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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Fun

David and I had the most relaxing weekend ever! We calculated and this was the FIRST weekend that we enjoyed with no traveling plans or somewhere to be outside of Starkville. Literally EVERY weekend since we got married we have been in Brandon, Memphis, or somewhere else! So we had so much fun NOT traveling anywhere!

We had the chance to babysit for one of our favorite families Friday night. We love our Lovings! This family means so much to us. Matt serves as one of the pastors at Crosspoint and Jenny is just incredible. And if the parents are amazing, you know the kids are too! We didn't keep Carson this time. He spent the night next door with his two buddies. So you can imagine the fun that we had with THREE girls. And I know what you're thinking, they were all over me! Actually, they were all over DAVID! They love him. It's probably because he does silly things to make them laugh, but trust me, they'd rather hang out with him any day if given the choice between the two of us! We started off our evening with some of this:

Last time we kept the Lovings Ava told her mom that they better eat pizza before we got there or else David would eat it all and there would be none left for them! Haha!

This is Isabelle, the youngest Loving. She didn't desire to pose for the camera.

This is Ava. The cutest curly red headed little girl in the world! Also the accuser of David eating all of the pizza!

And this is Tessa. I couldn't get a picture of her when she wasn't on top of or near David. She loves us being there, but especially David. I think it's because she thinks he's a jungle gym!

After trying to "wake" David up. He was "sleep walking." I told them they had to tell him a funny joke. I'll try to edit this post later and load the video. For some reason it won't load right now. It's pretty hilarious!

And finally, Tessa on David's shoulders. Ava and Tessa both love this game!

We had a great night with the three Loving girls. We usually have no bedtime with them, but by 9:15pm Ava and Isabelle were asleep. Tessa managed to stay awake until her parents got home, but wasn't far behind the other two! I think we wore them out! Pizza, watching Alvin and the Chipmunks, playing "wake up David," jumping on his shoulders, popping popcorn, and many other things all made for a fun night with the girls!

Saturday we slept in which I don't think we've done since our honeymoon! Speaking of honeymoon, I think I'll end this post with a few glimpses ! (so stay tuned) We spent the day relaxing, and finished it with our first attempt to grill together. We had chicken, green beans, and peas. I WISH I had taken pictures of the wonderful meal we threw together. It started raining towards the end of grilling, but David improvised and cooked under the porch. We finished Saturday night with chocolate chip cookies and listening to one of our Downline sessions. (more info on that to come in the next few days).

Sunday was a refreshing day that started with church and was followed by lunch with some of our very good friends, the McIntoshs. Alex, Chelsea, David, and I stayed until 2:30 pm laughing and visiting. It's so wonderful to have great friends nearby. Our new lifegroup kicked off Sunday night. We're studying David Platt's book called Radical, and we're really excited about gaining wisdom from people who've been married a lot longer then we have!

All in all, we had a wonderful relaxing weekend! Which is a good thing too since next weekend kicks off the start of Mississippi State Football! Can't wait for all of our friends to come to town!

For some reason I haven't uploaded ANY honeymoon pictures! So I thought I'd post some. We had a wonderful honeymoon to St. Lucia. It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! It was such a fun trip and we came back with so many new memories!

On the plane leaving Atlanta! (on board with many other people with the same wedding anniversary as us!):

We went on a hike one day. This is the view overlooking from the top. Isn't it GORGEOUS!? Those red rectangles in the middle right is the roof of our resort. This is looking over Rodney Bay. We were at Captain Rodney's fort. If you know us, we laughed at the thought that it might be the same guy who has his namesake on bottles of Captain Rodney's boucan glaze and is responsible for Captain Rodney's cheese bake. I'll post that recipe sometime! It's to DIE for! :) Yum!
Looking over Rodney Bay on our hike:

After a morning in the sun, we came back up to our room while a small rain shower passed through and took some pictures on our balcony. This was our beautiful view.
My hubby on our balcony.

Dinner one night at a beach restaurant. The waiters were so nice to take pics for us!
Eating at the fabulous French restaurant!

Our last day in the sun! We stayed on the beach all day under the cabanas and palm tree umbrellas and both got super sunburned! So much for being shielded from the sun!

Our last evening on the beach. It was a beautiful sunset, but the picture doesn't show it!

Hope you enjoyed lots and lots of pictures! Until next time....

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