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Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Wreaths

The other day, I showed you a picture of the cute wreaths my aunt makes for her house every Christmas. 

Here's a picture to refresh your memory!

 Aren't they just precious?!  Are you ready for her secret?

She uses.........

Yes ma'am (or sir).  That's right, she uses a fake Christmas wreath.  And the best part is, it can look as cheap as you want it to!  Because no one is going to even be able to see it. 

Now keep in mind that I've never made one of these, but the directions she gave me sound SO easy!  So here goes.  Her directions are as follows:

1.  Cut greenery from the woods.  I'm assuming she uses cedar. But anything that looks like Christmas trees.
2.  Soak the greenery in water overnight.  Make sure it absorbs lots of water
3. Get a fake Christmas wreath.
4. Fluff out the Christmas wreath.
5. Cut strips of the greenery and weave in wreath. She told me not to do them too small or too big.  Just cover the garland wreath.

She also noted that you can decorate with ribbon (like she did), berries, pinecones, etc.  She told me she usually uses the berries, but didn't have time this year.  An important thing to note.  Don't use holly berries.  Use Nandina berries as seen here.  Apparently the holly berries turn black while the Nandina berries will keep their red color. 

I seriously can't wait to go buy el cheapo wreaths tomorrow (gotta shop Christmas sales) from Hobby Lobby tomorrow so that I'll have them for next year to try.

My aunt rocks!  Her daughter is Sydney (the flowergirl).  She has an interior design degree from MSU, but is an elementary art teacher now.  How much fun!  Wanted to leave you with a photo of her perfect Christmas tree.  It's beautiful, and it's real.  David Adams couldn't be happier.  Haha!

Hope y'all liked my tutorial on something I've never made before, but since you might be like me and want to shop cheap Christmas sales, I thought I'd share early. :)

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