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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DIY Attempt #2 -- Spray Paint

So I've recently been introduced to a bunch of do it yourself blogs since we got married.  Being on a budget is not always fun, but I'm discovering it sure makes for fun art projects!  You may remember my DIY Attempt #1 which was a microwave cart repainted red.  This time, I decided to enter the fabulous world of spray paint.  From what I've gathered from the blogs I read, spray paint can make just about anything pretty!  These ladies take stuff from the dollar store and spray paint it.  And I do mean gaudy, ugly, cheap, cheesy figurines, picture frames, wreaths, etc. and make them really cute.

So when I was home a couple weekends ago, mom and I started cleaning out my room.  Everyone give a great big UGH!  It was fun  memorable  exhausting something I never want to do again.  And yet, we will because I barely made a dent.  Just think TONS of high school stuff, clothes I never wear, stuff left over from college dorm & Chi O house days, and all around junk.  My mom wants to re do my room into a guest room, and I honestly can't blame her!  It looks like the Tazmanian Devil came through my room. My brother's looks the same.  In general, both rooms have just become a catch all for both of us.  We just discard things we don't want but don't want to get rid of.

So the attempt to clean and purge began.  I found a picture frame from a long time ago that had a picture framed of a Children's Choir I sang in when I was in the fourth grade.  Mom wanted the picture, but not the frame.  And let's be honest, the frame is UGLY! (see below) BUT, I immediately thought of my budget AND spray paint.  I've been wanting to frame at least ONE of our wedding pictures to put in our home since we don't really have anywhere to hang one yet.  So, I brought the frame (among other things) to test out spray paint.  I'm sure there will be other blogs to follow on my other random items I salvaged from home!

Isn't this ugly?  I mean if you can't tell, it's gold speckled.  And if you know me, you know I hate yellow.  And this REALLY looks yellow!  Ick!

I started with a coat of gray primer. Then added the fabulous metallic color you see below.

Didn't it turn out fabulous?!  I thought so too!  And this is one of my favorite wedding pictures.  I love, love, love it!  And the best part was, I spent some money on the spray paint, but guarantee I'll use it again.  So essentially, this frame was free + the cost of spray paint and the picture!  Now we can have a reminder of the day all the time.  Until we get to a place where we can hang multiple pictures!

Have yall ever spray painted anything and revamped something old?  Look for many, many more things like this! :)

One last thing. I recently found My Owl Barn which specializes in finding all things owls on the internet and putting them in one place.  And I LOVE it!  

Aren't these cupcakes so so so cute!?  They made with cupcakes and Oreos. You can find the full post here.  There's also a cute 'Smore recipe on there too.  Find it here.  And the picture below:

Halloween and fall are the best times to add to an owl collection!  Hoping I can find some more cute owl ideas! 

Not much to update on David and I. We're just hanging out in Starkville.  We've been housesitting for the sweetest dachshund this past week.  She's absolutely been a joy, and we've had a blast.  We're looking forward to some good friends visiting this weekend and then many, many friends coming to town for Mississippi State Homecoming next weekend.  We would love to see everyone so let us know if you'll be in town that weekend (or any other time)!

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  1. Very good!!! Congrats on spray painting a thrifty find!! :) You will be addicted in no time!