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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh Happy Day: Part Fifteen

We made it!  Can you believe it?  I'm so excited to share with you all the FINAL blog post on our wedding recap!  It has been a long journey to get here, but I'm so thankful that I'll have this to look back on whenever I want.  Now if I could just get that wedding album process rolling along!  

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Today, I want to show you all of the big events that happened at our reception that led up to us leaving for our honeymoon!  

After we had shook shaken shooken a few hands and gotten some great big hugs, it was time to cut the cakes.  Actually, it was more like every single person that came up to us would ask, "when are y'all going to cut that chocolate cake?!"  So we decided it was time and that we needed to go ahead and do it.  Actually, I think Mrs. Beverly came through the line and said "when are y'all going to cut that chocolate cake?"  Then she came through a second time and said, "okay, for real...go cut the cake."  Then she came through a third time and said, "go cut the cake right now!"  Then she came through a fourth time and said, "the sooner you cut the cake, the sooner you can leave to go on your honeymoon."  Then she came through in a last effort and said, "seriously, if you don't go cut the cake, I'm going to go cut the cake."  Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to taste it before anyone else, we obliged. 

Okay, so really it didn't happen that way!  But she did come through twice.  We just obliged on the second time!  It didn't take MUCH arm twisting to get us to cut the YUMMY cake!

Now you see, I've never cut a cake like this before.  Honestly, if you come to my house, and I've made dessert, everyone gets to serve themselves.  I hate serving cake or any other dessert.  So to add to the fact that I've never cut a five tier cake, much less a two tier cake, no one explained to us in advance HOW to do it.  Looking back now, I'm pretty sure we completely did it wrong.  I know we didn't pause for the camera, and I'm not sure we kissed at the end of it.  We probably held the servers wrong too.  But don't judge.  Do YOU know how to cut a cake the right way?  I didn't think so!

Finally we gave up and I used both pieces to get it out.  It's dang hard to do it with two people's hands!

Yummy white chocolate pound cake!  I can honestly say, up to this point, this was the best cake I'd ever tasted!  It had kind of a whipped cream texture icing inside that was to die for.  Of course, I didn't remember this until we cut into our one year cake topper {to come in a later post}. But it was great!

Our Mom's watched too.  Funny story that I didn't know until about a month ago.  My Mom looked at my Dad and said, "hurry Checky! They are about to cut the cake! We've got to go watch."  My Dad looked at her and said, "I'm not going to watch them cut cake!  I don't care anything about them cutting cake. I'm going to visit with my friends that I don't ever get to see!"  So, that's why Mom is watching us cut cake alone!

Mrs. Patti was watching us with her sister.

Next it was time for the groom's cake.  I think this photo is priceless.  I'm telling you, neither one of us know how to cut a cake!

But it didn't matter because we succeeded in getting some on the plate!

And feeding each other the first bites of the MOST INCREDIBLE cake I've EVER tasted!  To this day!

After visiting with guests and listening to our great band, it was time for the Chi Omegas to sing Shades.  I didn't realize this when we were singing, but the girls chose to wear their sunglasses or "shade" in honor of the song!

In the shades of evening

 David thinks it's funny to sing along.  You can see him humming below.  I always tell him not to because it is a Chi Omega song just for Chi Omega ladies.  But he always says--"well y'all shouldn't sing it so gosh dang much!"  One day, after we're all married, he'll never hear it.  But until then, he'll complain because we sing it at almost every wedding we go to!

I love that David's Aunt Carol was there and was able to sing.  They live in the Middle East right now so it was a treat that they were able to attend.  I was honored that she chose to sing with us.

Next up was the bouquet toss.  These photos almost speak for themselves.  Please watch with me!  First of all, look at them teaching Sydney bad things!

And this is me turning around to throw it to one girl in particular!  Can you guess who?

Yep!  Anna!  But please don't miss everyone's expressions in these photos! {by the way, I was right! She was the next to get engaged, even if Laura and Jessica were married before her!}

Love this photo! :)

Wasn't that the greatest bouquet toss EVER?!  It was so good, let's watch it again, but from a different angle!

I love those pictures!  And I LOVE this girl!  Cannot wait to be in your wedding in November!

Next up was the garter toss.  I thought this would be awkward, but I really didn't feel like everyone was staring at us so it wasn't. 

Love this mid air photo!

And finally, it was time to leave!  We were so excited when we found out that we could rent this because we were employees of the University and the event was on campus!  I'm so glad we asked about it.  Mississippi State University owns a Model A Ford car.  It's called the Cowbell Cruiser and was donated a couple of years ago.  We couldn't have picked a better ride to leave in.

This is my Dad's favorite photo! It's like Mom is saying, check this one off of my to do list! It's done!

We were elated to be leaving in the Cowbell Cruiser, however, when David called about the car, the lady said, "now dresses in the 20s weren't as long as they are now so you'll need to check with your bride and make sure it's not too long."  When David asked me, I was quick to say, we'll be fine, I promise!  Of course he had NO idea that my dress was two pieces and the skirt came off to make a cocktail dress. So it worked PERFECTLY!

And what would an exit be without cowbells?  While the guests had min cowbells, I painted big cowbells for us to ring!  Because I had to ring cowbells with everyone else!


It truly was a perfect day, and the most special day of our lives.  We couldn't have asked for anything to have been better or different!  Thank you to everyone who made this day so special and wonderful!  We are blessed beyond measure and so thankful!

And they lived happily ever after!


I'm taking a few days off away from the blog in case you were wondering!  So it will be a little while, but when I come back, I'll have many things to catch you up on! I'm sure you're dying to know about our one year anniversary now! I promise THAT won't take15 posts to tell you about!

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  1. I love the last picture! It's one you will show your grandkids! And also, Aaron and I were totally clueless about how to cut our cakes too!! It makes me feel better that yall were the same way! hahaha