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Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Fun Finds {8/5/11}

You'll have to excuse me. I was a bad blogger last week. I'm not ashamed to admit that I took a break from all things blogging.  I still need to tell you about our anniversary trip that happened at the beginning of the month. I'm that behind on blogging.  But I did have a Friday Fun Find that I started to tell you about last week. But then I got distracted. And then I lost interest in posting it.  Then I cleaned the house. And then I went to bed.  The end of my Friday night last week.  So interesting, I know.

Anyway, we just got in from Pickwick with David's family this week.  We got back on Tuesday, and I sat down to write Tasty Tuesday at 7:47pm that night because I had yet to type out a recipe.  I'll save that one for next Tuesday.  So yes, we've been off at Pickwick on a mini vacation with David's family for the past few days, and I wish I could tell you that a blog post would be coming soon with photos from that time.  However, I can't tell you that because I didn't take one. single. picture.  So not like me.  But I did enjoy my vacation distraction free.  Mostly.

Oh and before you ask, yes Lacey made the trip to Pickwick.  And no she did not ride on the boat.  Even though David asked like a million times if she could.

Today, my fun find involves Lacey though.  Sort of.  


Who has ever heard of Etsy?  Because if you haven't, I'm sad that no one has shared it with you before now!  I'm sad that I have never shared it with you before now!  It is THE place to get handmade crafts and vintage items.  It's sort of like Ebay in that you search for what you're looking for.  However, there is no bidding.  The owner sets the price and you choose if you want it or not.  There are a ton of cute items, and you can even request for customized items.  Go ahead, finish my post, then click the gigantic orange picture right above.  This will take you to loads of Etsy shopping finds.

I first heard of Etsy when my friend Jenny {yep, that Jenny} told me about a neat idea for wedding help.  She told me that you could order pdf files of stationary and print it out to use for thank you notes.  Amazing idea, but I had just ordered my stationary that very day.  So when I had a shower with ten hostesses and needed shower happies, guess what I did?  I bought a pdf file, printed out the cards and bought envelopes for them.  Voila! Super inexpensive hostess gifts that looked like I had bought them somewhere fancy.  That was purchase number one of Etsy.

Since that time, I have been completely okay with just browsing and collecting ideas for our home, my scrapbook, or both.  I have not purchased anything.  Not purchased anything that is until the other day.  And on that day, I gave Etsy my PayPal account number and info.  And since now all I have to do is click a button and say purchase instead of having to walk to my car, get my wallet, locate my card, walk back into my house, go back to my laptop, and enter all of the digits, I purchase way too much.  Because, let's face it.  Something always happens to distract me during that previous process.  But not anymore. Paypal makes it too easy!

My favorite thing to do on Etsy is type in Owl and watch the search come up with crafty, thrify, contemporary, and amazing owl finds.  If you've hung around the blog long enough, you know I love owls.  Currently, my background is owls, though every time I check the blog on David's computer, I can't see said owl background.  Maybe leave a comment if you can or cannot see the cute gray and white owls.  I'm not sure why it only works on my computer. 

Anyway, back to the owls.  The other day, I was searching for owls as it is one of my favorite things to do when I'm just relaxing.  I stumbled upon the most amazing thing EVER!  Today, I want to share with you some of my Fun Finds on Etsy!  Just look at these cute OWLS!

First of all, I was searching for some gift tags for a shower that I'm doing for a friend of mine.  I happened upon a store that had tags for $1 for 6 tags. It was a summer sale she was doing.  Her shop happens to be called SupplyOwl. So after I picked out the tags that I needed for the shower, I searched for owl in her shop.  This particular seller lets you add items to your shipment at no extra cost for shipping.  So I threw these tags in.  Seriously, they were $1.00. 

And that's not all that SupplyOwl has in the way of owl tags. Check out these cuties that I may or may not have ordered.  You can click on any of the above photos or photos below for direct link to the listing.

So, if you get a birthday present from me, it may or may not have a cute owl tag on it so you'll know who it's from {even if I don't sign my name}.

My next shop find is something for this little darling...

Oh yes, her Mama loves owls.  You knew she'd be getting one sometime soon!  I happened upon a girl named Sam at veryvingtage who happened to have this listed one day in my owl search.  When I saw it, I knew Lacey had to have it. I've been on a mad search for a cute owl ID tag {nevermind the fact that I don't let her out of my sight AND she's microchipped}, but of course, our spoiled little Lacey HAD to have this.

I would show you Lacey's finished product except it's thundering outside right now and she won't sit still to photograph. Something about thunderstorms make her freak out.  She's actually pacing around the house as I type.  It's probably better this way because it won't have my cell phone number for everyone to see.  I don't want crazy stalkers calling me.  I mean, people from India read our blog. Which creeps me out. 
Here I am with my sweet Pup without her new dog tag.

Still though, is that not the cutest owl dog tag you've ever seen!  And Sam did such a great job with it!  I was so pleased.  Plus you can hear little Lacey jingle every time she comes in and out of the room.  I always know what part of our little home she is in.  {which for right now, there is a constant jingle...thank you thunderstorm}.  But, I searched Sam's shop {again, here is the link veryvintage} and found these presh owl earrings.  They were $3, and Sam has a great rate on combined shipping!  Plus, my friend Laura at BIRDSONAWIRE Vintage tells me that studs are SO in right now.

Aren't they so cute?  Lacey and her Mama got owls all in one day! :)  I would definitely recommend heading over to Sam's shop.  She has some great things for pets and jewelry for cheap.  There are even bobby pins to match my earrings above.  She's a great seller to work with, and everything came super quick and speedy. Especially for a customized piece.  Also, her Mom sells dog treats that she makes from scratch.  Her Etsy is ShortysGourmetTreats.  Seriously, like Mother, like Daughter!

Those would be vegetarian OWL dog treats!  How awesome is that!  May have to get some of those for our wonderful puppy dog. 

So I hope you see why I love Etsy. It's not just owls.  I promise!  I've bought other things as well.  There are so many ideas to be had from Etsy.  Of course, you can't steal their ideas and sell them for yourself, but there are definitely no rules about not making it for your own home!  I'm certain that you'll be seeing many, many more of my Etsy finds!  I cannot get enough!

And now, I've got my eye on this!  Can't reveal where I want to put it yet, and doubt I'll purchase it any time soon, but I love it!  So vintage feeling!  An embroidery hoop owl...

Don't forget to visit some of the shops.  You can click on any photo and it will take you to the listing I purchased or that is for sale.  If you click on the shop owner's name, you can search their shop till you find something you want!  I hope you have as much fun on Etsy as I {and my bank account} has had!

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