"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rollercoaster of Love

I'm officially one of the world's worst bloggers! Really and truly, if I HAD been a good blogger and was updating our blog daily I would have literally posted something different everyday.

Lately, we seem to have a theme song to our marriage. And it goes something like this...

"Rollercoaster of love. Rollercoaster. Ooh ooh ooh ooh."

I really only know that one lyric of the entire song so forgive me if it has bad references in it that I don't know about! It just popped in my head, and I thought, "how appropriate!" It really feels like David and I have been on the biggest roller coaster of faith with God this past month. But we are in love on that rollercoaster. So we're on a "rollercoaster of love." Excuse the cheesiness! (I hate rollercoasters by the way!) Our plans change daily. And God is reminding us daily that it is He who is in control of ALL things. The big and the small. He has all the details under control.

But for two kids who just got married, it is tough to fully trust Him that it will all work out. It is a struggle to remember that even when the world feels like it's caving in, His plans are still the best and they are so worth waiting for. I know God can accomplish His plans in other ways for His glory, but we want to be a part of what He has planned. We want to wait on Him, but that doesn't make it easy! I'm so glad that David and I have each other during this time to remind each other of the promises He has made to us. And we're both so thankful for the people who serve as our "prayer warriors." No matter how many times I send you a note to tell you of our ever changing plans and ask you to pray, you respond with such encouragement. There is no doubt in our minds that God put you in our lives for a reason. God has used so many of you to help strengthen our faith in Him. I have struggled with updating our blog about the transient stage we are in, but then I realized we could use it as a tool to ask you to pray.

I'm honestly not sure what to ask you to pray for. Maybe God can direct your prayers better then I can as He is continually changing ours. A very wise woman and friend told me earlier in this journey that she and her husband never feel closer to God then when they are going through a trying time, and because of the path He walks them through in brokenness, they are never closer to one another. And it is so true of us right now.

For right now, all that is clear is that today we are in Starkville. God has kept us planted here for a reason, and as another friend shared with me the other day, God calls us to grow where we are planted. So we will, until He thinks it's time to move us to a new place to be planted. I keep thinking about flowers that are planted inside in a comfortable tiny pot because they are too small to survive outside in the "elements." And then, when they are old enough and grown enough, they are transferred outside to grow into something magnificent. They often don't make up the entire yard. Instead, they are a small detail in a beautiful masterpiece. They play their part well. Maybe we just haven't grown enough in our "comfortable little pot" called Starkville. God has more to teach us here. We'd rather spend more time growing where we are right now so that God can plant us when He's ready and use us in his masterpiece. I'm working to finish my master's degree. David finished his MBA in August and is looking for a job. He is also looking to substitute teach in Starkville while he waits on the job God has for him.

I'll keep you posted. Until then, keep us in your prayers!

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  1. Beautiful and encouraging post, my friend. Blessed to know you.