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Monday, January 31, 2011

Starkvegas Weekend

Look at this sweet face! Isn't she precious?  If you haven't met our sweet, sweet puppy Lacey, you definitely should find a time to see us!  She is wonderful and the best travel companion!

On Friday, Lacey and I set out for Starkville.  My Dad's side of the family had a "birthday party" celebration on Sunday which really means a get together.  Apparently everyone has birthdays in January so we use it as an excuse to see everyone.  And I used that as an excuse to come to Starkville. You definitely don't have to twist my arm too hard!  So all of last week, I had been planning my weekend in Starkville.  

Friday night, Lacey and I got to Starkville in time to run by the "office."  She waited patiently in the car.  Then we got to go pick up one of my favorite Starkville residents, Allison Mc.  While I don't have any pictures of our time together, it was just wonderful to sit in the Union and catch up!  I got to hear about her many adventures.  I seriously think that Allison's life could be the most interesting movie you've ever watched! She loves life!  And I loved catching up with Allison! 

Then, Lacey and I went to my parent's house to visit and wait on David.  He couldn't leave Memphis until 5pm.  Joys of the real world.  We had a fun night with Mom and Dad watching the movie Wall Street.  Good movie by the way.   Saturday morning, mom cooked a big breakfast! I've missed my Mom cooking for me. I'm the chef of the family now so it was nice to be cooked for all weekend!

Saturday afternoon, I was off to the soccer fields.  I found out on Monday that my friend from our Columbus church, Chelsea was going to be in town Saturday for her brother's soccer tournament.  She doesn't like soccer, so she was completely fine with me breaking her out for the afternoon!  I found out Thursday that my cousin was also playing soccer in the tournament so that meant I'd get to break my five year old cousin Sydney out as well!  We spent about 30 minutes at the soccer field getting everyone together.  Then it was off for our adventures that afternoon.

Sydney pitched a fit because she wanted to go bowling.  Bowling.  Now, y'all may not know this, but David Adams LOVES bowling.  He would prefer to Lunch and Bowl every day of the week (side note: Lunch and Bowl is something at the bowling alley here and it's exactly what it sounds like.  It's Lunch and two games of bowling....and David Adams loves it).  In fact, he did go every day for 2 weeks before we moved.  Not exaggerating.  He went everyday!  So off to the bowling alley we went where we found out that all of the lanes were full.  Relief. UNTIL someone decided to pitch a fit in the middle of the bowling alley. Joy.  Luckily, it was short lived when I asked if she wanted ice cream. YAY for a mood change! 

After some good Bops where Chelsea and I were able to catch up, we decided to go to Dandy Doodlez in Starkville.  There was of course a stipulation!  NO POUTING, CRYING, TEARS, ARMS CROSSED TANTRUMS!  She pinky promised and off we went!  Sydney picked the cutest cupcake box to paint.  When she asked me what she'd use it for (this five year old thinks things through unlike her cousin!), I responded..."for your silly bandz of course!"  Who knew those were still cool because she flipped for it.  Chelsea chose a rubber ducky.  Not really rubber, but it looks like one.  And I chose an ornament that is cut to be like the state of MS with a paw print for Starkville.  I thought it was special since we just moved away!

Here are a bunch of pictures from our painting time together.

Some of those photos were taken by none other than Sydney, if you couldn't tell.  Forgot to mention her "Skittle." Have you ever heard of one?  That is that blue streak you see in her hair.  It's like a hair extention, but it's blue.  She also has a pink one.  I wish my mom was cool enough to let me have a "Skittle" when I was five.  Haha.  I told her that, and she did point out that she let me have a hair wrap every year at the beach.  Do y'all remember those!  I was the cool kid who got mine in June when we went to the beach and didn't cut it out until after January.  Yes, I was cool.  So maybe it's a good thing I didn't get a Skittle.  Don't you love our artwork though?  After we were done painting, we ran to the grocery store for my mom--which was an adventure in itself.  Let's just say, I know people thought that was my five year old I couldn't keep under control!  But aren't cousins supposed to be fun and aren't you pretty much supposed to be able to do anything with them?  Chelsea, Syd, and I twirled down the aisles of Piggly Wiggly.  For once I was glad that I lived in Memphis! Haha!

After dinner at the cabin, Sydney left with her mom and brother to drive home.  David and I took Chelsea back to the soccer fields to meet up with her family so they could go home.  And on our way back to the house, David and I decided to stop in on one of our favorite Starkville families--the Lovings!  We knew that we had to leave immediately after church on Sunday to go to the "family reunion" so we visited until about 9:30pm at their house.  They were exhausted when we walked in, but after about 10 minutes were wide awake!  I can only hope they fell asleep after we left as they were extremely wired after we left!  (*I did ask Matt at church and he said they immediately went to bed because they were worn out!)

When Ava and Tessa saw us, they said, "David...go to sleep."  I think I've mentioned that when we baby sit them, David will get "tired" and fall asleep.  I think he really just wants a break, but it's a fun event for the girls to say the least.  He told Ava Saturday night that he wasn't tired.  She asked what would make him sleepy, and he told her a glass of water.  So after a glass of water, he was fast "asleep."  I don't have a video or a picture from Saturday night, but I do have a video from one of the nights we babysat them.  I told them to wake him up that they had to tell him a funny joke.  This video is so funny because it's them telling David a joke I taught them.  Or shall I say attempting to tell the joke:

Matt and Jenny, I will understand if you never let us babysit your children again!  It might be too much to reveal everything we do with your children.  If you couldn't tell, David and I are trying so hard to hold back our laughter in this one!  I love them!  I hope one day they still remember all of the fun we had!

Sunday was the family reunion, and I have zero pictures from it because my camera battery died.  It wasn't really a family reunion where you think of your dear old aunt Sue coming and pinching your cheek.  Or one with lots of deviled eggs and chocolate pies.  Our side and my grandmother's sisters side met for lunch at Lake Tiak-O'khata. We had fun catching up with each other--especially since the last time I saw most of them was at our wedding.  HA! If you're married, you know that means I don't actually remember SEEING them!

And that's an update on how our weekend went.  I'm still in Starkville working for a little this week.  David had to return home yesterday afternoon.  If you're in Starkville this week, let me know!  My evenings are completely free.  Minus this little lady who consumes a bunch of my time!  I missed her today!

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