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Monday, September 17, 2012


Well, today is the day. I do not know what is special about today or why I have decided to resurrect the blog on a day like today.  Maybe because it's raining.  Maybe because I had a terrible day at work.  Maybe because I am procrastinating on our ever expanding mountain of laundry.  Or maybe it's because the Mom of one of my best friends threatened to stop being my friend if I did not blog again soon.  It's almost been a YEAR!  And let's face it, the blog was dying long before then.  I just got burnt out.  I have no excuse.  But the other day, I bought Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Fresh Market.  And I thought, I remember when I recommended this on the blog? Yum!  And the desire sparked again!  (We'll attribute it to the coffee! :)

So here goes.  How do I catch you up on a year of the Adams' lives?  Well, I'll start with me.  Last year, I agreed to go to work full time as a Quality Engineer at a medical device company.  Wow, talk about a whirlwind. If you have had any conversation with me in the past almost 9 months, you know that it has been a wild ride.  God has taught me A TON!  I am attempting to not be a work-a-holic and enjoy life, but work responsibilities are intense. Thankful for the ability to use my brain that God gave me.  Days are far more stressful then they used to be, and resurrecting the blog may or may not mean lots less posts than what once was. However, I'm thankful for a boss who is teaching and molding me both into a knowledgeable person in my field and as a woman of the Lord.

Speaking of my company, they are exploding.  We are growing and growing and growing and we can't keep up.  So we are preparing for a facility move sometime soon.  If you want to read about it, you can here.  Pretty cool stuff.

That's what I've been up to.  Now let's catch you up on David.  David is still with International Paper at their Headquarters in Memphis.  His title changed from Replenishment Planner to Supply Planner in January 2012.  Basically, that means he now plans a Paper Mill in New York.  Pretty cool stuff too!  He has enjoyed the new responsibilities and challenges that come with a new job.  We love IP!  They have been wonderful to our family, and I couldn't ask for a better place for my hubby to work!  He has become an international traveler this summer with a trip to Poland to visit the customer service center for IP.  He also traveled to New York a few weeks later.  Needless to say, I was a complete pansy and was ridiculous when it came to staying alone.  Big house all by myself was not fun.

Speaking of house, we bought our first house in April!  We still aren't unpacked or else I'd show you photos of our beautiful, spotless, everything in it's place home.  HA! Yeah right!  One day it will be pretty and put together.  Until the day when I'm not working 50 hours + a week, it will remain as is.  We try to straighten, but it winds up becoming messy again. Somehow, I keep the dishes clean. The laundry is a different story.  (sidenote: never negotiate front load washer and dryers into your house contract. They take 4 hours to wash one load of laundry + another 2 to dry the load resulting in a 6 hour total time for one load.  Maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but trust me...you don't want to find out.)  I'll have to tell you about our home buying experience one day when I have "time" or am searching for something to write about!  Until then, I'll have to leave you with a photo of the front of it. Curb appeal!

This is a photo from the listing when we first found it. I know I have one that I have taken, but cannot seem to find it.  Other then planing flowers in the front flower beds, not much has changed.  The house is in East Memphis on 2/3 an acre. IN EAST MEMPHIS!

Yep, that's right. We have a red door!  We bought a house in East Memphis and love it.  The house was built in 1955 and has all fun things that come with a house built in 1955.  Like an air conditioner built in 1984 and a hot water heater built in 1988.  Needless to say, we are praying over multiple items in our home to break while we have a home warranty!

We have plenty of "projects" I am/have been working on that I promise to share. I have neglected to take before photos to most projects because generally I am in such a hurry that I don't even think about it. I'll be sure to take photos slowly but surely.  David's uncle told us that he'd heard it said that you buy a hobby when you buy a house. SO true!  Our home is an ever changing project, and I am convinced it will NEVER be exactly like I want it to be!

Now that we have plenty of space, my parents come visit!  There most recent trip included a fun celebration of Elvis during the kick off to Elvis Week.  Dad and David ran in the Elvis 5K and sang along to various Elvis tunes in the Graceland area.  They even met the King outside of the gates.

After the race, we all enjoyed a yummy brunch at Elvis' favorite breakfast spot The Arcade. YUM!  We hung out downtown and went to the National Civil Rights Museum.  We ended the day with dinner at Soul Fish in Midtown. It was an exceptionally Memphian day!

Now, with football season upon us, David and I have been making the trip back and forth to see our Bulldogs who are now 3 and 0!!! Great job Bulldogs! :)  It's hard to believe that last year, we were kicking off the season in Memphis with these two friends!  That's what football season is about. Good friends, great memories!  We are looking forward to another fantastic year with the Dawgs!

I'll leave you with photos from the Music City Bowl. I'm holding out for the Sugar Bowl this year.  That was my bowl prediction last year as well.  The Cotton would be fun too!  Excited for the rest of the season with the Bulldogs!  It's a great time to be a Bulldog! #hailstate

The coming days are busy for the Adams'. We are planning a trip to DisneyWorld soon so I know I'll have a lot of "material" to write about in the coming days.  I think it's safe to say, I'm back! Encouragement welcome!  Oh how I've missed you all! :)

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