"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Monday, January 10, 2011

Long Ride Back from Jacksonville

In case you didn't know, it is TRULY a long ride back from Jacksonville!  I'm so thankful that this song didn't apply.  I'm sure most Mississippi State fans know it.  Corey Smith wrote it about the Georgia Bulldogs, but we can definitely sing it about our Mississippi State Bulldogs!

We got in from the Gator Bowl last Monday, January 3rd. We set out Wednesday the 29th for Jackson, MS to meet my family and drive to Jacksonville, FL.  It was a long drive, but we chose to split it up into two parts.  The first part, we drove to Tallahassee, FL.  We spent the night at an ALoft hotel. It was really contemporary, but they let Skip stay for free, so it was fun.  

We woke up early in the morning and Skip and I went for a walk while the boys loaded the car back up.

We had another really long drive (yet, not as long as the first) to Jacksonville.  You can let David tell you he doesn't love Skip, but this picture proves different.

We decided to stay at Amelia Island about 30 minutes away from Jacksonville.  We got there on the 30th so that we could spend the day playing in Fernandina and on the Beach.  Fernandina Beach is this cute town with lots of antique stores.  I'd love to go back with lots of cash and a big truck to take home all of my finds. But that's a different story.  

When we got to Fernandina Beach, we went to eat lunch at this great place called Brett's. It was amazing seafood!  They have amazing views. Here's my hubby and I at the table.

We made sure to take our picture with the Welcome Mstate fans to Amelia Island sign.

We left downtown Fernandina and went to our condo.  We immediately changed clothes and headed for the beach.  It was so much fun. I wouldn't think the beach would be fun in December, but it was the perfect weather! Daniel and David even got in the water.  Okay, so they just put their toes in, but still!

The next day was PARADE DAY!  While the parade was fun, it lasted FOREVER!  The Shriners were cute at the beginning, but then got super annoying!  Someone around us said they were just big kids who refused to grow up.  They remind me so much of the Flinstones, it's not even funny! Haha!  Here are a few pictures from the parade.


And then after the parade, we ran into this crew!  They are members of our Crosspoint family.  The Alexanders, Lowrys, and Amburns.  They absolutely mean so much to David and I, and it was SO good to see them after our move.  I get to go back this weekend and see them all since it's Disciple Now, and I'll be helping out.  I cannot wait.  This is a special picture for David and I!


And then it was gameday....  (these are out of order, I'm sorry!)

We were explaining to this (drunk) U of M fan why we rang cowbells.  We wouldn't let him ring ours, but we did feel the need to explain!

52 to 14.  FIFTY-TWO to FOURTEEN!  What's funny is that we started our season with an awesome win to a U of M team and ended it to one as well.  When we played Memphis at the beginning of September, it was shocking to watch.  Simply because our team did not look like the MSU I'd grown up watching.  The same could be said for the Gator Bowl.  We were in disbelief.  I knew our team had it in them, and I'm so proud of my bulldogs!  So glad it ended in a Bulldog victory! But even if it hadn't, it was still so fun to go bowling!  It truly is a GREAT day to be a Bulldog! :)


  1. I have been awaiting your Gator Bowl trip and it was great!!! Love keeping up with you guys..I guess I will see you this weekend.


  2. We ate at Bretts also on that Thursday night, a great atmosphere and wonderful food. We stayed at the Surf and Racquet Club there on the island as well. Eli got completely in the water for about 25 minutes.

    David Wilson