lipstick on me.  She kept them in her pocket all day long and would come put lipstick on me whenever I ran out. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have had any lipstick after 11:30am.

Did I mention that she also kept my Mom's lipstick in her pocket and did the same thing for her.  So grateful!

These are my three girls!  Mary Claire, Whitney, and Allison.

This is Allison.  I got to know her when I was her DNow leader her Senior year of high school at FBC Brandon.  I LOVE this girl!  She may be about four years younger then me, but she keeps me laughing all of the time.  She seriously knows how to be a friend to everyone!  We had many coffee dates at Starbucks which were meant to be discipleship appointments for us.  However, Allison taught me so much about life during those times.  I hope I taught her something during that time.  She told me I did.  Definitely needed her giving and sweet spirit around me that day!  Love her!

And here's Whit.  While you know about her giving heart, you don't know how I met her.  I met her our freshmen year of college in our dorm.  Whit was the person who would always invite you along to whatever or wherever they were going.  I often tell her that her Mother in Law and my Mom were praying for the same person when their children went off to college, they just didn't know it.  My Mom for good friends for me and his Mom for a spouse for him.  Whit was one in the same, and I'm so blessed by her friendship!

And Mary Claire.  Mary Claire and I met our freshmen year at some point in the dorm.  However, little did we know that we shared the nursery at Women's Hospital together two nights in April when we were born.  Yep!  There are less than 12 hours difference between the two of us, and our Mom's were great church friends which made it all the funnier that somehow we found each other as 18 year olds.  We were simply separated at birth! 

Next up are my cousins Levi and Hayden.  They are Sydney's brothers and they simply never smile in photos! I often joke with them that they don't know how to smile!

I'm quite surprised that Levi is smiling in these pictures.  I stopped the photographer in the middle of these and told them if they didn't smile...er...well never mind. I won't tell you what I told them.  Honestly, I don't remember what I told them.  BUT, the following pictures resulted from it. And they are priceless!

We clearly all thought it was funny!  Love these boys!  They handed out programs during the prelude to guests.

While the next people aren't in our wedding party, they are no less important.  In fact, they are equally important if not more.  Without them the day never would have happened.  David and I might not be married.

Let me start by introducing you to my TWO wedding directors Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Paula.  Both of these ladies are incredible!  I will never, ever know or understand how hard they worked to pull off this day.  I could not be more thankful for two exceptionally organized women who also wanted to see God be glorified on this day!

And this is our Pastor Brother Scott.  He is the pastor at Crosspoint and neither one of us could see anyone else marrying us.  We both joined Crosspoint as students at MSU and felt like Scott knew us both on a personal level.  He has continued to encourage us even after June 19, 2010 and we are so grateful for that.  He definitely didn't let his job end after this day, and we are thankful for the investment he has made and continues to make in our lives!

We were blessed to have not one pastor, but two as a part of our special day.  This is Mr. Mike and Mrs. Teresa.  They are long time family friends, and you may remember the photo of Mrs. Teresa and I from the rehearsal.  They mean so much to my family, and I know David has enjoyed getting to know them as much as they have enjoyed getting to know him.  Mr. Mike delivered the welcome and the prayer time which you'll hear more about when we recap the ceremony.

This is Deanna.  How she avoided all of the photos, I'm not really sure.  She is married to David's groomsman Andy and did so much to help me out on that day.  From making sure my hair was placed right and bringing food and water to us, her love and generosity didn't go unnoticed. 

This is the only photo I have of Marianne, but you will recognize her name as my bridal proxy from my rehearsal.  Marianne came early to help as well and spent most of the day straightening out my dress for photos which is probably why this is the only photo I have of her on this day.  Never the less, I'm so thankful that she was there to help!

And here are my musicians.  That's Garrett, Chris, Andy, and...

and Mark

These guys had such a challenge to fulfill as you will see when we get to the ceremony part of our recap.  My love for music and organization resulted in six musicians all taking part.  Oh and a ballerina.  But we'll get to her later.  I couldn't be more grateful for all of their hard work and preparation.  David couldn't be more grateful too.  While he doesn't care as much as I do about the music, he wanted nothing more than for it to be just like I'd envisioned it.

This is my Aunt Jane.  Except she's not really my aunt.  But I've called her Aunt Jane my whole life.  She was once my Mom's college roommate and has been a special part of my life ever since I was born.  To this day, she still sends me birthday cards.  She played the piano in my Mom and Dad's wedding 30 years ago, and I wanted her to do the same for mine.  You'll see what she played when we recap the ceremony.  So glad she came all the way from Texas for the big day!

And here's my ballerina:

And finally, I wanted to leave you with some candids of the bridal party.  I just love candids because you can tell so much in the expression.

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know who is who in our wedding party!  We sure do love all of you guys above a bunch!

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  1. Loved getting to stand by your side and be apart of such a special and God filled day. Thank you for letting it be so special and for making us feel so valued. Loves.