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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Fun Finds {7/22/11}

My sister-in-law, Danielle, has been spending some much needed and relaxing time with me in Starkville this week. She's been welcomed company, and I've had so much fun getting to spend time with her.  It has been fun showing her around and getting into the freshman mood again.  I've been attempting to get her acclimated to Starkville so she can hit the ground running in August.  You know, just making sure she knows the usual.  Places to eat, places to shop, hair salons, nail salons, what more could a girl need?  Oh, I did show her where to buy her books!  That counts for something.  And I did ask her if she needed me to show her where her classes were.  She said she knew already.  So I showed her where to shop instead!
Every year when August rolls around, I enter into a depressed state.  Despite everyone's best efforts around me to remind me that I have so much to be thankful for, it is SO hard to not desire to want to be a freshman again.  To do it all over.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change much.  But the thought of being able to move back into the Chi Omega house and roam the campus of Mississippi State to my heart's content entices me every time.  

My home away from home for so many years....

Thankfully this year, I can live vicariously through my sister in law!  I've never had a sister, so it is so much fun hanging out with her and getting to do sister things.   She will be headed through rush this fall at MSU, and I cannot wait to walk with her through it. No matter which she chooses, there is going to be a sorority that is going to be really lucky to have her.  I hope she has so much fun meeting new people and making new friends, and for once I cannot WAIT for move in day!  Let the sweating 200 liters begin.  Cannot wait!  I. am. pumped!

I have zero photos with Danielle from this week, so I thought I'd share one from Pickwick since we'll be there soon!

And this one is from wedding season. 

Danielle and I have been busy preparing for football season yesterday.  We traveled to Campus Bookmart across from the BSU, The Lodge, Barnes and Noble, and Campus Bookmart downtown before finding her a True Maroon tshirt.  This tshirt, for those of you who don't know, is a staple in any Bulldog's closet.  A must have.  Every year, there is a tshirt done by the Student Association to raise money for the Red Cross.  Everyone buys it and wears it throughout the year.  This year, they feature Jack--the retired voice of the Bulldogs.  And I'm proud to say that after four stops, Danielle is the proud owner of said tshirt in her correct size!  Yay!
So in honor of football season being 41 days away from this very moment, I wanted Friday Fun Finds to reflect our football team and the winning tradition we have!  That's right, in 41 days, my hubby and I will be hanging out at the Liberty Bowl watching MSU gear up for a Thursday night victory over the U of M.  University of Memphis that is!

Fridays Fun Find today is the Golden Days videos put out by the University!  I love these videos, and if you haven't seen them, take a moment and make sure you watch them.  They are wonderful!  It's so good that the Golden Egg is home where it should stay!

Installment #1: Engraving Day

Installment #2: Egg Bowl meets the Gator Bowl

Installment #3: Spring Training

Installment #4: Community Service

And to end Friday Fun Finds for today, I heard a great story from the SEC meeting in Destin. 

"The SEC rented out a restaurant  for all coaches and Athletic Directors to eat supper one of the nights.  Mullen and the crew along with Strickland were eating near Ole Miss.   Strickland told the waiter that we wanted to pick up the Ole Miss bill.  When everybody finished the Ole Miss group minus Houston Nutt came over to the State table.  They said thanks.  Mullen looked at them and said we have been eating your lunch for the last several years, the least we can do is buy your supper.  True story from one of the individuals there."

And in case anyone forgot, this year we have a Black Bear to look forward to on the sidelines of the TSUN games.  Man, oh man, I can't wait to watch some Ole Miss football with David.  He always likes to hear the "very nice things" I have to say about their team!

So excited it's only 41 days away! Hope you enjoyed today's Friday Fun Find!

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  1. Most definetly a FUN FIND! I had never seen any of those videos! Thanks for sharing!!
    Christopher and I just laughed and laughed and then I saw a kid that I knew (my old bosses son)! It was hilarious! And the quote from the SEC meeting has me rolling! I love it!!