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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Colors

Because I haven't blogged enough this week (HA--catch the sarcasm) and because it looks like THIS outside my back door:

And like this looking to the right out my front door:
And looking up outside my front door:

For the reasons mentioned above, I decided it was time to buy a fall wreath make a fall wreath. Let me clarify. Buying a wreath equates to approximately $50-$100. If you read my post from earlier this week (and you should--here), you know we're on a strict budget. And since it's the 28th of the month, I don't have money left in my budget to BUY a fall wreath.  So what do you do when you can't buy one?  MAKE ONE!  So I started searching the Do It Yourself Blog world and found the CUTEST one at Thrify Decor Chick. Oh my goodness!  So. Cute.  I will say, it took me forever to make because I'd do one step and then stop. So this was four weeks in the making! Haha.  But it should have taken me like an hour start to finish.  

I first searched through Lowe's to find something square that I could use as a base. She used a foam block, but I wanted something more sturdy.  So I found a remnant of a ceiling tile that was kind of damaged. But that didn't matter to me. I cut it to a square. See below.

And I'm really bad at taking in between step photos.  Oh well.  I found the same leaves at Dollar Store that she used.  They were wired, so I could bend them to whatever I wanted to.  I did two things different then the blog I followed.  I dusted the leaves with a light spray of gold spray paint.  Just enough to make them kind of sparkle, and I added a bow to the top left corner (that doesn't show up as good in this picture--oh well.)

  Up close of my "dusted" in gold leaves.  See how they are shimmery?

The whole door. Love how the bow is very subtle.

But, just in case you thought it was too subtle, I took an up close picture.

I love it!  Just had to share.  Now if you come visit, you can see our cute fall wreath!  And maybe even the beautiful leaves in the tree outside of our front porch. God paints them beautiful this time of year!  So glad the weather today matched their colors!  Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention:

Ceiling Tile.....................................$2
3 Packs of Leaves @ $1 each..........$3
Role of Ribbon...............................$3
Spray Paint....................................$2 (and some left over)

Total Steal!  Just a little elbow grease!

And just because it's been awhile since I posted a picture of us....here's a silly one from Tanner's wedding weekend (which I really should post about soon...since it was almost a month ago!)


  1. I LOVE THE WREATH!!! I bought one not to long ago...but I have been wanting to make one of my very own! Thanks for the idea and website! Too cute!
    I love the fall colors too!!! What an amazing picture of God's idea of beauty!

  2. Melissa thank you for commenting on my blog! I never feel like anyone reads it! Keep the comments coming! Haha. Glad you like the wreath! I love it too!