"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Monday, November 1, 2010


Is it really November? To commemorate four and a half months of marriage (almost), I thought I'd recap some things we've done since right before marriage.  It seems like yesterday that it was June 1st. I had just come back from the most amazing girls weekend get-away. It started with a scavenger hunt around MSU and finished with a GRAND weekend with the girls in Fairhope, AL. 

We began putting final touches on the wedding. (wow...that seems like it was yesterday). And before we knew it, we were riding off into the sunset, barely escaping the rain and headed towards Birmingham. Next stop Atlanta and then St. Lucia (scroll to bottom for honeymoon pictures).

What a fabulous wedding weekend and honeymoon it was!  A week in paradise with my best friend.  Does it get any better?

We spent the first month of being newlyweds in David's college apartment. Little London 55. For those of you that have been there (or lived there), you know it's definitely a college guy pad.  I didn't even attempt to unpack anything.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I had taken a picture of the set up.  Live and learn!  Picture or not, we will always have a funny memory about our first "place."  

After a month of marriage, we joined David's family on the annual Pickwick family vacation. Since this year commemorated the 20th year trip, we had cute red t-shirts made. I haven't been around for all 20 trips (that marks trip #3 for me), but I can't wait for many more.

 We spent some time babysitting our favorite Loving family kiddos. Ahem...hoping we'll get to do that again soon!  (but not this weekend....it's MISTLETOE in Jackson!  Woohoo!)

We put everything we owned in climate controlled storage and began to trust God on which way we should go. Not that we weren't trusting before, but it was clear to us He wanted us to stay put and quit forcing leaving Starkville.  Happy to stay put until He tells us to move.

 I tackled my first Do-It-Yourself project by repainting a microwave cart red. And various other DIY crafts have followed (picture frame, fall wreath)

We attended Miss Mississippi to watch Anna give up her crown and a 3rd MSU Chi Omega crowned in five years! (*snaps!)

We saw the start of football season which has eventually led to a 7-2 record along with the promise of a bowl game for the first time since 2007 and only the second since 1999.

And of course with football season has come lots and lots of Captain Rodney's Dip. To the point of me being sick of making it (but you totally should make it tonight!)

Our friend Tanner got married at the beginning of October (and I've yet to blog about it). Consider it blogged about!

 Love this pic of TC. He probably just blinked, but it was right as Emily was coming down the steps towards him. Just think it's neat.

Hope you'll take time and click some of those links if you haven't read all of our blog entries.  Most of them are good and it took me a long time to find all of the links.  Whatever you do, don't fail to read this one as I had a BUNCH of people come up to me at the football game and tell me how much they enjoyed reading it. Okay, you really don't have to read it, but it's a list of 21 things I've learned since marriage.  Meant to go back and add a 22nd item. The time it takes to do laundry has tripled. But I think every married woman knows that!  

Also, I'm very happy to report, my grocery bill on Friday was $52 for $120 of groceries. For those of you who are sick of hearing about that one, I'm sorry.  For those of you who haven't heard, celebrate with me! :)

Is it really November already?  Wow!  I'm so glad I get to make fun memories with the most wonderful man on the planet. Who refuses to write a blog post. Maybe one day he'll grace you with his humor!

I must end this blog post now. My mom is going to get mad at me and tell me it's too long.  Actually, she probably didn't make it this far!  Comment if you did Mom.  


  1. i made it but whew! obvious that i taught you how to talk! at least you can write because of your dad!

  2. Love love love your post...No matter how long...We need your source for coupons...I don't find ones for things I use..

  3. Haha! Thanks Mrs. Debbie! It's couponmom.com. She has sites to go to and print coupons. Also sites that let you upload coupons to your Kroger card (Cellfire and Shortcuts). Then tutorials on sale items.

  4. Loving keeping up with the Adams!