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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Marshmallow Test

A couple weeks ago, David and I saw this video at Downline.  (which, by the way, if you live in, near Memphis, or want to move to Memphis, you should really check out).  Anyway, we watched this short video in class. 

It's about marshmallows.  I really like marshmallows.  With hot cocoa.

Back on subject.  This video is great.  A church/media group in Texas designed, implemented, and recorded it to show the struggles of temptation.  It is little kids who are tempted with marshmallows. If you have 3 1/2 minutes, I suggest you watch it.  The idea is simple.  Set a kid in a room with nothing but a marshmallow.....and some hidden cameras.  Tell them not to eat it until you come back, and if they can wait, they'll get two.

Please check out these little kids responses:

Oh my goodness!  I see myself all in this!  Don't we do this with sin?  God commands us not to do it, and we'll receive far more than we could imagine at a later time.  Satan wants us to go after instant gratification.  And isn't this exactly what we do?  We look at it, turn it over, stare at it, roll it in our hands, lick it (or taste a little bit of how it would feel), smell it, pinch a little off, pretend to eat it, kiss it (my favorite), bang our head against the wall trying to decide....etc.  Then, like the little girl, we can bite in and enjoy it and try to put it back the way we found it to cover up what we did.  But it doesn't look the same.  

Thankfully, it doesn't end there!  God, in all His power and might, saw it fit to give us GRACE.  Grace that we didn't deserve, but freely receive.  He can take our marshmallow and put it back together again.  Even if we, like the last little girl, decide to take a bite out of it right in front of His face before He can even give the directions to us.  

If this doesn't show our sinful nature, I'm not sure what does.  Little kids. A marshmallow. And temptation.

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