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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Photos!

Is tomorrow seriously November 19th?  I cannot believe it!  It feels like it was June just yesterday!  Tomorrow marks five months of marriage! WOW!  Why does it seem like the waiting took FOREVER.  Five months before our wedding was January 19th.  It feels like January to June was an eternity and June to November was a blink of an eye.

We still don't have all of our photos for some strange reason.  Nor do we have our wedding video.  But for those of you who didn't feel like sorting through all of our wedding pictures on the photographer's website, I wanted to let you see a few sneak peeks.  I got these for choosing which to put in the Mississippi Magazine.  Hopefully, we'll have all of our photos soon. However, since it's been 5 months of wedded bliss, AND because I got this back last week: 

Yay for preserved wedding gowns! (thanks mom!) I thought I'd go ahead and put these up in honor.  Enjoy!

Warning: Heavy on  the photos in this post!  Sorry if it takes a little bit to load.  Click on the pictures if you want to make them bigger!  For some reason, these uploaded in a strange order.  Trying to reorder them is a big headache. Hope you don't mind. 

We danced into our wedding reception. Complete with sunglasses!

The sanctuary flowers (thank you Tracy Proctor)

Seeing each other for the first time in the sanctuary.

 Thanks to my friend Katherine who clearly babysat my cousin Sydney, our flowergirl, all day June 19th!
 All of the girls waiting to go in the sanctuary. Bethany babysitting now! :)
 Peeking around the corner with dad.

 Drill field!

 Love these girls!
 Shades! (and I don't mean the sunglasses!)
 I might have aimed at her. BUT I was right! She was the next engaged! :)
 Dawg Pound Rock into the reception:

Yummy cake! Thanks to Steve Stockton! (and Mrs. Beverly Lowry!)

 Ring them bells! :)

I've had the most fun of my life these past 5 months! So glad I'm married to my best friend....even if he refuses to write blog posts! Maybe one day he'll grace you with his humor and whit! Sorry this one wasn't very funny. I'll be sure we make up for it next time!

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