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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red Hot's on Fire

Fair warning! These are some of the most embarrassing photos of my life!  But it was also some of the most fun I've had!

Last weekend (yes, I'm late updating yet again!) I was privileged to lead DNow for the Senior High girls of Crosspoint Baptist Church in Starkville with my friend Mamie.  I drove to Starkville Friday morning to catch up with some people at MSU that I needed to discuss work with.  After a little time on campus, I went to Columbus.  When we unpacked all of our wedding presents last month, we discovered that one of our crystal glasses was the wrong pattern.  11 were right, 1 was wrong.  So I took care of that.  I had previously planned for my friend Chelsea's mom--from our church in Columbus--to meet me at Belk with Chelsea.  Chelsea rode back to Starkville with me and came to Friday night's DNow events.  And I didn't get a picture with the two of us!  Luckily, someone else did.  Chelsea is on the left and Danielle is on the right. 

Friday night was awesome.  After dinner at the church office, we made our way to Lee Hall where all Matt Piland from Atlanta spoke and there was a great band to lead us in worship the entire weekend.  Starkville does a city-wide DNow every other year. It was great fun to be around all of the youth in Starkville and not just our church.

However, I love being around just our youth.  I've worked with these youth for four years, and we've all become really close friends.  I look around at them all and most of them came to our wedding.  I miss them so much in Memphis.  Anyway, we went to our DNow house--the Edmondsons.  I feel like I could be a member of this family!  Molly, the daughter is like a sister to me.  It's been so neat to watch her grow spiritually and grow up in life.  She graduates from High School this year which is just crazy!  Her parents are so wonderful!  First off, they agree every year to let 8-15 girls stay at their house. (I know...right!)  Mrs. Kathy was in charge of my bridesmaid luncheon.  She asked one day if she could do it, and it was planned by that afternoon!  Of course, when we got to their house, Mrs. Kathy's legendary brownies were hot and waiting on us. Yuuuummm.  Bad part about DNow...eating WAY too much. 

After our session, it was time to discuss the second most important part of the weekend.  Of course the first is learning about God and growing nearer to Him.  Three years ago, we started something called the "Color War."  The Junior High and Senior High compete in colors.  We dress up in our color of choice and then we do a skit/song to prove who is better.  And we talk "trash" all weekend.  So at about midnight Friday night, we began planning.  Our color this year was Red (if you couldn't tell from the title).  We were the Red Hots and since Mrs. Kathy's fave color is red, she had decked the entire upstairs in RED!  After planning all night, we came up with the cutest skit ever! More on that later...

I seriously have the most competitive group of girls ever.  They want to win at whatever is put in front of them.  The first year, we were the Pink Ladies.  And we had a killer song to "All the Single Ladies" by Beyonce.  Except with changed the words to "All the Pink Ladies."  It was wonderful and there was ZERO competition between the Jr. High and Sr. High.  Last year however, my girls decided to use our afternoon break time to play.....Rock Band.  Yes, I'll admit I'm a bad influence.  I absolutely love singing my lungs out to Bon Jovi...."ooooh we're halfway there! OOOOH livin on a prayer!"  Just imagine...  Anyway, we were the Girls in Black last year, and decided to do a spoof on the Taco Bell Black Jack Taco commercial.  Needless to say, it was an EPIC fail!  But we didn't care---we had lots of fun with Rock Band.  This year, we were out to win it.  

Please prepare yourself for the pictures below.

Our skit this year consisted of a play on a bunch of commercials and TV shows.  We had everything from Red Pajama Jeans, to the Bachelored who picked Rednardo instead of Redberto, Cherry Springer where Scarlet and Ruby were in a fight over their house burning down, Red House Furniture, Publishers Clearing House, RedState where Mayhem did his best to wreck a car, Apple of My Eye--our version of Eharmony, and the list goes on and on.  It actually was really funny.  Because the people changing the channels could pause, rewind, and mute us.  I'd say we beat the Purple Girl Swag any day of the week!

Saturday afternoon brought more competition as the girls were charged with the task of collecting can food for the Calvary Baptist Church pantry.  We went to people that we knew so that we could really rack up the points.  That meant taking the list in and asking for top point items mainly.  My girls came through and beat all of the other teams by about 150 points.  The Red Hots dominated!  Thanks to all of the Crosspoint members we could think of who lived from Green Oaks and past Wal Mart on the Wal Mart side of Hwy 12.  We were limited to only that area.  At least we stayed in our area and didn't cheat like the Jr. High girls!  Oh well, they collected a lot of food too and that's all that matters. 

Saturday night after canned food and dinner, we headed back to our host homes to watch a movie called To Save A Life.  It was really good and thought provoking.  But you know us girls, as soon as that was over, we had to watch Miss America.  Like my friend Megan Fly (find her blog on the side--She's a Fly Girl), we were able to fast forward through everything but competition and finish in an hour!  Great fun. 

After church Sunday, Lacey and I crashed on the couch.  My mom was wonderful enough to dog sit for me. Though she will tell you she kind of owed me since I've dog sat Skip plenty of times.  I totaled up my hours of sleep for the weekend.  I've never pulled an all nighter for school.  I'm kind of proud of that.  I woke up Friday morning at 5am to start my rather long day which finally ended at 3am on Saturday.  Total, I slept for 10 hours and surprisingly this is the first time ever I've worked a DNow and not been sick.  Probably because I slept all Sunday afternoon and night. 

Here come the pictures:

My Red Hots.  David said it was sad that it took him 3 minutes to figure out which one was me.  If you can't tell, I have on red shorts, a red lamae (sp?) jacket, red lips, red tshirt, red flowers, red sunglasses (know which one now?), and the best part---A red wig!  My reasoning? If I wasn't going all out, there was no way they would!

You've heard a lot about the Lovings.  Unfortunately, Isabelle got a horrified look on her face and ran to her mom in tears when I walked in the room. Guess I have that effect on children.  Ava and Carson refused to take a picture with me. But TESSA!  Oh thank goodness for TESSA!  Tessa thought I was cool!

The competition! GRrrr!  Laken and the purple Junior High girls!  Hey Laken...Purple - Blue = Red!   (they were the blue team last year!)

We put aside our differences though and danced the ho-down in the main session.

This is Molly.  She's headed to Ole Miss next year against my plotting, planning, and ploying. (hence the wig).

Our group at Lee Hall. For the record, I didn't have my Uggs on when we did our skit.  I had on my red socks. Head to toe red baby!  Red Hots!

I'm not really sure why the band guy decided to sneak in our picture and try to kill us. Disregard his red shirt. He's clearly a purple team fan!

All ready for church Sunday morning

It was such a fun weekend at HOME!  I cried before I left and when I got back to Memphis.  I know that will go away one day. Until then, I guess Lacey will have to deal with the brunt of my tears.  And my mom.  Who laughs at me when I call her.  Before you think I have a bad mom, laughter is warranted when your almost 25 year old daughter calls you with what I call hiccup tears.  I usually laugh through the tears with her!  Haven't cried all week since though so that's a good sign!

Well, David just walked in from duck hunting.  It was his last trip of the season as we'll be in Starkville next weekend.  If you haven't read about my first experiences with duck hunting, you should.  Though this morning I didn't mind him getting up so early because it meant Lacey got to get in the bed with me.  Tough life our Lacey dog is having these days!  Haha.

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