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Monday, November 29, 2010

30 Years

One day when David and I have been married for 30 years, I hope we look like this:

Or like this:

Those are my wonderful parents who have been married for 30 years today.  30 years ago they walked down the aisle and said "I do."  And the best part was that they meant it when they said "for better or worse."  Most of you reading know that David and I got married June 19th.  And we meant it too!  I hope that David still looks at me this way after 30 years....

I have the most incredible parents!  I will forever cherish this picture of my mom and I.

And this picture of my dad and I.  This was right before we walked down the aisle. We were peering around the corner to watch as people went in.  Dad was thrilled to be holding the bouquet  (not really).

I'm so thankful for my parents who have modeled so well for me what a marriage should look like.  In a day and age where marriage isn't cherished, I'm so blessed to be able to say my parents celebrated 30 years!

And I'm also thankful for incredible in-laws who have modeled marriage so well for David. They'll celebrate 28 years in March (according to David).  So blessed that we both have such wonderful families!

PS...can you tell that I got my wedding pictures today!?  YAY! :)

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